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  - an industrial city in northeastern Alabama; population 36,816 (est. 2008).


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1. 1. 1. Use gadden in a sentence, gadden meaning?, gadden definition, how to use gadden in a sentence, use gadden in a sentence with examples: 2. How to use retina in a sentence. Example sentences with the word retina. retina example sentences. (Gadden's atrophy). Atropine is universally and constantly used in ophthalmic practice in order to dilate the pupil for examination of the retina by the
2. Gadabout definition is - a person who flits about in social activity. How to use gadabout in a sentence. Did You Know? a person who flits about in social activity… See the full definition gadfly doesn’t have any clear etymological relation to gadabout, which traces back to the Middle English verb gadden, meaning "to wander without a
3. Gad definition: intransitive verb gad′ded, gad′ding to wander about in an idle or restless way, as in seeking amusementOrigin of gadLate Middle English gadden, to hurry, uncertain or unknown; perhaps back-formation from gadeling, com
4. The axons of the motor neurons are, inasmuch as they are nerve fibres in nerve trunks, easily accessible to artificial stimuli.; When, for instance, the axons of the ganglion cells of the retina are severed by section of the optic nerve, and thus their influence upon the nerve cells of the visual cerebral centres is set aside, the nerve cells of those centres undergo secondary atrophy (gadden

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