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Synonyms: 1. Trim 2. Hem 3. Edge 4. Border 5. Rim 6. Bind 7. Braid 8. Tassel 9. Decorate 10. Adorn 11. Ornament 12. Embellish 13. Finish 14. Purfle 15. Border 16. Edge 17. Bound 18. Skirt 19. Line 20. Hem ...21. Flank 22. Verge 23. Surround 24. Enclose 25. Encircle 26. Circle 27. Encompass 28. Ring 29. Circumscribe 30. Gird 31. Girdle 32. Engird 33. Compass 34. Environ 35. Legal See more »
1. Use up to two "?" wildcard characters to represent blank tiles or any letter. Don't show this again. FRINGING is a playable word ` fringing. noun. pl. fringings. an ornamental border of loose short strips. See the full definition of fringing at
2. Noun fringing (countable and uncountable, plural fringings) A fringe or border. The appearance of false colours in an image as the result of poor registration of component monochrome images.
3. fringings There are 6 products. Sort by. Available Fringing 2" - Black. 1* Fringing 2" - Black. Sold by the metre. 1* Fringing 2" - Black. Sold by the metre. 1* Fringing 2" - Black. Sold by the metre. £0.80 (Inc. VAT £0.96) Select to compare. Add to cart View
4. These long chaps in brown suede with side fringings and adjustable back belt are very soft. The inserts are in suede of the same color. Practical to use for horseback riding and stable work. Article A-CH052-MA
5. > Lace & Edgings > fringings > Fringing 6" - Black Fringing 6" - Black. Share on Facebook; Send to a friend *: *: * Remove this product from my favorite's list. Add this product to my list of favorites. Print; Fringing 6" - Black. 1 * Fringing 6" - Black. Sold by the metre. 1000 Items in
6. To do this, use either ready-made structured wallpaper, or create an illustration on ordinary wallpaper, and then attach it to the wall. Interior Ideas. Painting the walls in the interior is always an original decision, They can be of any format: from small fringings and details, to large relief the size of a wall.
7. At an end of the machine, and at possible radial ventilating ducts, the effects of field fringings that may occur have to be taken into account. The magnetic voltage of a tooth is calculated at a peak of the air‐gap fundamental flux density. The flux penetrating the air gap and the teeth section is divided into two equal parts at the stator
8. We also explore the impact of inner and outer spacer fringings in NCFETs. We find that the ferroelectric voltage gain in NCFETs with spacers increases with the channel length scaling, which provides a further improvement in the ON current contrary to those without spacers. Moreover, increase in the spacer permittivity also boosts both the ON
9. But i was scared to see extensive colour fringings in the blue sky scenes of the fourth "Shrek" movie (played on BluRay) although "BrilliantColor" was set to 0. Only the decrease of contrast to a very low value (app. 30-40) could limit the color fringings, but they couldn´t be avoided completely.
10. Assuming that saturation is neglected and the fringings are elliptical, a reluctance model for fringing flux is derived that depends on displacement, material properties, and one tuning parameter
11. Use. Pattern. Type. Home fringe jute fringe. 1719 products found for jute fringe. 1/6. fringe and trim solid fringe house fringe 2015 new fashion tassel fringe trims fringing tassel sofa cushion trimmings and fringings china polyester fringe china valances fringe china wedding fringe china garment fringe china fringes and trims china

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