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1. Gloppier meaning Comparative form of gloppy: more gloppy.

Gloppier, Gloppy

2. Synonyms for Gloppier include syrupier, thicker, gluier, gooier, gummier, ickier, stickier, treaclier, clammier and gloopier

Gloppier, Gluier, Gooier, Gummier, Gloopier

3. Waiter, There's a Horse in My Wine: A Treasury of Entertainment, Exploration by Jennifer "Chotzi" Rosen (2005) "White Zin and coolers give way to the Gloppier California Chardonnays and then to drier whites

Give, Gloppier

4. It was considerably Gloppier than I wanted it, and this was a big concern because rather than spreading it onto a sheet cake I wanted to pipe it onto cupcakes


5. As we retraced our route we noticed how the slight warming had turned the snow mushier, Gloppier and heavier - plus lots of debris from trees had fallen since the morning


6. The slice is a little Gloppier than usual and a molten cheese-sauce hybrid spills over the sides


7. Words created with Gloppier, words starting with Gloppier, words start Gloppier


8. (The cooled caramel will be thicker and Gloppier and result in puffs that are hard to pluck off the croquembouche later on.) Photo by Chelsie Craig, Food Styling by Kate Buckens.


9. No blow-dried power ballad ever did it bigger, dumber, emptier, or Gloppier than “When I See You Smile,” a love letter to a girl who never forgets to …

Gloppier, Girl

10. Gloppy (comparative Gloppier, superlative gloppiest) gooey and viscou

Gloppy, Gloppier, Gloppiest, Gooey

11. This mascara started off not doing a whole lot and then it just got goopier and Gloppier until huge chunks of the mascara were coming out on the wand and I had to wipe the wand off before using it

Got, Goopier, Gloppier

12. Synonyms for Gloppier include syrupier, thicker, gluier, gooier, gummier, ickier, stickier, treaclier, clammier and gloopier

Gloppier, Gluier, Gooier, Gummier, Gloopier

13. Gloppier meaning Comparative form of gloppy: more gloppy

Gloppier, Gloppy

14. Fresher grain would have more inherent moisture and thus might produce a “Gloppier” result with the same amount of water

Grain, Gloppier

15. That test detergent kept getting thicker and Gloppier until after 10 days, it solidified! I threw the entire mess out — plastic jug and all

Getting, Gloppier

16. Adjective Gloppier, gloppiest informal North American

Gloppier, Gloppiest

17. This gel is a bit Gloppier than some other gels

Gel, Gloppier, Gels

18. I say go for the Gloppier dough

Go, Gloppier

19. Spider Web is designed to go down thicker and Gloppier, specifically to grip onto the fabric mass the fleece material has

Go, Gloppier, Grip

20. You are forced to use thicker, “Gloppier” brushstrokes


21. Admittedly, they can be a little Gloppier to apply and sometimes leave that telltale white cast on your skin


22. This batter will be thicker and Gloppier than the typical batter


23. Is the mustard Gloppier than you remembered it? Good, these are exactly the kinds of things you want to look for

Gloppier, Good

24. Black pepper beef and choi sum chow fun – This looks Gloppier than it actually was, as once mixed together, the gravy was just the right amount

Gloppier, Gravy

25. Meanwhile the pitcher needs a Gloppier mix for a more secure foothold


26. I wish I’d gotten it on the side, as it was Gloppier than I’d predicted and pooled at the bottom of the plate in a sticky puddle

Gotten, Gloppier

27. Mud season is an annual mucky rite of spring in northern New England, and this year it’s Gloppier than typical in some parts of the region, and it’s hanging around for longer than usual.


28. Texture-wise, they come out softer (some might say "Gloppier") than eggs without


29. And when the storm does head that way, it might be a different kind of snow than what we experienced here, which was a wetter, Gloppier type of snow


30. So what awaits us in Season 2? Well, higher stakes, Gloppier gross-outs, new heroes (er, villains, right?), and a few twists and turns to sweeten the pot

Gloppier, Gross

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