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1. Definition of Frettingly : in the manner of one that frets hung around the house Frettingly occupying himself with trivialities Love words?

Frettingly, Frets

2. What does Frettingly mean? With fretting behaviour

Frettingly, Fretting

3. Frettingly (comparative more Frettingly, superlative most Frettingly) With fretting behaviour.

Frettingly, Fretting

4. Frettingly (comparative more Frettingly, superlative most Frettingly) With fretting behaviour

Frettingly, Fretting

5. 1866, Margaret Junkin Preston, Beechenbrook: a rhyme of the war, page 18: Like a mettled young war-horse that tosses his mane, / And Frettingly champs at the bit and the rein.


6. Inching Along…Frettingly November 7, 2019 • 24 Comments The Cross House has received two Heritage Trust Fund grants which have allowed work on the exterior which I …

Frettingly, Fund

7. I Frettingly checked my emails and saw a couple that I should probably answer


8. Since then man and woman of this somewhat wondrous or weird sun-kissed planet have impulsively impatiently irrationally Frettingly desperately ever tried to re-unite, to definitely sublimely glue unto each other, the one sometimes perhaps and irrationally more than the other, but they could not.


9. Frettingly tell your partner robberies always happen the one time one doesn't lock ask your partner repeatedly why he/she had to forget, yet again, but then let it be go back home to make sure and lock

Frettingly, Forget

10. Frettingly (English) Origin & history fretting + -ly Adverb frettings (English) Pronunciation IPA: /ˈfɹɛtɪŋz/ Noun frettino (Italian) Verb frettino Inflection of frettare

Frettingly, Fretting, Frettings, Frettino, Frettare

11. The word Frettingly is playable in Words With Friends™, no blanks required

Frettingly, Friends

12. Words With Friends™ Letter Score: 19 Highest Scoring Words With Friends™ Play In The Letters Frettingly:

Friends, Frettingly

13. This Frettingly includes the real time content of everything they’ve purchased and where they purchased it from, the entirety of their online activities, who’ve they’ve been in communication with and for how long, the pick-up and drop-off points of the taxi’s they’re using in …

Frettingly, From, For

14. Meanwhile, while discussing the cargo, Tendi Frettingly admits that she never passed her spacewalking class at the Academy


15. There is no contradiction, however, between the two representations; both might be coincidently employed, and no doubt were, when the Nazarenes were freely and Frettingly canvassing the merits of their wonderful townsman

Freely, Frettingly

16. "It's like being thrown to the wolves," Oprah said Frettingly while getting seated onstage for a Q&A session about her new OWN cable network

Frettingly, For

17. "Why ever did you risk the weather? Come! Come inside before you freeze solid!Oh, Bifur, it's one thing for Lithir on top of the snow-drifts, but you had to wade through them! You're entirely encrusted in snow, and wet to boot," Billa said Frettingly as she herded them indoors

Freeze, For, Frettingly

18. This is a Frettingly common symptom of a whole host of things from serious illness to a simple lack of sleep

Frettingly, From

19. Silvan hovered Frettingly over the collapsed blood elf, his silver glow blinking like a warning lantern


20. Miss Bishop is not one of these Frettingly intensive machines


21. I know no king but my dark-eyed dear That shall ride the Dream-Horse white; But see! he wakes at my bosom here, While the Dream-Horse Frettingly lingers near To speed with my babe to-night! And out of the desert darkness peers A ghostly, ghastly, shadowy thing Like a spirit come out of the mouldering years, And ever that waiting spectre hears


22. Beetmister umiaks vaginipennate Frettingly rotular irrepleviable


23. The Frettingly propitiatory director assures that they are just such a 'together'” team and that the show they are creating is “a play and also 'a house of togetherness'.


24. The mask it wears slips from time to time to the few observant, however, the vast majority Frettingly will not

From, Few, Frettingly

25. He kicked the main door open, surprised and Frettingly worried that no one has yet come to stop him


26. In the last few days I’ve gotten various emails from critics (gleefully) and supporters (Frettingly) of Kerry either wondering or simply asserting that Kerry brought this on himself by

Few, From, Frettingly

27. There is no contradiction, however, between the two representations; both might be coincidently employed, and no doubt were, when the Nazarenes were freely and Frettingly canvassing the merits of their wonderful townsman

Freely, Frettingly

28. The old woman Frettingly called out: "Brigida, run after her


29. Link catches and rights her, as the nurse fawns other them Frettingly

Fawns, Frettingly

30. Lear was far closer to Tennyson’s affable wife, Emily, to whom he confided “that I enjoy hardly any one thing on earth while it is present: - always looking back, or Frettingly into the dim

Far, Frettingly

31. Bemused brow furrowed in concentration as he peers Frettingly into the beyond, our hapless agent is shuffled by the caprices of fate through a series of vignettes in which he stumbles into the daily lives of a host of unrelated characters, from a suicidal salaryman to a terminally depressed single mother.

Furrowed, Frettingly, Fate, From

32. It's hard to get emotionally invested in a book where the main character is a peripheral character hovering Frettingly on the edges of the main story's action.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of fretting?

verb (used without object), fret·ted, fret·ting. to feel or express worry, annoyance, discontent, or the like: Fretting about the lost ring isn't going to help. to cause corrosion; gnaw into something: acids that fret at the strongest metals.

What does frets mean?

A fret is a raised element on the neck of a stringed instrument. Frets usually extend across the full width of the neck. On most modern western fretted instruments, frets are metal strips inserted into the fingerboard. On some historical instruments and non-European instruments, frets are made of pieces of string tied around the neck.

What does fret means?

Definition of fret (Entry 4 of 6) 1 : an ornamental network especially : a medieval metallic or jeweled net for a woman's headdress. 2 : an ornament or ornamental work often in relief consisting of small straight bars intersecting one another in right or oblique angles.

What does fret out mean?

Fretting out Is when you fret a note and it won't even play at all because its laying on the next higher fret or frets. What you describe is a note that doesn't ring very long before its demise. That's a dead spot. Usually happens on the G somewhere in about the fifth to seventh fret...

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