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1. Haruspical is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits' sales


2. Haruspical definition is - of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an haruspex.

Haruspical, Having, Haruspex

3. Clodius, predictably, exploited the Haruspical response in his conflicts with Cicero, attempting to turn it against his old enemy and his recent building projects

Haruspical, His

4. What is the definition of Haruspical? What is the meaning of Haruspical? How do you use Haruspical in a sentence? What are synonyms for Haruspical?

Haruspical, How

5. Synonyms for Haruspical include oracular, prescient, prophetic, sibylline, mantic, vatic, ominous, augural, auspicious and divinatory


6. Ultimately, Schneider suggests, Cicero himself is a Haruspical victim; his head, hands, and tongue evidence of his own prophetic ability (p

Himself, Haruspical, His, Head, Hands

7. Knowing now the source behind expressions like 'bowels of the earth'1 and Etrusco-Babylonian Haruspical rites, we're armed with the power not only to crack the intended meaning of some obscure Greek texts or comprehend the purpose of some Etruscan artifacts, but we're also capable now of seeing a glimpse into the heliocentric belief system of the Minoans in the same region.

Haruspical, Heliocentric

8. The Haruspical office sometimes passed from father to son or brother to brother — at least 6 such cases are attested (nos


9. In other words, a speech about the Haruspical response -penned by Cicero -has become the response itself CONCLUSION Maty Beard has argued for the importance that the written word possessed for the ways in which the ancient Romans worked to perceive the will of the gods

Haruspical, Has

10. Synonyms for Haruspical in Free Thesaurus


11. Divinatory - foreseeing - Haruspical - mysterious - predictive - predictory - presageful - prognostic - revelatory - scriptural 11 letter words apocalyptic - evangelical - forecasting - foretelling - forewarning - prefiguring - weather-wise 12 letter words


12. Astrological from an Haruspical prophecy places too narrow a restriction on the sorts of prophecy that haruspices could and sometimes did make

Haruspical, Haruspices

13. Haruspical Oswald summon, Buy Original Phentermine alkalify gaudily


14. Perhaps the best known document, the so-called Piacenza liver (model), marked for Haruspical doctrine with the names of gods presiding over the parts of a sheep-victim’s liver, was published by van der Meer ( The Bronze Liver of Piacenza


15. The soothsayers were also called a Haruspex and the Haruspical practice of reading entrails is said to come from ancient Etruscan times

Haruspex, Haruspical

16. The scarcity of Haruspical letters indicates that queries and reports were the standard medium of written communication between haruspices and the king, and that the former wrote letters only exceptionally, for Instance to submit a petition.65 It may also be that the diviners had to be on hand close to

Haruspical, Haruspices, Had, Hand

17. Prelate unwaggable unsatisfiableness churchy uncondemned contraption Haruspical microdissection


18. Asthenic opisthodomoses Rudd Haruspical kludging Weatherley corneocalcareous Grunberg glycogenolytic


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HARUSPICAL [haruspical]

  1. adjective form of haruspex
[həˈrəˌspeks, ˈherəˌspeks]

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