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HARUSPEXY [həˈrəˌspeks, ˈherəˌspeks]

haruspex (noun) · haruspices (plural noun)

  • (in ancient Rome) a religious official who interpreted omens by inspecting the entrails of sacrificial animals.

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1. Aoife Tsigani, also known as the Haruspex, is a faerie who practices the art of Haruspexy - potion making and predicting the future

2. Haruspexy " As Saint Titania herself said, 'there is a strange power in the joining of unlike things'

3. Haruspexy: a Roman official would divine the will of the gods by inspecting the entrails of sacrificial animals; Sieve and shears: shear points were stuck in the wooden rim of a sieve and two people supported it upright with the tips of their two fingers

4. Orientalizasyon claim does not EXPLAIN tradition of Piacenza Liver and Haruspexy (Reading and foretelling the future by looking at the sacrificed sheep`s liver ) among Etruscans .

5. Haruspexy, the practice of divining from the entrails of animals, was popular (and later remained popular when the Romans took it up), and other forms of divination included the scattering of metal leaves or sacred plates and interpreting the symbols on them, divination from interpreting the lightning strikes in storms and high-air weather, and

6. Who Needs Astrology When You Have Haruspexy? The infamous Piacenza Bronzelebar, or Thema Gutsy, which contains the key to the universe, was discovered by the eminent research astrologer and translator Robert Blackschmidt

7. Reduced to such Haruspexy I searched based on the words and found “Etude for Ghosts” which lead down a path that initially looked promising, but so far it has not panned out for me

8. While considered dishonourable for combat against the peoples of the Steppe, it served a functional role in cutting honour braids, Haruspexy.

9. @Haruspexy YES I like the him and it’s been awhile since I’ve drawn him…

10. Haruspexy If you’re going to make racist jokes and brag about how you will write incredibly racist fics just to try and get back at people then just take your ugly self back to the landfill this goes for both fictional-serial-killer and daniiildankovsky if you condone their behaviors or actions then reevaluate

11. Babylon and Assyria) people used a variety of methods to determine divine knowledge: Haruspexy, necromancy, belamancy, astrology, consultation of prophets and seers etc

12. A remnant of a bygone age, members of the Ananke (AHNa-key) bloodline are said to have kept the ancient temples, where oracles performed Haruspexy (the art of divination through reading the entrails of a freshly killed animal) to read truths in blood.

13. One may easily imagine that this was a stepping-stone for the later cessation of INTRODUCTION 9 Haruspexy altogether, because once the divinational aspect is transferred over to the chart, the angles (at least) can become a general template for the time of any kind of sacrifice or offering.

14. Haruspexy and its derivative workings: the magic of viscera and evisceration

15. If Lao Tsung’s body was here, Haruspexy wouldn’t have worked–places like this, in folded space, tended to scramble the effectiveness of divination

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17. Haruspexy: successor to my cookie monster pajama pants grief that i refuse to spend any more time on Feb 3 @ 7:36pm + 10 notes + Reblog via + original

18. Meat tenderizing anti-Haruspexy hammer that snarls fate Swallowing monster with random potions sloshing in its belly Antlion dungeon merchant, room full of stuff that shifts into quicksand/whirlpool, try to get out while carrying as much as possible “Item radar” magic object that detects similar items to the one it’s attached to

19. She is effectively doing Haruspexy on herself

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21. Haruspexy is banned in the North, of course

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What does "haruspex" mean?

Appropriately, "haruspex" can be roughly defined as "one who looks at guts." The ancient Romans had a number of ways of determining whether the gods approved of a particular course of action. Such divination was called "augury," and a haruspex was a type of "augur," an official diviner of ancient Rome.

What does the Latin word 'haruspex' mean?

Did You Know? Haruspex was formed in Latin by the combination of "haru-" (which is akin to "chordē," the Greek word for "gut") and "-spex" (from the verb specere, meaning "to look"). Appropriately, "haruspex" can be roughly defined as "one who looks at guts."

What doesharuspex mean?

Appropriately, "haruspex" can be roughly defined as "one who looks at guts.". The ancient Romans had a number of ways of determining whether the gods approved of a particular course of action.

What does the name harispex mean?

borrowed from Latin haruspex, harispex, from a stem haru-, hari-, presumed to mean "intestines" (probably going back to Indo-European *ǵhr̥H-u-, u-stem derivative of *ǵhr̥H- "gut, cord made from animal intestines") + -spex, noun derivative of a verbal base -spec- "see, observe" — more at yarn entry 1, spy entry 1

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