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See also: Gifted Guffed Giftedness Gaffed Giffen Giff Giffy Gifford

1. The millennial version of the word "posterized." Being Giffed refers to the process where a noteworthy dunk over someone else is then turned into a .gif and shared across the internet.

Giffed, Gif

2. Said of people who celebrate the end of the workweek with liquor.) He left the tavern pretty Giffed.


3. 319 Followers, 770 Following, 2,368 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sujira Gift Jiraphuwanit (@Giffed)

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4. Giffed will then perform the following actions: Giffed will then perform the following actions: A folder named “_thumbs” is created within the specified folder, and 200×200 non-animated thumbnails of each GIF are created and copied into it

Giffed, Gif

5. Our friends at TheShiznit have helpfully Giffed all three fence gags: Edgar Wright is a master of taking things I normally hate (zombies, videogame references, camp…) and …

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6. It showed up first on Usenet, then other Internet forums, and eventually joined the pantheon of The Giffed, cementing its place in our online lexicon


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11. By clicking HERE you will find 308 405 715 1072 1440 gifs of DANIELLE ROSE RUSSELL in legacies season 1 ( so far i’ve Giffed the first thirteen episodes and i’ll update these as more episodes air )!! they were all made by me from scratch, so please do not claim them as your own, repost them or add them to gif hunts

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12. Is back from see Luffly Uncle Stephen vet and he haffed Giffed me good check (speshully teefs) and he say that I is tiptop and there not nuffing to gif any trubble

Giffed, Good, Gif

13. I not efen need medicin or tabbylets and then I stand on waying fing and it say that I is perfick (because Mom haffed wurry that she Giffed me ikklebit bigmost taters but she get it

Giffed, Get

14. But I didn't name him, I just Giffed the twatter video made by Something Wicked


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GIFFED [ˈɡiftəd]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does gifted stand for?

1. Endowed with great natural ability, intelligence, or talent: a gifted child; a gifted pianist. 2. Revealing special talent: a gifted rendition of the aria. 3. Received as a gift: gifted assets; a gifted bracelet.

What does it truly mean to be gifted?

"The term 'gifted and talented,' when used with respect to students, children or youth, means students, children or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who need services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school ...

What does the name gifted mean?

Gifted means having exceptional talent or natural ability. Talented means having a natural aptitude or skill for something. Gifted learners have outstanding abilities in one or more academic subjects.

What does gifted mean anyway?

Gifted is a brain that doesn't think like the standard brain - that doesn't learn the same way, see things the same way, or act the same way. Gifted is different. That's highly important in an educational setting, because just like special needs, gifted needs a different way of learning than the mainstream classroom.

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