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Synonyms: 1. Icicle 2. Iceberg 3. Glaze 4. Verglas 5. Frost 6. Rime 7. Iceberg
1. glacer to freeze; to turn to ice (figuratively, transitive) to freeze; to ice (cover with icing) (reflexive, se glacer) to turn to ice (become ice) Conjugation . This verb is part of a group of -er verbs for which ‘c’ is softened to a ‘ç’ before the vowels ‘a’ and ‘o’.
2. English words for glacer include glaze, freeze, ice, chill and candy. Find more French words at !
3. Saupoudrer légèrement avec du cacao en poudre et glacer avec du glaçage neutre. Sprinkle lightly with cacao powder and glaze with neutral glazing. Tu ne devrais pas le glacer. You shouldn't have to frost it. Je m'apprêtais à utiliser mon tube pour glacer mes tartes. I was going to use my tube to frost my tarts.
4. French: ·ice· ·ice· cream glass mirror·first-person singular present indicative of glacer third-person singular present indicative of glacer first-person singular present subjunctive of glacer third-person singular present subjunctive of glacer second-person singular imperative of glacer
5. J'ai senti le sang se glacer dans mes veines.: I felt the blood freeze in my body.: J'ai senti mon sang se glacer.: I could feel the blood coursing through my veins.: Notre sang continue de se glacer à la pensée du terrible abîme dans lequel la Deuxième guerre mondiale a plongé les êtres humains.: Our blood still runs cold at the thought of the terrible abyss into which human beings were
6. Cacao Barry Pate a glacer Brune is a dark compound coating which requires no tempering for application. This rich compound confectionary chocolate compound leaves a semi-firm bite to candies, confections, and dipped fruits. Leaving a subtle, but vibrant sheen to finished products, this dark chocolate compound chocolate is an excellent finishing
7. Buy glacer Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Wooden Freestanding Storage Cabinet with Double Doors, Suitable for Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway, 23.5 x 14 x 34 inches (Brown): Storage Cabinets - A FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
8. The specifications chart for the glacer 240L provided by Cooler Master has what I like to see: full disclosure of the entire kit. Things start off with the RL-G24L-24PK-R1 model number of this
9. Pate a glacer Ivoire 11 Lbs Shipped All Year Round Wholesale and Online Direct. Toggle menu. Need help? Call us on (888)332-1672; Search
10. Pâte à glacer Blonde Application Decoration. Moulding. Enrobing. Certification Availabilities Packaging SKU code Shelf life; 5kg | bucket: M-9VSBR-E0-656: 18 months: Explore more Brillance Noire Pâte à glacer Ivoire Pâte à glacer Blonde Recipes with Pâte à glacer Brune
11. Paâte a glacer From extraordinary powdered mixes for outstanding finished pastry applications, PreGel now introduces three flavorful finishes for pastries. Our new ready-to-use Pâte à glacer are flavored coatings for a delicious array of baked treats including éclairs, macaron pops, quick breads, gâteaux de voyage, and more. The matte finish
12. Gla·cé (glä-sā′) adj. 1. Having a smooth, glazed or glossy surface, such as certain silks or leathers. 2. Coated with a sugar glaze; candied. tr.v. gla·céed, gla·cé·ing, gla·cés 1. To glaze. 2. To candy. [French, from past participle of glacer, to glaze, freeze, from Old French, to freeze, from Latin glaciāre; see glaciate.] American
13. Patrick, as the chefs here tell me, pate a glacer is a fine product for very large end use. Its mostly used in applications like glazes, ice creams, and bases (ie. for large amounts of spong cakes or sheet cake desserts, its good to have a bottom layer of pate a glacer for easy seperation and removal of slices.
14. glacer Hiker 9 is a piece of digital artwork by Chris Taggart which was uploaded on October 4th, 2017. The digital art may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. All products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide within 2 - 3 business days.

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