Use fumigants in a sentence




  - a chemical that produces fumes used to disinfect or purify an area.


"Fumigants" in Example Sentences

1. fumigants in a sentence - Use "fumigants" in a sentence 1. The use of methyl iodide as a fumigant has drawn concern. 2. AlP is used as both a fumigant and an oral pesticide. click for more sentences of fumigants
2. 1. 1. 1. Fumigate in a sentence - Use "fumigate" in a sentence 1. The boat was fumigated, but some termites may have escaped. "fumifugium" in a sentence "fumigant" in a sentence "fumigant insecticide" in a sentence "fumigants" in a sentence "fumigated" in a sentence "fumigates" in a sentence "fumigating" in a sentence "fumigating grain" in a 2.
3. fumigants in a sentence: · Flammable materials such as fumigants are properly stored.; Almost half a century after Silent Spring, we now have an Environmental Protection Agency that is charged with protecting…
4. Fumigation in a sentence up(1) down(0) (31) This paper introduces two different fumigation processes and two kinds of fumigants popularly used nowadays in the world for bulk grain silos, and discusses some issues with airtightness of the silos.
5. Fumigant definition is - a substance used in fumigating. Recent Examples on the Web Herbicides and fumigants have taken a huge toll on soil bacteria and fungi, which has yielded less nutritious, flavorful food (and grapes) over time. — Lizzie Noonan, Bon Appétit, "How Natural Winemaker Martha Stoumen Turns Work Into Highly Drinkable Play," 6 Aug. 2019 The indictment says Rivera used
6. fumigants definition: Noun 1. plural form of fumigant Yes, I'd like to receive Word of the Day emails from YourD
7. Viscose in a sentence up(0) down(0) especially viscose yarn products purchase and use tax net cost lower than pure cotton product 4%. waxes, and sulfur, and in matches, fumigants, and pesticides. 50. Clothes made of viscose fibers are comfortable to wear. 51. The system improved the quality of pomace in viscose rayon production process. 52.
8. In this paper , we introduce the characteristics and the methods of use of the fumigants most in conservation use 本文主要介绍文物科学保护中薰蒸剂的特点和使用方法。 The tests showed that the plant volatile oils were the fumigants and had contact toxicity , the insects died rapidly
9. Definition of fumigants in the D dictionary. Meaning of fumigants. What does fumigants mean? Information and translations of fumigants in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
10. In a sentence, it means that Prairie Melody™ Premium Black Oil Sunflower birdseed growers apply no synthetic pesticides, no neonicotinoid seed treatments, and no synthetic fertilizer to the fields producing our birdseed. Most birdseed companies use fumigants to kill storage insects which can leave residue on the seeds. Prairie Melody
11. Carbonation technology (dissolving carbon dioxide in fumigants and use carbon dioxide as propellant to increase fumigant dispersion) has been demonstrated to improve fumigant movement in annual crops and coarse textured soil, but not in perennial crops or in sandy loam soils.
12. With the soil fumigants, a sentence in the Entry Restrictions section of the Agricultural Use Requirements block reads: “Post the fumigant warning sign instead of the WPS sign [Figure 1] for this application, but follow all WPS requirements pertaining to location, legibility, size, and timing and removal of posting.”
13. Use of disinfectants, fumigants, etc. may release hazardous gases. In hospitals, pathogens present in waste remain in the air in the form of spores. This can result in hospital acquired infections and is an occupational health hazard.
14. The invention relates to a method and to a device for detecting fumigants in air samples. The devices can for example be configured as a portable analyzer (10) that has a sound (11) for taking air samples from the soil. Detection means (16) generate electrical signals upon contact with the air sample, said signals being generated in accordance with the concentration of the fumigants to be
15. You will study the use of fumigants for soil fumigation, or to control pests of stored products in buildings, grain bins and elevators, rail cars, trucks and containers. Examine the roles of the various parts of speech and learn how each functions in a sentence. Consider word choice to eliminate wordiness. Understand that punctuation is an

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