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1. N, pl geese (ɡiːs) pl Gooses 1

Geese, Gooses

2. Captain John Smith and his crew passed by Gooses Reef several times on their two exploratory voyages in the Chesapeake Bay


3. Is Gooses a word? “Goose” can be a noun (to describe a fairly common type of bird) or a verb (to describe a sudden, minor, push or prod)

Gooses, Goose

4. The 3rd person singular present of the verb is Gooses, as in The manager Gooses production by offering awards and bonuses.


5. Home - The Gooses Acre Bistro and Irish Pub Welcome To The Goose’s Acre Brought in directly from Midleton, County Cork, Ireland – the Goose’s Acre is The Woodlands only Authentic European Pub.

Gooses, Goose

6. N, pl geese (ɡiːs) pl Gooses 1

Geese, Gooses

7. Golden Gooses Official Site - Golden Gooses Sale Online

Golden, Gooses

8. We offer stylish design and fresh color Golden Gooses Sneakers to meet different consumers

Golden, Gooses

9. Come to Golden Gooses Official Site to shop the latest Golden Gooses Sneakers, you must can find what you want for your families and friends.

Golden, Gooses



11. Gooses Starring Zena Grey as Lucinella and Katy Knowlton as Lore

Gooses, Grey

12. Silly Gooses can find true love! Read more


13. 269 Gooses Way #49 is vacant land in Lake Lure, NC 28746


14. Gooses (nonstandard) plural of goose; Template:l2c; Someone who Gooses someone has touched them, usually on the behind Usage notes

Gooses, Goose

15. Gooses 3 points 4 points 5 points 1 year ago Dont know about ARPDAU but it's is definitely possible to get CPI that is lower than the average LTV, a good hyper-casual game will have this at launch

Gooses, Get, Good, Game

16. About Golden Gooses Golden Eggs is a DeFi Token hosted on the Tron Blockchain, transparent and opensource

Golden, Gooses

17. National Data Buoy Center - Recent observations from buoy 44062 (38.556N 76.415W) - Gooses Reef, MD.


18. With plenty of action and simple dialogue, the Gooses join the grand tradition of Harry Allard and Jim Marshall's "Stupids" (Houghton)

Gooses, Grand

19. With humor tailored expertly for primary-grade children, these silly Gooses will be welcomed by listeners and newly independent readers alike.?Carolyn Noah, Central Mass

Grade, Gooses

20. Gooses is a large sports bar where you can get cheap drinks and watch the game

Gooses, Get, Game

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Golden, Goose, Gooses, Get

22. Gooses Computers & Games 56 Lee Ave Mc Kenzie TN 38201

Gooses, Games

23. Help Get directions, reviews and information for Gooses Computers & Games in Mc Kenzie, TN

Get, Gooses, Games

24. Synonyms for Gooses include ganders, goslings, waterfowls, wildfowl, fools, simpletons, doofi, jackasses, nincompoops and nitwits

Gooses, Ganders, Goslings

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GOOSES [ɡo͞os]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Goose mean in slang?

Goose meaning in online slang is "It is the act of squeezing someone's cheeks.

What is a goose called?

The word Goose refers to the female, the male Goose is called a gander. A flock of Geese is called a gaggle. Goslings are the young. Geese are of the same family as ducks and swans.

What is the feminine of a goose?

What is the masculine gender of a goose?

animal masculine feminine
duck drake duck
cattle bull cow
goose gander goose
fox fox vixen
Jan 26 2021

Is Goose a noun?

1. countable noun A goose is a large bird that has a long neck and webbed feet. Goose is the meat from a goose that has been cooked. any of various web-footed long-necked birds of the family Anatidae: order Anseriformes. the female of such a bird, as opposed to the male (gander) a silly person

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