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2. Heaf meaning (Northern England) A piece of mountain pasture to which a farm animal has become Heafed; a heft

Heaf, Has, Heafed, Heft

3. They eventually live out on the fell with their mothers where they are 'hefted' or 'Heafed', learning to survive the harsh weather within the bounds of an unfenced area of mountainside or 'heaf'.

Hefted, Heafed, Harsh, Heaf

4. It’s what farmers call “Heafed” to the fell


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6. Synonyms for Heafed sheep in Free Thesaurus


7. Definition of Heafed sheep in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia


8. What is Heafed sheep? Meaning of Heafed sheep as a legal term


9. What does Heafed sheep mean in …


10. What does heaf mean? (Northern England) A piece of mountain pasture to which a farm animal has become Heafed; a heft

Heaf, Has, Heafed, Heft

11. "Hefted" or "Heafed", means that the sheep live on their own part of the mountain and do not need fences

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HEAFED [ˈhedəd]

headed (adjective)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is headed a verb?

"Head" is a peculiar verb. The intransitive "head" can mean "go" but the passive form "be headed" also means "go". (EX) We headed for/to New York. (EX) We were headed for/to New York.

What does heading to mean?

verb (used with object) to go at the head of or in front of; lead; precede: to head a list. to outdo or excel; take the lead in or over: to head a race; to head one's competitors in a field. to be the head or chief of (sometimes followed by up): to head a school; to head up a department.

What is the definition of big headed?

a big head. 1. An exaggerated sense of one's importance or status. Often used with the verbs "get" or "have.". Jeff has such a big head now that he's captain and thinks he's in charge of everything.

What does head to mean?

head-to-head - involving two persons; intimately private; "a tete-a-tete supper"; "a head-to-head conversation". 2. head-to-head - inconclusive as to outcome; close or just even in a race or comparison or competition; "as they approached the finish line they were neck and neck"; "the election was a nip and tuck affair". Adv.

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