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1. Often Gobs Informal A large quantity: a Gob of money; Gobs of time

Gobs, Gob

2. [Middle English Gobbe, probably from Old French Gobe, mouthful, from Gober, to gulp, of Celtic origin.]

Gobbe, Gobe, Gober, Gulp

3. A large quantity: Gobs of money


4. A Gob is a double dipped frozen banana with everything on it


5. The filling for this old fashioned Gob recipe might be a little different than you’re used to


6. Gob Retail is located in Clawson, along the border between Oakland and Maccomb counties in the state of Michigan


7. Gobs are inherently part of the fabric of Pennsylvania's culinary landscape


8. 90 synonyms of Gob from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 83 related words, definitions, and antonyms


9. es la plataforma que conecta a la gente con el Gobierno, impulsa la eficiencia, y transforma los procesos para proveer de información y trámites

Gob, Gente, Gobierno

10. Gobank is a brand of Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, which also operates under the brands Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank

Gobank, Green

11. Gob (band), a Canadian punk band Gob (Gob album), 1994; Gob, 2011; People


12. Art Gob (born 1937), American football player; Nicolas Gob (born 1982), Belgian actor; Garland Buckeye (1897-1975), nicknamed Gob, American …

Gob, Garland

13. Gob, he golloped it down like old boots and his tongue hanging out of him a yard long for more.

Gob, Golloped

14. Looking for online definition of Gob or what Gob stands for? Gob is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary


15. What does Gob stand for? List of 82 Gob definitions


16. Top Gob abbreviation meanings updated March 2021


17. Gob·shite (gŏb′shīt′) n


18. [Perhaps ultimately from obsolete Gobshite, wad of expectorated chewing tobacco or tobacco juice : Gob + shite.] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Gobshite, Gob

19. Gob is a Canadian punk rock band from Langley, British Columbia, formed in 1993


20. Gob's most successful album is World According to Gob.


21. Gob (third-person singular simple present Gobs, present participle Gobbing, simple past and past participle Gobbed) To gather into a lump

Gob, Gobs, Gobbing, Gobbed, Gather

22. Gob: Government of Bangladesh: Gob: Grumpy Old Bastard: Gob: Going out of Business (also seen as GOOB) Gob: Government of Brazil: Gob: Group of Blocks: Gob: Grundsätze Ordnungsgemäßer Buchführung (German general accounting principles) Gob: Grup Balear d'Ornitologia i Defensa de la Naturalesa (Spanish: Balearic Group of Ornithology and

Gob, Government, Grumpy, Going, Goob, Group, Grunds, German, General, Grup

23. ‘The Gob of saliva and blood hit him straight in the face.’ ‘There is actually quite a bit of pressure within the sizing die and if there is a Gob of lube it will almost always end up making a dent in the shoulder.’


24. ORIGINAL Gob recipe from JOHNSTOWN, PA handed down rom my husband’s grandmother

Gob, Grandmother

25. What’s is Gob’s latest single called? Answer correctly you will win tickets to tonight’s show in Edmonton @starliteroom (at The Starlite Room) t5 years ago; Don’t be a Two-Faced Joker


26. Come down to the @starliteroom and see Gob tonight


27. #edmonton #edmontonoilers #batman #Gobtour2015 #starliteroom (at The Starlite Room)

28. Shut your Gob An imperative to be quiet or cease talking immediately


29. Shut your Gob, Bobby—no one asked for the opinion of a dork like you! A: "So, where do you think we can sell these stolen goods?" B: "Shut your Gob! Don't you have enough sense not to talk about that in public?" A: "Wow

Gob, Goods

30. Gob definition: A person's Gob is their mouth


31. The Gob Shop has been in business for over 50 years


32. We began in the 50’s selling government surplus merchandise – mainly army/navy related goods (Gob stood for Government over buys)

Government, Goods, Gob

33. El Portal Ciudadano del Gobierno de República Dominicana ( es la puerta nacional y ventanilla única de ingreso hacia la totalidad de los servicios en línea, la información, transacción e interacción con el Estado Dominicano.

Gobierno, Gob

34. Путешествия и рассказываю о спорте и не только!Подписывайтесь!По коммерческим предложениям


35. Gob Retail is located in Clawson, along the border between Oakland and Maccomb counties in the state of Michigan


36. Die Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung (Gob) sind teils geschriebene, teils ungeschriebene Regeln zur Buchführung und Bilanzierung, die sich vor allem aus Wissenschaft und Praxis, der Rechtsprechung sowie Empfehlungen von Wirtschaftsverbänden ergeben.Ihre Aufgabe ist es, Gläubiger und Unternehmenseigner vor unkorrekten Daten, Informationen und möglichen Verlusten …

Grunds, Gob, Geschriebene, Gl, Glichen

37. What does Gob mean? The definition of a Gob is a lump of something to a large quantity of something


38. (noun) An example of Gob is a small han


39. Loud-mouthed person who talks a lot, but nothing with any value - as in shite coming out of their Gob


40. Al igual que los dominios .edu, los .Gob están destinados al uso del Gobierno y están totalmente regulados para que así sea, es decir, no cualquier persona u organización puede obtener un …

Gob, Gobierno

41. Steven Gdula was born in Cambria Country, Pennsylvania, and raised on Gobs

Gdula, Gobs

42. His writing has appeared in Details, the Washington Post, Time Out, the Advocate, Cooking Light, and elsewhere, and he is the author of The Warmest Room in the House, an American social history of the kitchen.He is the proprietor of the Gobba Gobba Hey food cart in San Francisco, and he blogs at


43. Fatih "Gob b" Dayik (born July 10, 1987) is a German professional coach, manager and former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike player of Turkish descent

Gob, German, Global

44. Gob (2) Profile: Grinding noise rock band from Reno,NV

Gob, Grinding

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GOB [ɡäb]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gob mean?

gob. ( ɡɒb) n. 1. a lump or chunk, esp of a soft substance. 2. ( often plural) informal a great quantity or amount. 3. (Mining & Quarrying) mining. a. waste material such as clay, shale, etc. b. a worked-out area in a mine often packed with this.

What does often gobs mean?

2. often gobs Informal A large quantity: a gob of money; gobs of time. [Middle English gobbe, probably from Old French gobe, mouthful, from gober, to gulp, of Celtic origin .] n. Slang The mouth. [Perhaps from Scottish and Irish Gaelic.] n. Slang A sailor.

What does Gab mean in slang?

noun Slang. noun Slang. the mouth. gab 1. “After Gob, I felt like there were a lot of jobs that I took where people wanted me to emulate or copy that performance,” he says. For the record, the best three episodes deal with Gob, Tobias, and Buster, and it's not even close.

What does "gob smacked" mean?


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