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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Handcuffed (Entry 1 of 2) unable to act or achieve one's purpose Handcuffed by a dearth of funding, the preservation society can do …


2. Law enforcement sources tell us Clearwater PD hit the sand to break up a fight and when the video starts they've already got a suspect Handcuffed in the back of their car

Hit, Handcuffed

3. Officers had Handcuffed Dominic Glass, 18, around 7 p.m

Had, Handcuffed

4. The husband who survived the Atlanta spa shootings that killed his wife says cops treated him like a suspect instead of a grieving victim — keeping him Handcuffed for hours without telling him

Husband, His, Him, Handcuffed, Hours

5. Florida spring breakers have gone viral in a video after helping a Handcuffed man escape a Clearwater police cruiser

Have, Helping, Handcuffed

6. After Spa Attacks, Officers Handcuffed Victim’s Anguished Husband for Four Hours

Handcuffed, Husband, Hours

7. CLEARWATER — The TikTok star du jour is a Handcuffed Pasco County man seen escaping from the back of a Clearwater police SUV and running away on the …


8. Girl Turns Her Self In And Handcuffed ~(Gotcuffs) *Subscribe To These Channel's 💬 🔔 Cuffed Girls=

Her, Handcuffed, Https

9. Police officers in Rochester, New York, Handcuffed and pepper-sprayed a 9-year-old girl while responding to what a police official called a report of "family trouble" in an incident sharply


10. Want to discover art related to Handcuffed? Check out inspiring examples of Handcuffed artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.


11. A rowdy crowd of spring breakers cheered on a Handcuffed man as he darted out of a cop car on Clearwater Beach in Florida on Wednesday

Handcuffed, He

12. Mar 16, 2021 - Men captured and Handcuffed behind their backs, by women


13. Another of my favourites Handcuffed videos


14. 4 hot girls wearing short skirts and dresses are Handcuffed behind their backs by 2 bad hot girls

Hot, Handcuffed

15. Arrested woman Handcuffed hands

Handcuffed, Hands

16. A police officer in Rochester, New York, was suspended and two others were placed on administrative leave after body camera footage showed a 9-year-old girl Handcuffed and pepper-sprayed during a call about a family disturbance.


17. Definition of Handcuffed in the dictionary


18. What does Handcuffed mean? Information and translations of Handcuffed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


19. Jack and Chrissy are Handcuffed together after a police officer leaves his cuffs in their apartment.

Handcuffed, His

20. “He was Handcuffed for something he didn’t do

He, Handcuffed

21. Girl Handcuffed by police and searched than let go lapd venice beach california july 1, 2010 017 by vivianne robinson 17 20210220_142441 by gsvalentine


22. Handcuffed In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives


23. I have seldom read a work more Handcuffed by …

Have, Handcuffed

24. Officers Handcuffed the husband of one of the spa shooting victims for hours after the attacks

Handcuffed, Husband, Hours

25. — A Florida teen was arrested a second time Wednesday after running Handcuffed


26. Suspects are Handcuffed with the keyholes facing up (away from the hands) to make it difficult to open them even with a key or improvised lock-pick

Handcuffed, Hands

27. Because a person's hands are used in breaking falls, being Handcuffed introduces a significant risk of injury if the prisoner trips or stumbles, in addition to injuries sustained from overly tight

Hands, Handcuffed

28. Find Handcuffed man stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection

Handcuffed, Hd

29. Back in 2017, the 36-year-old Iranian sportswoman recently completed the challenge of swimming Handcuffed for more than three hours non-stop in the Persian Gulf waters off the coast of the southwestern port city of Bushehr, located 1,050 kilometers (652 miles) south of the capital Tehran

Handcuffed, Hours

30. Rowdy Beach Crowd Cheers On Handcuffed Teen Escaping From Police - Clearwater, FL - Chief Dan Slaughter said he was disappointed to see a TikTok video making the rounds on social media, portraying

Handcuffed, He

31. A South Georgia deputy is in jail after investigators said he body-slammed a Handcuffed woman while she was in custody

He, Handcuffed

32. A detective who Handcuffed Lea for about 20 minutes and called for a K-9 unit to search his vehicle for drugs repeatedly shifted blame to the 18-year-old and his mother for any issues with the

Handcuffed, His

33. The Handcuffed girl, displeased and tired of daily hand washing dishes, stands next to the Fragment of the Handcuffed female body at the kitchen counter, f

Handcuffed, Hand

34. (Handcuffed Sequel) Now or always together 9.7K 297 306 ~sequal to Handcuffed ~ Severus and James are finally getting married now that they have together for almost two years

Handcuffed, Have

35. They were about to transport this one juvenile, the one juvenile in the back of the car and somehow he got- he was Handcuffed from behind and somehow he got obviously the hands in front and got in the front seat and took off in police car,” explained Flynn

He, Handcuffed, Hands

36. The family of Malcolm Ziglar, a 14-year-old Handcuffed by Fuquay-Varina police in January over a dirt bike he didn't steal, reacts to body cam video released over the weekend showing the encounter.

Handcuffed, He

37. Dr Olajide Ogunjimi, 47, was Handcuffed and tear gassed while being arrested He called police to his house to report unknown offence when they subdued him The doctor was a trainee specialist

Handcuffed, He, His, House, Him

38. 11-year-old boy with autism Handcuffed at school, mom sues district, sheriff's office The boy poked a classmate with a pencil after the classmate wrote on him with a marker in a Douglas County

Handcuffed, Him

39. The ACLU of Colorado filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Douglas County School District, Douglas County Sheriff's Office and several School Resource Officers after they Handcuffed an 11-year


40. Ben Katzman sets a new Guinness World Record for swimming while Handcuffed at the King George Family YMCA


41. The Handcuffed man makes a break for it while dozens of spring breakers chase after him

Handcuffed, Him

42. It shows a man being let out of a patrol car on Clearwater Beach, running away Handcuffed as the crowd cheers him on

Handcuffed, Him

43. The lawyer was thereafter Handcuffed and led out of the courtroom


44. Punk Ends Up Bloodied and Handcuffed to a Stretcher After Allegedly Punching the Wrong 76-Year-Old Woman By C


45. He was Handcuffed for something he didn't do

He, Handcuffed

46. Bloodied, Handcuffed man led from scene of King Soopers shooting Toggle header content

Handcuffed, Header

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HANDCUFFED [ˈhan(d)ˌkəf]


  • put handcuffs on (someone).
Synonyms: manacle . fetter . shackle . restrain . secure . enfetter . gyve . free .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does handcuffs mean?

Definition of handcuff. (Entry 1 of 2) : a metal fastening that can be locked around a wrist and is usually connected by a chain or bar with another such fastening —usually used in plural.

What is a sentence for handcuff?

Use handcuff in a sentence. either of a pair of connected metal rings that can be locked about the wrists, as in restraining a prisoner: usually used in pl. to put handcuffs on; manacle.

What is another word for handcuffed?

Synonyms for handcuffed. clogged, cramped, embarrassed, encumbered, fettered, hampered, handicapped, held back,

How painful are handcuffs in prison?

When the handcuffs are concealed by a handcuff cover and secured at the prisoner's waist by a belly chain, this combination will result in a rather more severe restraint and the restrained person may feel discomfort or even pain.

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