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1. Habitant definition is - inHabitant, resident


2. How to use Habitant in a sentence.

How, Habitant

3. Habitant definition, an inHabitant


4. Habitant synonyms, Habitant pronunciation, Habitant translation, English dictionary definition of Habitant


5. Also ha·bi·tan An inHabitant of French ancestry living in Canada, especially Quebec, or in Louisiana


6. Habitant, independent landowner who farmed properties in New France in the 17th and 18th centuries


7. Habitants differed from hired agricultural labourers and temporary workers

Habitants, Hired

8. By the end of the 18th century, the term Habitant applied to all those who inhabited rural areas and made a living by


9. The domain name ties in well with Michigan's Habitant Heritage, the journal of the French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan, which I have published in several times

Habitant, Heritage, Have

10. Lastly, I like the term Habitant because it would be recognized, at least in the sense of a common farmer inhabiting the New World, in colonial Acadia, Louisiana


11. At Habitant ®, we help overcome business obstacles by creating and optimizing products, services, and digital experiences that improve people’s lives.

Habitant, Help

12. Habitant can mean the same thing as inHabitant, but it also has a completely different (and more specific) meaning: a Canadian farmer with French origins

Habitant, Has

13. More specifically Habitant refers to a person of French origin who settled in (migrated to) Canada a long time ago and worked as a farmer.


14. Habitant m (plural Habitants) An inHabitant of some place

Habitant, Habitants

15. 8 synonyms of Habitant from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 related words, definitions, and antonyms


16. Habitant: one who lives permanently in a place.


17. Players and fans are often called the Habs, which is believed to be an abbreviation of les Habitants, the informal name given in the 17th century to the original settlers of "New France."

Habs, Habitants

18. Translation for 'Habitant' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations.


19. Also ha·bi·tan (ă′bē-täN′) An inHabitant of French ancestry living in Canada, especially Quebec, or in Louisiana


20. Habitant is a taste of home for me

Habitant, Home

21. A few slices of bread and butter and a bowl of Habitant is as close to home as I can get without flying or driving.

Habitant, Home

22. 爱词霸权威在线词典,为您提供Habitant的中文意思,Habitant的用法讲解,Habitant的读音,Habitant的同义词,Habitant的反义词,Habitant的例句等英语服务。 首页 翻译


23. As nouns the difference between Habitant and inHabitant is that Habitant is (canada) a member of habitation colony at stadacona founded by samuel de champlain, where quebec city now lies while inHabitant is someone or thing who lives in a place.

Habitant, Habitation

24. The Habitant is a recurring theme in the works of Québécois painters such as Cornelius Krieghoff, Horatio Walker and Clarence Gagnon

Habitant, Horatio

25. In the early 20th century, the Habitant was a key figure in Québec’s efforts to promote tourism, highlighting the province’s rural life and historic character.

Habitant, Highlighting, Historic

26. Habitant French Canadian Split Pea Soup, 796ml, 24ct {Imported from Canada} Habitant Pea Soup with Smoked Ham 796ml/28 fl

Habitant, Ham

27. Definition of Habitant in the dictionary


28. What does Habitant mean? Information and translations of Habitant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


29. Habitant® soups have been made using traditional homemade recipes since 1918.Their comforting flavour has become a kitchen pantry staple for many Canadians because we use just the right amount of seasoning

Habitant, Have, Homemade, Has

30. Habitant® soups are ready-to-serve so just open a can, heat, and savour the flavour only tradition can make

Habitant, Heat

31. ‘the Habitant farmhouses of old Quebec’ More example sentences ‘When tobacco prices dropped, Chesapeake planters suffered; when French subsidies lagged or European fashions changed, Quebec Habitants descended toward subsistence.’

Habitant, Habitants

32. Nous avons fait une présentation de l'APL pour les gens Habitant dans les townships.: We gave a presentation of APL for people living in the townships.: Ayant trait à des organismes Habitant habituellement sur terre ou à la surface du sol.: Pertaining to organisms living habitually on the land or ground surface.: Li appelle Alender Edouard, 17 ans Habitant de Terre-Rouge.

Habitant, Habituellement, Habitually

33. Find 2 ways to say Habitant, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


34. What does Habitant mean? An inHabitant; resident


35. English Translation of “Habitant” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online


36. Habitant® 5,069 followers on LinkedIn


37. En Habitant® resolvemos retos de negocio creando y optimizando productos, servicios y experiencias digitales para …


38. Habitant definition: an early French settler in Canada or Louisiana , esp a small farmer Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


39. Habitant Cemetery Location Habitant, Kings County , Nova Scotia , Canada Show Map


40. Habitant: 1 n a person who inhabits a particular place Synonyms: denizen , dweller , indweller , inHabitant Examples: show 19 examples hide 19 examples Agrippina the Elder granddaughter of Augustus and mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger (14 BC - AD 33) Agrippina the Younger wife who poisoned Claudius after her son Nero was

Habitant, Hide, Her

41. Habitant translation in English-Latin dictionary


42. Habitant (n.) late 15c., "a dweller, a resident," from Old French Habitant, abitant "inHabitant," from noun use of Latin Habitantis, genitive plural of habitans, present participle of habitare "to live, inhabit, dwell," frequentative of habere "to have, to hold, possess" (from PIE root *ghabh-"to give or receive")

Habitant, Habitantis, Habitans, Habitare, Habere, Have, Hold

43. Habitant is located on the second floor of Nordstrom in the Eaton Centre at Yonge and Dundas


44. Right smack dab in the middle of the 2nd floor, Habitant basically is the 2nd floor centerpiece being a four sided bar with seating for perhaps 20 or so.


45. The Habitant, Antique Book Bundle, Set of Three, William Henry Drummond, French Canadian Poems, The Great Fight, The Voyageur, Early 1900s VintageByLafontaine

Habitant, Henry

46. Habitant refers to people who live in rural Québec, where this hearty soup is a popular staple

Habitant, Hearty

47. Habitant translation in Latin-English dictionary


48. At Mont Habitant, we offer the best snow conditions


49. But, Habitant pea soup is the only canned soup that I love


50. Get Habitant Soup, French-Canadian Pea (14 oz) delivered to you within two hours via Instacart

Habitant, Hours

51. Located 6 miles from Maison de Jeanne d'Arc, Chambres chez l' Habitant has accommodations with free WiFi and free private parking

Habitant, Has

52. Please arrive at the ticket office before 1pm.If you have technical problems placing your order online, please send an email to [email protected] including your phone number.Your ski ticket purchase must be made a …


53. Michigan's Habitant Heritage (MHH) has been published since the founding of the Society in 1980

Habitant, Heritage, Has

54. After I mentioned the negative feedback on recent batches of Habitant soup my fiance (a big lover of Habitant soup from her childhood) she told me she got sick to her stomach after eating a can of soup she bought about a month ago.

Habitant, Her

55. Be Habitant es un consultor inmobiliario experto en inversión y coinversión de inmuebles.


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HABITANT [habitant]

habitant (noun) · habitants (plural noun)

  • an inhabitant.
Synonyms: inhabitant . resident . townsman . townswoman . native . local . occupier . occupant . dweller . burgher . burgess . residentiary . indweller .
  • an early French settler in Canada (especially Quebec) or Louisiana.
Synonyms: settler . colonizer . colonial . frontiersman . frontierswoman . pioneer . immigrant . newcomer . planter . homesteader . squatter .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does habitants mean?

Definition of habitant. 1 ˈha-​bə-​tənt : inhabitant, resident. 2 ˌ(h)a-​bi-​ˈtäⁿ or less commonly habitan ˌ(h)a-​bi-​ˈtäⁿ : a settler or descendant of a settler of French origin working as a farmer in Canada.

What is the difference between "habitants" and "inhabitants"?

As nouns the difference between habitant and inhabitant. is that habitant is (canada) a member of habitation colony at stadacona founded by samuel de champlain, where quebec city now lies while inhabitant is someone or thing who lives in a place.

What does hebetating mean?

heb·e·tate. (hĕb'ĭ-tāt') tr.v. heb·e·tat·ed, heb·e·tat·ing, heb·e·tates. To make obtuse or dull. [Latin hebetāre, hebetāt-, from hebes, hebet-, blunt .]

What does inhabitant mean?

inhabitant - a person who inhabits a particular place. denizen, dweller, habitant, indweller. individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do". Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia.

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