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1. Find 358 ways to say Healings, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


2. The Bible speaks of "gifts" of healing because there are three types of Healings: physical (diabetes, blindness, cancer, deafness, etc.), emotional (jealousy, worry, discouragement, and other destructive attitudes), and spiritual (bitterness, greed, and guilt, etc.).

Healing, Healings

3. Healings reveal that God is near to His people and He cares about their sufferings

Healings, His, He

4. Healings are meant to draw people to God through His Son Jesus Christ

Healings, His

5. 1 Corinthians 12:9 to another faith, by the same Spirit; and to another gifts of Healings , by the same Spirit; (WEB ASV YLT)


6. By shopping with Healings By Nature you are supporting local businesses create an environment that you and your family can enjoy


7. Healings Sentence Examples miraculous Healings come from the oil which still flows from the rock on which her shrine is placed

Healings, Her

8. An enterprising individual even made a montage of Benny Hinn performing faith Healings

Hinn, Healings

9. JE Healings JE Healings JE Healings


10. Introduction to Healings Today, Miracles Today Welcome! This is my testimony website to show that Healings and miracles are indeed still happening today.This is by no means a "put down" of those who have not received a healing or miracle for themselves or a healing or miracle for a loved one.

Healings, Happening, Have, Healing

11. Heaven Healed Me: 7 Miraculous Healings Doctors Can’t Explain These medical miracles left doctors scratching their heads

Heaven, Healed, Healings, Heads

12. Healings From Heaven is here to assist All life

Healings, Heaven, Here

13. Healings From Heaven is a part of The Golden Grid of healing conduits on the planet who are dedicated to assisting All life in the re-receiving their Complete and Total healing

Healings, Heaven, Healing

14. Unity Energy Healings practices Spiritual & Shamanic Energy Healings, Clearings & Cleansings


15. Our Healings/clearings help to heal physical illness and disease, heal and clear emotional distress (anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies), anger, confusion, fear, …

Healings, Help, Heal

16. Both Healings are powerful and many people feel the transformative effects for days, weeks or months.


17. Definition of Healings in the dictionary


18. What does Healings mean? Information and translations of Healings in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


19. People get healed of various conditions as Tom Fischer prays for them in Jesus name! These Healings serve as a sign to the world that Jesus is LORD! "And the

Healed, Healings

20. The gifts of Healings most especially are needed today in the body of Christ


21. The victorious Church can only have all of her members walking in the joy of the Holy Spirit, because of the gifts of Healings working within her in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Have, Her, Holy, Healings

22. Synonyms for Healings in Free Thesaurus


23. 7 reviews of Dreamtime Healings "Helen is a natural channel

Healings, Helen

24. At Natural Healings Spa, our Therapists specialize in pain management massage and Orgnanic skincare treatments here in Bosque Farms, NM

Healings, Here

25. Healings are scheduled once payment is made


26. Those physical Healings, the Catechism points out, “announced a more radical healing: the victory over sin and death through his Passover

Healings, Healing, His

27. I give Healings for physical, emotional, financial, relationship issues


28. Sometimes I give free Healings too.


29. Jesus' Healings in Luke Read Luke 4-5, 7-8, 13, 17


30. The Official Page for Healings Coaches, based in Royton, Oldham


31. This is a chronological chart of Healings found in the New Testament


32. Some scholars divide Healings into types or groups: exorcisms, physical Healings, resurrections, environment, economy, accidents, and relationships


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34. UFO Healings clearly documents over 100 accounts of people being healed of every conceivable illness, which clearly indicates that the good alien might be more accurate than accounts of alien takeover of earth

Healings, Healed

35. As far as I know this is the only book written on the subject of UFO related Healings.


36. The culmination of decades of personal and professional explorations into the process of human consciousness, Guided Meditations, Explorations and Healings is an indispensable source book, filled with resources for healing and the deepening of awareness

Human, Healings, Healing

37. 14 reviews of Intuitive Energy Healings "I've had several sessions with Amy and each of them have been amazing

Healings, Had, Have

38. Many miraculous Healings, both spiritual and physical, are accompanying and have accompanied the apparitions of the Queen of Peace

Healings, Have

39. It is not possible to confirm spiritual Healings by specific documentation


40. But for physical Healings, it is possible to produce specific documentation.


41. That is one of the tenets of Pastors Mike and Judi Magel’s lives, and of their new book Angels & Miracle Healings: True Stories of God’s Power, Presence, and Divine Intervention.


42. It is a collection of Bible teaching and modern-day testimonies of not only the presence and employment of angels, but also miraculous Healings!


43. Healings, often referred to Remedials, Medicinals, Mendings, Curings, Curatives, and Invigoratings, are processes of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.

Healings, Health

44. Wise Healings By Design offers sessions in the Omaha, NE area and online via zoom


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