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"Harvestless" in Example Sentences

1. "Harvestless" in Example Sentences 1. It is used to describes something in a sentence or statement. harsh, haruspical, harvestless, hasidic, hastate, hasteful, hasteless, hastier, hastiest information is provided for free without any warrantty or guarranttee that it will serve your special: 2.
2. harvestless definition: Adjective (comparative more harvestless, superlative most harvestless) 1. Without harvest; lacking in crops; barren.harvestless autumns." — Tennyson.Origin harvest +‎ -less
3. harvestless adj harvest home n 1 the bringing in of the harvest 2 (Chiefly Brit) a harvest supper harvest to a person or company reponsible for the moving or relocating or one or more objects from one place to another. used in a sentence as "I am looking to hire some furniture relocators to move my items from one place to another."!

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