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1. The entrance to the bunkerlike room inside a stadium used by Partizan Belgrade, a storied soccer team in Serbia, with graffiti reading “the Gravediggers.”

Graffiti, Gravediggers

2. Gravediggers work at Nossa Senhora Aparecida Cemetery -also known as Taruma Cemetery- to receive the inmates killed in the recent riots in prisons,


3. Gravediggers, also known as cemetery workers or burial ground custodians, dig graves in cemeteries for burials

Gravediggers, Ground, Graves

4. Gravediggers are called cemetery groundskeepers or caretakers

Gravediggers, Groundskeepers

5. Stine, author of the bestselling Goosebumps series, raved that Gravediggers is “my kind of book—fast, frightening, and all too real!” During a class hiking trip, Ian, Kendra, and PJ get lost in the mountains and discover that they are being stalked by a pack of ravenous zombies.

Goosebumps, Gravediggers, Get

6. Definition, Synonyms, Translations of Gravediggers by The Free Dictionary


7. The Gravediggers scene is a pause between the rapidly rising action of the last few tragic scenes and the upcoming final tragedy


8. Possessing a fine sense of humor, he is capable of appreciating the wit of the Gravediggers even in the midst of his troubles.


9. John Kavanagh "The Gravediggers", Dublin, Ireland


10. Hello & welcome to the Official Gravediggers page


11. Watching the "Gravediggers" one can well see the way that "The Avengers" have come since their start


12. 12 hours ago · A group of Gravediggers in Columbus, Ohio, who just negotiated a 3 percent raise

Group, Gravediggers

13. 13 hours ago · Organizing Gravediggers, Cereal Makers and, Maybe, Amazon Employees The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union may be one of the …


14. John Kavanagh—better known by its nickname, “The Gravediggers”—was built into the wall of Glasnevin Cemetery

Gravediggers, Glasnevin

15. "The Gravediggers must have sworn at getting drenched by the snow

Gravediggers, Getting

16. Cindy Hogan's Gravediggers is a totally different style of writing to the other book that I read by her, Adrenaline Rush, this book starts off slowly setting the background of what is going on in Halls, Tennessee.

Gravediggers, Going

17. Gravediggers, as their name suggests, dig graves when people die

Gravediggers, Graves

18. Cemeteries may have multiple funerals and burials some days, which requires proper organization and timing on the part of Gravediggers


19. Gravediggers is the first horror book I've ever read dealing with zombies, and I felt like I got really immersed into this tale that was crafted

Gravediggers, Got

20. Gravediggers have long been defined by their profession in the publics’ eye, tasked with assisting the grief-stricken, but dismissed in the process

Gravediggers, Grief

21. Gravediggers claim ghosts haunt world’s largest cemetery in Iraq

Gravediggers, Ghosts

22. Remains of millions are buried in Wadi-us-Salaam, the Valley of Peace which Gravediggers say is a frightening workplace.


23. The Gravediggers (or Clowns) are examples of Shakespearean fools (also known as clowns or jesters), a recurring type of character in Shakespeare's plays


24. Like most Shakespearean fools, the Gravediggers are peasants or commoners that use their great wit and intellect to get the better of their superiors, other people of higher social status, and each other.

Gravediggers, Great, Get

25. The Gravediggers represent a humorous type commonly found in Shakespeare’s plays: the clever commoner who gets the better of his social superior through wit

Gravediggers, Gets

26. The Gravediggers is one of those pubs which thankfully has stood the passage of time in a world gone mad

Gravediggers, Gone

27. A group of Gravediggers in Columbus, Ohio, who just negotiated a 3 percent raise

Group, Gravediggers

28. There are many quirks about Gravediggers, as it’s locally known, that make it unique


29. Pandemic Death Toll Means No Rest For The Gravediggers Of Afghanistan : Goats and Soda They are working harder than ever to keep up with …

Gravediggers, Goats

30. A group of Gravediggers in Columbus, Ohio, who just negotiated a 3 percent raise

Group, Gravediggers

31. A group of Gravediggers in Columbus, Ohio, who just negotiated a 3 percent raise

Group, Gravediggers

32. Gravediggers played 1 matches against Lilmix in the past 30 days, they won 0 and lost 1


33. Gravediggers is worse ranked (#201) Bookmakers


34. Lilmix Gravediggers; Head to head


35. The Gravediggers (en français : Les Creuseurs de tombe), c'est un blues venu d'ailleurs, mais néanmoins très accessible et toujours dynamique grâce à l'"interplay" des musiciens entre eux, qui n'hésitent pas à s'approprier les chansons de géants du style tels que Muddy Waters,Magic Slim,R.L Burnside,Junior Wells

Gravediggers, Gr

36. The Gravediggers (2) Profile: Garage rock'n'roll band Members: Jason Goodman (2), Mike McCarthy (4), Quinn Millard, Wally Hersom

Gravediggers, Garage, Goodman

37. Variations: Viewing All The Gravediggers (2) G


38. Gravediggers is the nickname for the Buccaneers’ defensive backs, and they worked to hold Hill to seven receptions for 73 yards, snapping his streak of 100-yard receiving performances in the


39. Christopher Krovatin is the author of the Gravediggers series as well as the young adult novels Heavy Metal and You and Venomous.He is also a contributing writer to Revolver magazine and a lifelong devotee to the zombie genre

Gravediggers, Genre

40. John Kavanagh The Gravediggers A Love of Food & Pints - 3 Coddle


41. The Gravediggers pub next to Glasnevin Cemetery

Gravediggers, Glasnevin

42. The Gravediggers of yore used to take their porter through the cemetery gates in ceramic jars, hence the term going for a jar.

Gravediggers, Gates, Going

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GRAVEDIGGERS [ˈɡrāvˌdiɡər]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does gravedigger mean?

    Definition of gravedigger. 1a : one that digs graves especially as a means of livelihood. b : one that is responsible for the end of something gravediggers of modern civilization. 2a : burying beetle.

    Why do gravediggers need shoring?

    Gravediggers must take care to get the proportions of a grave right as the hole needs to be big enough for the coffin to be lowered in. Additionally, shoring is often used to stop a grave from collapsing. Gravediggers must make sure that the coffin can fit through the shoring.

    What does kidio the Grave Digger mean?

    "Kidio, the grave digger, as our natives call him," Finnerty added. "He that regardeth the clouds shall not reap," replied the grave digger, still plying his spade. A grave digger, with the flesh of face and arms dried to the bone, appeared. There would be just the grave digger, a few people, and some of the boys.

    What is the role of gravediggers in Indian culture?

    In many cultures throughout history, gravediggers have been highly marginalized by their societies. In the traditional caste system of India, cemetery work has been the responsibility of the lowest castes, considered "unclean" or "untouchable" for their association with death. Grave template, topped with the handle of a scythe.

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