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move, proceed, advance, progress, pass, walk, travel, journey, repair, remove,

"Go" in Example Sentences

1. How to use go in a sentence. Example sentences with the word go. go example sentences.
2. Wagner, New Zealand's go-to man, twice turned the game with quick wickets to wrest control away from India in a match that see-sawed throughout.: Audi's RS6 has long been the go-to choice if you needed a dementedly rapid big estate.: Whether I'm frying or baking, panko is my go-to bread crumb.: The Hooters Calendar has been a staple stocking-stuffer since 1986 and remains the go-to Christmas
3. How to use on the go in a sentence. Example sentences with the word on the go. on the go example sentences.
4. 2230774 go on. CK 1 2230771 go now. CK 1 433518 go away! CK 1 2757501 go away. mota 1 433491 go away. CK 1 2230769 go home. CK 1 2254627 go slow. _undertoad 1 1174876 I'll go.CK 1 773587 Don't go. marloncori 1 38590 go ahead! CM 1 38546 go ahead. CM 1 1954270 go on in. CK 1 3092548 I can go. learnaspossible 1 241077 Let's go!CK 1 1894538 Let's go.CK 1 2163138 May I go?
5. Use "go by" in a sentence Will you go by train? Will Rogers once noted that we can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb, and clap as they go by. I asked my wife if she wanted to go to the party, but she didn't seem very enthused about the idea, so I'll probably go by myself.
6. Use "go in for" in a sentence Brush your hair, and straighten your tie before you go in for the interview. Tuck in your shirt and straighten your tie before you go in for your interview. straightforward My brother doesn't go in for sports. I go in for tennis while my sister goes in for swimming. I am not one of those who go in for dieting.
7. go on in a sentence - Use "go on" in a sentence 1. Obviously we expect we will go on the international financial markets. 2. It is important that we go on working to rebuild Iraq. click for more sentences of go on
8. How to use get-go in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word get-go? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Running in confined tunnels as they do, subways had to be all-electric from the get-go. They said at the get-go that this piece of plastic was collected around the time when bodies washed up.
9. At one go in a sentence - Use "at one go" in a sentence 1. No one is going to need all that money at one go. 2. I received 7-8 shots at one go, and this will be repeated. click for more sentences of at one go
10. How to use the word go in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word go. Examples of go in a sentence *** He is invited to a lot of parties and he goes to every one. *** Lesley had agreed that Jim would go skiing in alternate years.
11. In a few minutes we will go. Very quietly he opened the door. If we want to emphasise an adverb of manner, we can put it in front of the main verb: He quietly opened the door. She had carefully put the glass on the shelf. Where adverbials go in a sentence 1. MultipleChoice_MTUwMTA= Where adverbials go in a sentence 2. GapFillTyping_MTUwMTE=
12. As such, I will go over the general rule for a and an and use each in multiple example sentences. When to Use A. The basic rule for using a in a sentence is. Use a before words, abbreviations, acronyms, or letters that begin with a consonant sound, regardless of their spelling. For example, A dog. A fish.
13. Go-to definition is - relied on and regularly turned to for expert knowledge, skill, or performance. How to use go-to in a sentence.
14. Say "go away from me." (not toward the speaker). For example, you can say: "You could go over there." or "I could go to their house. Should I go pick them up or will you?", when calling a friend about a visit to a third person's house. The direction is away from the speaker's location, so use the word "go."
15. Use the preposition 'to' when indicating that there is movement from one place to another. In other words, the preposition 'to' with verbs such as drive, walk, go, hike, fly, sail, etc. We're flying to San Francisco on Thursday for a meeting. We thought we should walk to the bakery for breakfast because it is such a beautiful day.
16. go over definition is - to make one's way. How to use go over in a sentence.
17. go and Goes ; both are used in Simple present tense. > With I / We / You / They / Plural Noun = go With He / She / It / Singular Noun = Goes Eg. * I go to school daily. * We go to bed early. * You go there everyweek. * They never go to the mall.
18. SQL Server Utilities Statements - go. 07/27/2017; 2 minutes to read +5; In this article. Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions) SQL Server provides commands that are not Transact-SQL statements, but are recognized by the sqlcmd and osql utilities and SQL Server Management Studio Code Editor. These commands can be used to facilitate the readability and execution of batches and scripts.
19. When to use "just" in a sentence? Just is most commonly used as an adverb together with the present perfect tense. In this context, just means ‘a short time ago’, and is positioned between the auxiliary verb (had/ have/has) and the past participle.
20. go ahead definition: If someone goes ahead with something, they begin to do it or make it, especially after | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
21. Use of “That” as a single word in a sentence. 2. Using “that” before or after a clause. 0. How could this that-clause come out in this sentence? 0. Can there be a sentence after comma + that? Can a rogue radio signal from the moon or near orbit realistically go unnoticed?
22. 17 Responses to “Definitely use “the” or “a”” Ronald on August 14, 2008 12:59 pm. This sound rare “I go to university.” , isn’t “I go to the university.” Jaguar on August 14, 2008 1:31 pm. Note that the choice between using ‘a’ and ‘an’ is not determined by the first letter of the following word, but rather the starting sound of the first syllable of the following
23. How do we use going to? going to for intention. We use going to when we have the intention to do something before we speak. We have already made a decision before speaking. Look at these examples: Jo has won the lottery. He says he's going to buy a Porsche.; We're not going to paint our bedroom tomorrow.; When are you going to go on holiday?; In these examples, we had an intention or plan
24. It depends on how the sentence goes. for example, if it is a shocking news, you use the exclamatory sentence. Where do prepositions go in a sentence? A preposition goes before the direct object in
25. Go, goes, going, went or gone. This is basic English; however, I often hear English learners using the wrong verbs when speaking. Take a moment to look at the context of each sentence before making your choice. 2 options are possible for question 7. 'Went' is ok, but which other word can we use?
26. But since it always means something that happened in the past, it should always use past tense. For example- I used to go to school in Paris. (I went to school there before, but now I don't.) Or, When Joshua was a child, he used to climb trees. (Now he doesn't climb trees.)
27. I can't go out tonight. Semicolons Create Variety. One reason you might choose to use a semicolon instead of a period is if you wanted to add variety to your sentence structure; for example, you might use a semicolon if you thought you had too many short, choppy sentences in a row.
28. 2. Use go for sports that end in –ing. skiing swimming climbing diving fishing running jogging skating / figure skating golfing* *Yes, you can play golf and go golfing.Golf is also a verb (see below).. I love to go jogging in the morning before I go to work.. My grandfather and I go fishing every time I visit him.. Every winter, my family and I go skiing in the Rockies.
29. Go-between definition: A go-between is a person who takes messages between people who are unable or unwilling to | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
30. More grammar comics from The Oatmeal. Thanks to Library Lady Jane for all her help in writing these grammar guides over the years. If you would like a regular serving of grammar-related awesomeness every day, go follow her on Twitter.
31. Typical associates Clauses. In non-functional linguistics, a simple complete sentence consists of a single clause. In functional linguistics, a sentence is typically associated with a clause and a clause can be either a clause simplex or a clause complex.A clause is a clause simplex if it represents a single process going on through time and it is a clause complex if it represents a logical
32. Translations of the phrase go BEYOND ALL from english to german and examples of the use of "go BEYOND ALL" in a sentence with their translations: Would go beyond all previous community commitments.
33. Come and go are directions. The two words indicate a specific action. I will come to town and go to the store." This is a compound sentence.
34. go yoga?' We use the verbs play, do and go with sports and activities. Here is the information you need to know to use them correctly: play. Play is used with ball sports or competitive games where we play against another person: 'How often do you play tennis?' - tennis is a ball sport.
35. Maverick (adj); an independent individual who does not go along with a group. Think you can top this example? Post a text or video comment below!

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