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1. Habituation definition is - the process of Habituating : the state of being habituated.

Habituation, Habituating, Habituated

2. Noun the act of Habituating. the condition of being habituated. physiological tolerance to or psychological dependence on a drug, short of addiction.

Habituating, Habituated

3. Synonyms for Habituating include using, tolerating, taking to, adjusting to, taking pleasure in, acclimatizing, accustoming, acclimating, adapting and familiarizing


4. The word "habit" in habituate is a clue to its meaning — by Habituating, you're helping a creature or person get used to new surroundings and establish new habits, especially in a new habitat (home)

Habit, Habituate, Habituating, Helping, Habits, Habitat, Home

5. Definition of Habituating in the dictionary


6. What does Habituating mean? Information and translations of Habituating in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


7. When Habituating your horse to different objects it is best to start with very small and slow steps and you can increase the speed of the training as you observe your horses behavior, but it is always best to start slow and small

Habituating, Horse, Horses

8. To begin Habituating your horse to an object or situation, start with just a halter and lead rope with no tack on

Habituating, Horse, Halter

9. After an initial Habituating experience, subsequent habituation experiences are known to occur more rapidly, with fewer stimulus presentations being required (Groves and Thompson, 1970; Thompson & Spencer, 1966)

Habituating, Habituation

10. Hacking Your Brain and Habituating Your Way to Success March 12, 2021

Hacking, Habituating

11. A drug that is both Habituating and addicting has a solid link to cancer is

Habituating, Has

12. The recycling of Holocaust photographs over the last decades -- for documentary, educational, legal, artistic, scholarly, evocative, and identity-forming purposes -- resulted in Habituating viewers to the presentation of horrors, veiling rather than revealing the specifics of the atrocity displayed.

Holocaust, Habituating, Horrors

13. The author argues that this may be caused by birds Habituating to humans faster at the heavily disturbed sites

Habituating, Humans, Heavily

14. Synonyms for Habituating to include familiarising, familiarizing, acquainting, instructing, accustoming, Habituating, advising, apprising, briefing and clearing


15. By Habituating to less important signals, an animal can focus its attention on the most important features of its environment


16. Delicious Habits for Life by Gdaiva

Habituatinghealth, Habits

17. This is the virtual home of Habituating Hearts! We empower immigrant businesses, innovators and individuals, while collaborating with organizations to implement public health projects.

Home, Habituating, Hearts, Health

18. In neural systems where analysis has been possible, habituation is due to synaptic depression; a decrease in probability of transmitter release at appropriate synapses within the Habituating circuit, and sensitization is an increase in the probability of transmitter release, due …

Has, Habituation, Habituating

19. Habituating to Reduce the Distraction of Mind


20. Habituating 'Habituating' is a 11 letter word starting with H and ending with G Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Habituating We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Habituating will help you to finish your crossword today

Habituating, Hope, Help

21. Repeated cold showers as a method of Habituating humans to the initial responses to cold water immersion Eur J Appl Physiol

Habituating, Humans

22. Habituating individuality: the framing of tuberculosis and its material solutions in Republican China


23. Based on our positive experience with the bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA), it seems possible to transmit a masking or Habituating sound via bone conduction

Hearing, Habituating

24. Habituating the great apes: the disease risks - Volume 36 Issue 2 - Michael H


25. Habituating is a term The Sleep Lady uses to describe when a newborn is “fake napping”


26. Habituating Dispositions to Ideology: The Case of the U.S


27. Habituating Meerkats and Redescribing Animal Behaviour Science


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HABITUATING [həˈbiCHəˌwāt]


  • make or become accustomed or used to something.
Synonyms: accustom . adapt . adjust . attune . acclimatize . acculturate . inure . harden . season . condition . teach . train . school . educate . discipline . break in . acclimate .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does habituating mean?

Definition of habituation. 1 : the process of habituating : the state of being habituated. 2a : tolerance to the effects of a drug acquired through continued use. b : psychological dependence on a drug after a period of use — compare addiction. 3 : decrease in responsiveness upon repeated exposure to a stimulus.

When and why does habituation occur?

Habituation occurs with circumstances and feelings as well. This is important to consider when it comes to material goods and wealth. A good example of habituation to a circumstance is when someone gets a big raise at work. When this person hears they're getting a raise, they think their life will change.

What is theory of habituation?

Habituation theory holds that when an animal is repeatedly exposed to stimuli that neither hurts nor helps , it stops responding . This lack of response to something that isn't posing a problem means that the animal isn't wasting energy; it's still alert in case danger does occur.

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