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1. Examples of Froglet in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Depending on the need and location, the future offspring of the six frogs currently at the center could be released into the wild at a variety of life stages: egg mass, tadpole, Froglet

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2. Young Frog, or Froglet By 12 weeks, the tadpole has only a teeny tail stub and looks like a miniature version of the adult frog

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3. Froglet (plural Froglets) A frog that skips the tadpole stage and emerges as a fully developed frog

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4. Froglet definitions A frog that skips the tadpole stage and emerges as a fully developed frog.

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5. Froglet World Event: Children's Week The skin of a teal frog sometimes shimmers just right in the sunlight, providing excellent camouflage when on the surface …

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6. Froglet is a wonderful book for little children

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7. Definition of Froglet in the dictionary


8. Information and translations of Froglet in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


9. The desert Froglet (Crinia deserticola) is a species of frog in the family Myobatrachidae, endemic to Australia

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10. A Froglet is a young frog that hasn't reached full maturity

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11. Apart from a distinct difference of size, the major difference between the frog and the Froglet is that Froglets still have a tail

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12. Another of Yang's ingenious ideas was the " Froglet apartment," where the half-water, half-land environment allows baby frogs to adapt to their post-metamorphosis lives more easily

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13. Froglet is a World of Warcraft companion


14. /way 64.0 70.6 Gulp Froglet /way 45.6 72.9 Dandelion Frolicker /way 41.1 81.2 Gu'chi Swarmling /way 31.0 68.0 Death Adder Hatchling /way 28.7 75.4 Spineclaw Crab Please let me know if the information I provided was inaccurate or if there is anything you feel should …

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15. Number of Froglets produced per breeder and median date of metamorphosis are the primary output metrics, but many secondary metrics are useful in evaluating results.


16. Froglet swimming in pond - Froglet stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Week old Common Frog juvenile, the Netherlands

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17. Common frog Froglet with limbs well developed but tail not started to be reabsorbed leaves the water.

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18. Translation for 'Froglet' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations.

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19. Several genera, including Crinia of Australia (family Myobatrachidae), and Philautus of Malaysia (family Rhacophoridae) ‘Among other creatures, the lake vicinity is home to an endangered species, the Wallum Froglet, and a breeding ground for the endangered Loggerhead turtle.’

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20. The Lunkerhunt Froglet might just be the last frog you ever buy! Designed to cast further and walk easier than any other frog on the market, the Froglet features a unique body shape combined with a weedless, super-soft design that makes it perfect for fishing the nastiest cover you can find! The Froglet is designed to work with both fast and

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21. Caring for Tadpoles From Egg to Froglet

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22. Tiny Froglet Stock Photography by hraska 1 / 114 The Brazilian horned Froglet sitting on hand Stock Photos by Farinosa 0 / 0 The Brazilian horned Froglet sitting on hand Stock Photographs by Farinosa 0 / 0 The Brazilian horned Froglet sitting on hand Pictures by Farinosa 0 / 0 The Brazilian horned Froglet sitting on hand Stock Photo by Farinosa 0 / 0 The Brazilian horned Froglet sitting on

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23. The Common Eastern Froglet is found in eastern Australia

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24. This kit provides everything you need to watch a tadpole grow into a baby Froglet



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 · Topwater mayhem begins with the Lunkerhunt™ Froglet, an advanced hollow-bodied walking frog that casts long and is easy to work effectively

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26. If you're currently trying to spot the Froglet, please don't post below, but feel free to hunt for it in any of the Gardens listed! Your Garden is currently private, so you can't post here

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27. Find Froglet stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection

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28. Sold under the brand “Le Froglet,” the individual 187ml glasses cost £2.25 ($3.33) for a Shiraz, Rose and Chardonnay, which, apparently, come from the Languedoc.

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29. Le Froglet Shiraz, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2009 … Which is dark


30. Froglet definition: a small or immature frog Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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31. Other articles where Froglet is discussed: frog: …and the young hatch as Froglets, rather than tadpoles.

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32. The Lunkerhunt Froglet casts far and walks easy

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33. Simply change your cadence to go from a slow glide to a noisy 180 degree swing that throws water, but hangs in the strike zone! The Lunkerhunt Froglet features: a weedless design, super soft hollow body …

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34. Le Petit Froglet Sauvignon Blanc


35. Le Froglet Rose Languedoc-Roussillon, France

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36. The Gulp Froglet is a super rare Aquatic battle pet in WoW


37. So I'm thinking of setting up a 5G or 10G for a Froglet tank and using it as a plant growout/microfauna farm til the time

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38. The H/B gulp Froglet can't kill presto in time


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FROGLET [ˌfrôɡlət]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does froglet mean?

Definition of froglet : a young frog specifically : one that has recently metamorphosed from a tadpole Examples of froglet in a Sentence

What is a fully developed Frog?

A frog that skips the tadpole stage and emerges as a fully developed frog. English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license. "Froglet." YourDictionary. LoveToKnow. Froglet. (n.d.). In YourDictionary. Retrieved from

What does the name Frog mean?

A frog that skips the tadpole stage and emerges as a fully developed frog. ( ethnic slur) A little or insignificant French person.

What is the family of a frog?

There are over a dozen families of frogs; the term "true frog" is often applied to members of the family Ranidae. The cosmopolitan genus Rana belongs to this family and includes many of the commonest frogs of North America, such as the bullfrog, R. catesbeiana, and the leopard frog, R. pipiens.

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