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1. Yo man that cunt face just Gyped me of my radio


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4. In Reply to: Gypped or Gyped posted by R

Gypped, Gyped

5. In Reply to: Gyped or gypt posted by Bruce Kahl on April 17, 2001: : I belive this pertains to the past tense of hving been in the company of a gypsie/gypsy, and being tricked out of your money or whatever as in "I've been gypdt'.

Gyped, Gypt, Gypsie, Gypsy, Gypdt

6. Top synonyms for Gyped (other words for Gyped) are gaffed, cheated and swindled.

Gyped, Gaffed


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gypped mean?

gypped, adj. [jipd, jĭp] -Gypped is the adjective form of the verb gyp 'cheat, defraud, swindle,' and comes straight from North America in the late 19th century. There are several theories as to its origin, the most popular being that gyp is derived from the gypsies of Europe, who were mistrusted and maligned for most of their existence.

What does gipped mean?

verb (used with or without object), gipped, gip·ping, noun gyp 1. Informal: Sometimes Offensive. to defraud or rob by some sharp practice; swindle; cheat. a variant spelling of gyp 1 (tr) to swindle, cheat, or defraud British and NZ slang severe pain; torturehis arthritis gave him gyp

Where does the word jipped come from?

this is an interesting discussion, especially because the “jipped” or “gypped” however you spell it comes from the word gypsy- basically stereotyping all Romani people as thieves, which itself originates from the misconception that the Romani people came from Egypt… talk about adding insult to injury….

What does jipped mean?

Jip, short for Jipped or Jipnotized. by Alethia DinanReport definition Verb: To take unfairly, to rob. Alternate Spellings: Gyp, Gip, Jyp. To give someone trouble or have a quarrel or annoy some body. by JamilaReport definition

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