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1. Grace elizabeth (@Graceishly) • Instagram photos and videos.

Grace, Graceishly

2. The latest tweets from @Graceishly


3. "For telling me the truth," she said Graceishly smiling leaving


4. "For telling me the truth," she said Graceishly smiling leaving


5. But if you are so inclined for a relaxing ride with a wider open view, the cruiser serves it up generously and Graceishly.

Generously, Graceishly

6. The one who win nods Graceishly and say good game.

Graceishly, Good, Game

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gracious means?

Definition of gracious. 1a : marked by kindness and courtesy a gracious host. b : characterized by charm, good taste, generosity of spirit, and the tasteful leisure of wealth and good breeding gracious living. c : graceful.

What is the adjective for graciously?

adjective pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous. characterized by good taste, comfort, ease, or luxury: gracious suburban living; a gracious home. indulgent or beneficent in a pleasantly condescending way, especially to inferiors.

What is another word for graciousness?

Synonyms for graciousness. excellence of manners or social conduct. Related Words. good manners. courtesy. suaveness. suavity. blandness.

What is the opposite of gracious?

gracious(adj) characterized by charm, good taste, and generosity of spirit. "gracious even to unexpected visitors"; "gracious living"; "he bears insult with gracious good humor". Antonyms: graceless, unkind, ungracious, unpleasing, churlish, impolite, unpropitious. Synonyms: courteous, nice, benignant.

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