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1. Hamsas can be purchased today in Judaica shops around the world, and even through companies like Sears and Saks Fifth Avenue


2. There are 82738 Hamsas for sale on Etsy, and they cost $43.88 on average


3. The most common Hamsas material is metal


4. Hamsas are ancient, cross-cultural symbols of blessing and protection


5. Hamsas, the well-known hand amulet, are popular in many cultures throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It is believed by many to protect against the evil eye, and may sometimes be known to as Hand of Fatima

Ham, Hand

6. Hamsas; Doves of Peace; T-Shirts; Accessories; Bar-Mitzvah; Bat-Mitzvah; Top Sellers; Featured Products; Holiday Specials; Iron Dome; Jewelry; Judaica; Rocket Art; Star of David Hamsa $ 79 Buy Now; Good Eye Hamsa $ 79 $ 59 Buy Now; Jerusalem Hamsa $ 99 $ 79 Buy Now; Hamsa Hidden Prayer Nano Necklace

Hamsas, Holiday, Hamsa, Hidden

7. Hamsas made from precious metals and stones are often used in jewelry




9. The wall Hamsas we sell are from the Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel.


10. Bring good luck into your home with the wall Hamsas from Yair Emanuel

Home, Hamsas

11. With Judaica themes and oriental designs, you can choose between glass, wood or laswer cut metal Hamsas to enliven your home decor or as a meaningful house warming gift.

Hamsas, Home, House

12. What does Hamsas mean? Plural form of hamsa

Hamsas, Hamsa

13. Algunas Hamsas contienen imágenes de peces, de acuerdo con la afirmación en el Talmud del rabino Yose hijo de Hanina de que los descendientes de José, que recibieron la bendición de Jacobo de multiplicarse como peces en Génesis 48:16, están protegidos del mal de ojo como los peces.

Hamsas, Hijo, Hanina

14. Hamsas In A Row Israel 1 $100.00


15. Hamsas In A Row Israel 2 $100.00


16. The two Hamsas contrast marvelously with each other


17. Hamsas Aren't Just for Mizrahi Jews – and a New Jerusalem Exhibit Proudly Displays Just That


18. Several Hamsas with images of Jesus, the Christian cross, and compartments for holy water and soil from Bethlehem show the popularity of the hamsa as a souvenir for Christian tourists

Hamsas, Holy, Hamsa

19. She uses semi-precious stones, pearls, glass, and Swarovski crystals to design her brilliantly colored wall Hamsas that come in two sizes

Her, Hamsas

20. Rich Witherspoon used his 12-string basses extensively with Hamsas Xiii.

His, Hamsas

21. 29 juin 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Hamsas" de hamou hamou sur Pinterest

Hamsas, Hamou

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HAMSAS [häˈmäs]


  • a Palestinian Islamic movement founded in 1987 with the aim of establishing a Palestinian state incorporating present-day Israel and the West Bank. In 2006 Hamas defeated the more moderate Fatah in the elections for the Palestinian National Authority.

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