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1. Glossorrhaphy definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


2. Glossorrhaphy suture of a wound of the tongue


3. What does Glossorrhaphy mean? Suture of a wound of the tongue


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Glossorrhaphy, Google

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7. Glossorrhaphy suture of the tongue glo-s¯or ˘a-f¯e hemorrhoidectomy excision of hemorrhoids hem ¯o-roy-dek t˘o-m¯e hepatic lobectomy excision of a lobe of the liver he-pat ik l¯o-bek t˘o-m¯e herniorrhaphy repair of a hernia h˘er n¯e-¯or ˘a-f¯e hernioplasty h˘er n¯e-¯o-plas-t¯e ileostomy surgical creation of an opening on the abdomen to which the il-¯e-os t˘o-m¯e end of the

Glossorrhaphy, Glo

8. Glossorrhaphy suture of a wound of the tongue glossitis inflammation of the tongue glossolalia repetition of senseless remarks not related to the subject or situation aglossia congenital absence of the tongue macroglossia hypertrophied condition of the tongue

Glossorrhaphy, Glossitis, Glossolalia

9. Glossorrhaphy – glosso = tongue, rrhaphy = suturing 5

Glossorrhaphy, Glosso

10. Glossorrhaphy surgery to stitch the tongue Glucocorticoids drugs or natural substances made by the adrenal glands that have many effects on body metabolism, raise sugar level in the blood, and reduce inflammation Glucose type of sugar found in the blood Glucose tolerance test

Glossorrhaphy, Glucocorticoids, Glands, Glucose

11. Glossorrhaphy: suture of tongue: hemicolectomy: excision of half of colon: hemicolectomy: excision of half of colon: hepatitis: inflammation of liver: hepatoma: tumor of liver: hepatoma: tumor of the liver: hepatorrhaphy: suturing of the liver: herniorrhaphy: suturing a hernia: IBS: irritable bowel syndrome-disturbances of bowel function


12. Glossorrhaphy: suture of the tongue: hemicolectomy: excision of half of the colon: herniorrhaphy: suturing of a hernia for repair: ileostomy: creation of an artificial opening into the ileum - treatment for ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or cancer: laparotomy: incision into the abdomen: palatoplasty: surgical repair of the palate


13. Glossorrhaphy hematochezia hemicolectomy hemochromatosis hepat/o hepatoma hepatomegaly ileocecal ileostomy ileus jejunum laparoscope laparoscopy laparotomy liver mouth peritoneum proct/o proctology proctoscopy pyloric sphincter sial/o sialolith stomat/o upper GI series UPPP

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14. After resection of the edges of the wound the Glossorrhaphy was performed throughout the lacerated region, with dorsal and ventral sutures, using 3-0 mono nylon in a single separate pattern


15. Glossorrhaphy or linguorrhaphy is the medical term meaning suture of the tongue.


16. Glossorrhaphy Glossotomy Glossotrichia Glossy skin Glottis Glottis Glottitis Glucagon Glucagonoma Glucocorticoids Glucocorticosteroid Glucoglycinuria Gluconic acid Glucosamine sulfate Glucose Glucose-galactose malabsorption Glucosulfone sodium Glucurolactone Glue Glue NEC Glutamic acid Glutaral Glutaraldehyde Glutaric aciduria Glutathione

Glossorrhaphy, Glossotomy, Glossotrichia, Glossy, Glottis, Glottitis, Glucagon, Glucagonoma, Glucocorticoids, Glucocorticosteroid, Glucoglycinuria, Gluconic, Glucosamine, Glucose, Galactose, Glucosulfone, Glucurolactone, Glue, Glutamic, Glutaral, Glutaraldehyde, Glutaric, Glutathione

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