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1. The Haitians won their independence early in the nineteenth century


2. Haitians Barricade Streets to Protest Insecurity After Gang Murders of Police PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Haitians used flaming tires, trucks and debris to …


3. The largest proportion of Haitians in the United States live in the South Florida area


4. Haitians fleeing the violence have typically flown to Brazil or Chile and then made the arduous and highly dangerous trek through South and Central America, which …

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5. The emigration of Haitians in more substantial numbers began with the bloody dictatorship of Francois Duvalier in the early 1960s


6. With most Haitians being able to speak French, Canada is a natural destination as French is one Canada's two official languages alongside English


7. Most Haitians are of African descent, with many having ancestors who were brought to the region from Congo, Benin and Niger by the colonial slave trade

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8. There are also Haitians of European and Arab descent as a result of migration during the World Wars, with …


9. Follow Lajan Slim on Instagram: to "Haitians" by Lajan Slim on Apple Music

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10. The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that the Haitians were found after the police conducted two search and cordon exercises in Georgetown and Region Ten

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11. Haitians are being denied the right to seek asylum and are being disproportionately targeted by our broken immigration system


12. Haitians who under previous grants of temporary protected status (TPS), have established lives and families in the United States should have access to …

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13. In Miami, Haitians have received some of the worst treatment of any immigrant group in the United States, and a common theme within the community has been the need for invisibility in a hostile

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14. The Clintons deny any wrongdoing, but Haitians felt there was a lack of transparency and accountability involving the spending of billions of dollars the international community pledged for Haiti

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15. THE FIRST Haitians IN AMERICA During the 1790s, Haiti was the most affluent of the French colonies

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16. Haitian Helping Haitians is supported by churches in the United States, as well as individual donors and contributors in our child sponsorship program

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17. By supporting Haitians Helping Haitians you are making an investment in eternity and the most of your mission dollars!

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18. OPINION The Biden administration is deporting hundreds of Haitians to a country mired in political chaos One of the new president’s first acts was to issue a …

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19. Haitians Are at an Impasse Over the Country’s Future


20. On Valentine’s Day, thousands of Haitians


21. TPS benefits for Haitians are currently authorized through Oct


22. Nearly 60,000 Haitians living in the United States with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) protections can live without fear of deportation proceedings for another nine months


23. A more diverse group of Haitians arrived in Boston after 1980, including Kreyol-speaking middle-class and poorer migrants from both rural and urban areas of the island


24. Since, thousands of Haitians have …

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25. Census, 548,199 Haitians live in U.S.; however, there are probably well more than 1 million

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26. Foreign-born Haitians represent 1.3% of …


27. Haitians synonyms, Haitians pronunciation, Haitians translation, English dictionary definition of Haitians


28. Haitians again took to the streets of Port-au-Prince Sunday in a massive protest to reject the government of President Jovenel Moise and protest a recent spate of kidnappings


29. All of its occupants were Haitians and Haitian Bahamians

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30. The Haitians are in a kind of a third category now in that the policy of the government is not to grant them bond or parole pending their hearing before an immigration judge

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31. Here is the complete list of Haitians and American Football players of Haitian descent playing in the NFL, the National Football league: NFL Player Pierre Garcon

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32. Music video by Lajan Slim performing Haitians


33. 8 hours ago · Steel container to be transformed into mobile classroom for Haitians

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34. A source familiar with the Oval Office meeting said President Trump, referring to the administration to temporary protected status for Haitians, said "Why do we need more Haitians


35. US to deport Haitians who’ve tested positive for coronavirus: NGO


36. 5, eliminated the 1977 time limit for Haitians


37. Thus the new policy bars blood donations from all Haitians and sub-Saharan Africans in this country


38. Hurricane Dorian exposed a delicate issue: Haitians who are in the Bahamas illegally

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39. When Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas, houses on the Abaco islands were stripped of their windows and roofs, while residents – many of them undocumented Haitians – were exposed to an even more uncertain future.

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40. Among the hardest-hit communities were “The Mudd” and “Pigeon Peas”, shanty towns on Great Abaco that had become home to Haitians fleeing political instability, poverty

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41. The Haitians are among more than 300,000 foreigners, the majority of them illegal arrivals from Central America, living here under TPS

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  • a native or inhabitant of Haiti.
  • the French-based Creole language spoken in Haiti.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Haitian and French?

Unlike the French Revolution, the Haitian government was successful in achieving independence and their goal. A difference was that they were no longer controlled while the French were controlled by Napoleon.

Can a Haitian and a French understand eachother?

Haitian Creole is a French dialect, but one which is very far from standard French. Uneducated members of either French or Haitian society do not understand each other. Remember what a creole is: a pidgin which has become someone's native language. Pidgins are notorious for being a stipped down version of some language (or some languages).

What is the definition of Haitian?

Haitian - of or relating to or characteristic of the republic of Haiti or its people; "Haitian shantytowns".

What does Haitian Revolution mean?

Freebase (2.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition: Haitian Revolution The Haitian Revolution was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slavery there and the founding of the Republic of Haiti. The Haitian Revolution was the only slave revolt which led to the founding of a state.

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