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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Headships 1 the duty or function of watching or guarding for the sake of proper direction or control while he was in the hospital, the CEO had his most trusted lieutenant assume temporary headship of the firm

Headships, He, Hospital, Had, His, Headship

2. Those two Headships help us to understand the meaning of the central one, "the head of the woman is the man." The RSV says, "the head of the woman is her husband" but that is interpretation

Headships, Help, Head, Her, Husband

3. Preparing for Headships with Research – Headships experience is vital for Headmasters, Principals and School Leaders. As I develop as a professional educator and head of upper school, I want to share my experiences with the world of education.

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4. Synonyms for Headships include supervision, superintendence, care, charge, guidance, oversight, regulation, stewardship, superintendency and surveillance


5. Headship (countable and uncountable, plural Headships) The position of a head or chief

Headship, Headships, Head

6. What does Headships mean? Plural form of headship

Headships, Headship

7. ‘It does appears that Headships are filled quickly in Bolton.’ ‘‘There's a lot of evidence that in Bradford senior posts, including Headships, are only getting one or two, or no applications,’ he said.’ ‘Both men were told on Friday afternoon they would not be given Headships and …

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8. Synonyms for Headships in Free Thesaurus


9. Best qualifications for Headships If you are seeking your first Headship in a UK maintained school, academy or free school, the NPQH is a good choice, in order to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to become a highly effective headteacher; as for the independent sector, achieving it can only be positive – indeed some

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10. You can unscramble Headships (ADEHHIPSS) into 297 words


11. Click to learn more about the unscrambled words in these 9 scrambled letters Headships.


12. "The budget needs to reflect these priorities and reject the concept of joint Headships in schools and a reduced school menu.We cannot afford to cut our community wardens and need staff to tackle antisocial behaviour and keep our streets clean and safe.


13. The number of headteachers working in more than one school has increased since 2010, and the number of schools with shared Headships has similarly increased

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14. Women of Color in Headships: Uncovering Experiences of Discrimination and Microaggressions Fall 2020 By Lora Mei McManus In the 2018–2019 school year, only 51 NAIS schools had heads who identified as both a woman and a person of color.

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15. Experiences of Discrimination and Microaggressions Toward Women of Color in Independent School Headships This phenomenological qualitative study employed interviews to gain an understanding of the lived experiences of twelve (n=12) of the forty-nine women of color currently serving in independent school Headships.


16. Headships, Occupancy Maintenance & UDFs 1.5 Hours and Basis Information Hours and Basis information will usually be inherited for any Headships or Acting Headships that are created within an existing Headships level 1 post

Headships, Hours

17. Present study estimates separate probit regressions for different types of Headships, hence allowing for an analysis of the power structure of the household and its impact on other explanatory variables

Headships, Hence, Household

18. Here at Goodall Brazier, our management team pride themselves on building long-lasting relationships with the Headships of some of the biggest corporations in the world

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19. The female heads of color offered valuable insights into the benefits of being sponsored prior to their first Headships

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20. Effective sponsors engaged in multiple activities that prepared and positioned them for securing Headships


21. Headships, Occupancy Maintenance & UDFs 4


22. Where a new post is required, select the Headships level 1 post


23. “I was told by lots of people she was a great fillip to young women teachers who started applying for Headships.” After leaving the series, Powell has starred in a number of successful British TV programmes including Heartbeat, A Touch of Frost and Holby City

Headships, Has, Heartbeat, Holby

24. Endowed Headships are associated with the best universities and colleges around the world and represent prestige, leadership, and profound responsibility for those who hold such positions

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25. The Vice-Chancellor (or the Vice-Chancellor's nominee, currently the DVC responsible for academic Headships) appoints acting heads after taking the advice of the Dean, and after such consultation with staff as the DVC and the Dean consider necessary, for periods of between three and 12 months.

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26. 6 hours ago · In fact, in the absence for what many are calling for, such as noticeably constitutional amendments, separation or radical restructuring of the federation, a co-leadership type (from the President, Senate, House of Representative, Ministers, and other federal Headships) practice across federal leadership positions as asserted here regarding the

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27. And arm breaker with an EVM or SRO get some use of your bassman Headships in original Mather box, shipping includes full …


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  • the position of leader or chief.
  • the position of head teacher in a school.
Synonyms: directorship . direction . governorship . governance . administration . jurisdiction . captaincy . superintendency . control . ascendancy . rule . command . power . mastery . domination . dominion . premiership . sovereignty .

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What does headship mean?

Definition of headship : the position, office, or dignity of a head Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about headship

How do you use headship in a sentence?

Examples of headship in a Sentence. while he was in the hospital, the CEO had his most trusted lieutenant assume temporary headship of the firm the person at the headship of the firm will face daunting challenges, given the current state of the economy.

What does head mean metaphorically?

Now when head is used metaphorically, figuratively, as it is here, it refers to priority in function. That is what the head of our body does; it runs the body; it is in charge; it is the direction setter of the body. Used metaphorically, therefore, the word head means primarily leadership, and thus it is used in this passage.

What does headmistress mean?

1. The position or office of a head or leader; primacy or command. 2. Chiefly British The position of a headmaster or headmistress. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

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