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1. The Frontalis muscle is a muscle located at the forehead of the skull. In this lesson, learn about the origin, action, and nerve of the Frontalis muscle.

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2. Medical definition of Frontalis: the muscle of the forehead that forms part of the occipitoFrontalis —called also Frontalis muscle.

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3. The Frontalis muscle inserts more effectively and consistently into the medial brow than into the lateral brow. When most people raise their eyebrows, the …


4. The Frontalis Muscle (Insertion, Origin, Actions & Innervations); explained beautifully in an illustrated and interactive way


5. General Discussion Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna is characterized by the thickening of the frontal bone of the skull. It is not clear that this disorder is actually rare

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6. OccipitoFrontalis muscle (Musculus occipitoFrontalis) OccipitoFrontalis is a long and wide muscle of the scalp, spanning from the eyebrows to the superior nuchal lines of occipital bones.Together with temporoparietalis, it comprises the epicranial group of the muscles of facial expression.

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7. OccipitoFrontalis consists of frontal and occipital bellies, each containing a pair of quadrangular


8. The Frontalis is one of the muscles in the skull. It plays an important role in facial animation, allowing people to alter facial expressions to express emotion, and it is also involved in muscle movements designed to protect the eyes and assist with various visual …

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9. The Frontalis muscle is a thin, wide, four-sided muscle located at the top front of the skull (in the area of the forehead)

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10. Frontalis suspension techniques are reserved for patients with profound ptosis and poor eyelid opening/levator excursion

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11. What Is Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna? Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna is an inherited pathological condition which is characterized by thickening of the frontal bone of the skull

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12. The Frontalis extends from the eyebrow to the hairline

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13. Some texts consider the Frontalis muscle to be part of a larger muscle, the epicranius or occipitoFrontalis


14. The occipitoFrontalis covers the whole top of the head, including the whole scalp and brow

15. Frontalis definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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16. Frontalis slings are one surgical approach to the repair of a droopy eyelid or ptosis (TOE-sis)


17. Frontalis Active contraction of the Frontalis is then sometimes seen, and the patient may resort to lifting the lids with his fingers

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18. You may not think much about your Frontalis muscle, but you probably use it every day to evoke expression


19. Frontalis (plural frontales) ( anatomy ) A muscle of the forehead , sometimes considered to be part of the occipitoFrontalis muscle

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20. The Frontalis and occipitalis can be classified as a single muscle, the occipitoFrontalis


21. The anterior portion of the Frontalis blends with the skin above the eyebrow and with the fibers of the orbicularis oculi

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22. Seizures and headaches that may be associated with hyperostosis Frontalis interna (HFI) are typically treated with standard medications


23. Frontalis suspension is a common surgical method used by medical professionals to correct drooping of the upper eyelid due to poor function of …

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24. The Frontalis muscle is continous with that Galeal Aponeurotica so sits above the loose connective tissue


25. In humans, the Frontalis muscle only serves for facial expressions

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26. Origin : The origin of the Frontalis muscle is the galea aponeurotica, which is a fibrous layer that covers the top of the cranium and extends from the forehead to the back base of the skull

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27. The Frontalis muscle is a thin, wide, four-sided muscle located at the top front of the skull

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28. The Frontalis muscle only serves for facial expressions

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29. The Frontalis muscle is on the front of the head, and while it may seem to behave as an independent muscle, it is actually part of a larger structure referred to as the occipitoFrontalis muscle or epicranius

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30. Hyperostosis Frontalis interna can, in some cases, be part of a more complex syndrome


31. Called Morgani syndrome, this condition is an endocrine pathology where the hyperostosis Frontalis interna occurs in conjunction with diabetes and hyperparathyroidism


32. Background: Botulinum neurotoxin type A (BoNTA) is approved for the treatment of glabellar lines and also is commonly injected in an off-label fashion in the Frontalis (i.e., Frontalis epicranius) muscle to improve the appearance of horizontal forehead lines

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33. This study aimed to review and discuss both the anatomy and physiology of the Frontalis muscle and its relationship with antagonist


34. Frontalis muscle fibers can extend laterally, and if not treated adequately, a quizzical appearance can develop unilaterally or bilaterally (Fig

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35. Frontalis males are approximatey 1/2 inch (13mm) in length, and females are thought to be similar in stature Information on females is limited because they are difficult to find

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36. Frontalis females is female firefly scarcity

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37. Synonyms for Frontalis in Free Thesaurus

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38. Congenital ptosis with poor levator function is most often repaired with a Frontalis suspension procedure

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39. Frontalis muscle flap advancement for correction of severe ptosis under general anesthesia: modified surgical design with 162 cases in China.

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40. Hyperostosis Frontalis interna and frontal bone thickness among various age groups - differences between males and females

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41. OBJECTIVE: To describe the clinical and radiological findings in a patient with hyperostosis Frontalis interna (HFI) BACKGROUND: HFI is characterized by presence of multiple nodules along the inner lamina of the frontal bones

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42. Frontalis muscle stock illustrations


43. Face and neck muscles Face and neck muscles detailed anatomy beautiful light grey design and written the name of muscle Frontalis muscle stock illustrations

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44. Frontalis, also referred to as the epicranius, is a muscle of the forehead which adheres to the superficial fascia.

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45. Atelerix Frontalis, one of four African species of hedgehogs, occurs in two geographically separated populations within Africa.One population occurs in western Zimbabwe and eastern Botswana to the Cape Province in South Africa

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46. What does Frontalis mean? A muscle of the head, sometimes considered to be part of the occipitoFrontalis muscle


47. Frontalis PMA02 was obtained from the culture collection of the Department of Agricultural Science, Korea National Open University and cultivated in a modified Lowe's medium containing a mixture of 2% glucose, cellobiose, and starch (2:1:1) as carbohydrate sources (Kwon et al., 2009).

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48. The Frontalis suspension procedure involves the attachment of the upper eyelid to the Frontalis muscle by a sling in a pentagonal fashion

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49. Synonym(s): apertura sinus Frontalis [TA], frontal sinus aperture

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50. Frontalis Clinic, Portishead, North Somerset


51. Frontalis aims to provide non-surgical enhanced aesthetic solutions for people wishing to improve their appearance and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does frontalis mean?

medical Definition of frontalis. : the muscle of the forehead that forms part of the occipitofrontalis — called also frontalis muscle.

What does frontalis muscle mean?

[edit on Wikidata] The frontalis muscle (from Latin, meaning 'frontal muscle') is muscle which covers parts of forehead of the skull. Some sources consider the frontalis muscle to be a distinct muscle.

What is the plural of frontalis?

The noun frontalis is uncountable. The plural form of frontalis is also frontalis.

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