Use gadden in a sentence




gladdens (third person present) · gladdened (past tense) · gladdened (past participle) · gladdening (present participle)

  - make glad.


delight, please, exhilarate, elate, cheer, hearten, uplift, gratify, glad, sadden,

"Gadden" in Example Sentences

1. Gadabout definition is - a person who flits about in social activity. How to use gadabout in a sentence. Did You Know? a person who flits about in social activity… See the full definition gadfly doesn’t have any clear etymological relation to gadabout, which traces back to the Middle English verb gadden, meaning "to wander without a
2. Gad definition: intransitive verb gad′ded, gad′ding to wander about in an idle or restless way, as in seeking amusementOrigin of gadLate Middle English gadden, to hurry, uncertain or unknown; perhaps back-formation from gadeling, com
3. 1904-A gadden Gallup, NM 87301 John Pierce, Ed./Publ. Saddle-stapled zine 3 issues yr. 16 pp. The publication maintains an interesting array of poetry book & chapbook reviews. It is consistently well-written. Published for several years. Available through subscription. Highly recommended. Factsheet Five P.O. Box 170099 San Francisco, CA 94117
4. See Synonyms at wander. [Middle English gadden, to hurry.] gad′der n. gad 2 (găd) n. 1. A pointed tool, such as a spike or chisel, used for breaking rock or ore. 2. Archaic A goad, as for prodding cattle. tr.v 3. Text link: Gadding | definition of gadding by Medical dictionary. Domain:

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