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1. Grazed - scraped or touched lightly in passing; "his Grazed and bleeding arm proved he had been in the line of fire" touched - having come into contact Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection


2. Grazing Kids Definition of graze (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : to rub lightly in passing : barely touch The bat just Grazed the ball.

Grazing, Graze, Grazed

3. To break the surface of the skin by rubbing against something rough: He fell down and Grazed his knee


4. He was lucky, the bullet just Grazed his leg.


5. Verb (used without object), Grazed, graz·ing

Grazed, Graz

6. While the ponies Grazed, the Sioux ate heartily of the dried elk meat which Red Dog had given them

Grazed, Given

7. THREE SIOUX SCOUTS ELMER RUSSELL GREGOR All day as they Grazed there rose a murmur out of them, as of discontent, complaint, or pain

Gregor, Grazed

8. Scratch, skin, bark, scrape, chafe, abrade I had Grazed my knees a little


9. Touch, brush, rub, scrape, shave, skim, kiss, glance off A bullet had Grazed his arm.

Glance, Grazed

10. Grazed (adj) scraped or touched lightly in passing "his Grazed and bleeding arm proved he had been in the line of fire"


11. Grazed is a unique Greens superfood product designed to combat the ill-effects of intense high intensity training: increased acidosis, weakened immune system and depletion of muscle building amino acids.

Grazed, Greens

12. The Crossword Solver found 77 answers to the Grazed crossword clue


13. Sweet or savoury, big or small, there’s a Grazed box for every occasion! Think luxury picnics, girls night in, office lunching, date night, or surprising your better half with breakfast in bed. Grazed boxes also make the perfect gift.

Grazed, Girls, Gift

14. Welcome, Simply Grazed is all about delicious, locally sourced grazing boards, picnic boxes, grazing tables and platters using beautiful freshly prepared ingredients completly customed for your occassion

Grazed, Grazing

15. Simply Grazed ensures a truly memorable grazing experience …

Grazed, Grazing

16. Synonyms & Antonyms of Grazed (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to damage by rubbing against a sharp or rough surface


17. I Grazed my elbow diving for the ball.


18. Grazed specializes in creative graze boxes, boards, & more filled with artisan cheeses & meats, seasonal fresh & dried fruits and veggies, & other fun accompaniments

Grazed, Graze

19. If blood is coming out in spurts, you may have Grazed an artery, which usually occurs with a deep graze called a skin avulsion injury

Grazed, Graze

20. Synonyms for Grazed include brushed, kissed, shaved, shove, shave, shaven, skimmed, touched, nudged and scraped


21. Grazed definition: having damage where skin has been scraped Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


22. The grazing platform currently extends to 145ha and is rotationally Grazed using the AgriNet management system, with the first round of grazing starting on February 15

Grazing, Grazed

23. Grazed™ is a unique combination of muscle building amino acids and greens super food

Grazed, Greens

24. Grazed™ is designed to support the constant physical teardown associated with high intensity training phases


25. Grazed: 1 adj scraped or touched lightly in passing “his Grazed and bleeding arm proved he had been in the line of fire” Synonyms: touched having come into contact


26. • Longhorn cattle Grazed on mesquite, and dropped the seeds along the way on drives to the north


27. • The bullet Grazed the corner of the building, just missing my arm


28. ‘Sheep have Grazed this area on and off for over 1,000 years and we sought the advice of English Nature before expanding the area managed by grazing.’ ‘Sheep graze the area between midsummer and late autumn to prevent the fields deteriorating into scrubland and no nutrients are placed on the land to create better conditions for flora and

Grazed, Grazing, Graze

29. Project AD's Grazed™ is a combination of greens superfoods combined with essential amino acids (EAAs), Grazed is the most all-encompassing health formula ever created specifically for hard-training athletes to strengthen the immune system, combat acidosis and fortify muscular gains while simultaneously enhancing recovery.

Grazed, Greens, Gains

30. Paddocks were generally Grazed January through May using cows calving between January and March -- cattle on and off dates, stocking densities and paddock rotations (table 1) were made at the discretion of the site manager based on factors such as drinking water availability, forage availability and cattle conditions (i.e., body condition score, weight gain).

Generally, Grazed, Gain

31. It all began at the start of the year 2000, when the Argentine Hugo Olivera, until then a manufacturer of mechanical spare parts, heard about a waiter having to uncork more than 60 bottles of sparking wine in the course of a party and ending up with badly Grazed hands.


32. A man was Grazed by a bullet Friday morning after being shot on I-285 in DeKalb County, officials said


33. For the period of 1860–2012, grassland areas were defined by prescribed historical land-cover maps 68 (Supplementary Table 4), and managed (i.e., mown, Grazed and fertilized) and sparsely Grazed

Grassland, Grazed

34. Graze definition: When animals graze or are Grazed , they eat the grass or other plants that are growing in Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Graze, Grazed, Grass, Growing

35. NEW YORK (AP) — Two New York City police officers were Grazed by bullets in a shootout with a man who had just shot his roommate in both legs, police officials said Monday


36. On August 30, 1979, comet Howard-Koomen-Michels, officially C/1979 Q1 (SOLWIND), Grazed the solar atmosphere


37. CHICAGO - A woman was Grazed when her ex-boyfriend shot at her Friday in Chatham on the South Side


38. The effects of Grazed grass, grass silage, or concentrates on fatty acid composition and conjugated linoleic acid (cis-9, trans-11-18:2; CLA) concentrations of i.m

Grazed, Grass

39. CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman was Grazed in the chest when her ex-boyfriend fired into her house in the Chatham community late Friday


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GRAZED [ɡrāz]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of grazed?

verb (used without object), grazed, graz·ing. to feed on growing grass and pasturage, as do cattle, sheep, etc. Informal. to eat small portions of food, as appetizers or the like, in place of a full-sized meal or to snack during the course of the day in place of regular meals.

What is the definition of graze?

Definition of graze. 2 : to eat small portions of food throughout the day She was grazing on snacks all afternoon. 3 : to supply herbage for the grazing of That pasture will graze 30 head of cattle. 1 : to touch lightly in passing The car's wheel grazed the curb. : to touch or rub against something in passing Our fenders just grazed.

What does the name grazed mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to crop and eat in the field. b : to feed on the herbage of. 2a : to put to graze grazed his livestock in pastures. b : to put cattle to graze on grazed the upper field.

What does grazed your shoulder mean?

To touch or scrape one without causing significant injury. Often said of gunshot wounds. You're so lucky the bullet only grazed your shoulder—a few inches lower, and you would have been in big trouble. To lightly touch or brush against someone or something.

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