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1. Frets.COM Acoustic guitar instrument care, repair for players, luthiers

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2. Join the new online community: Frets.NET


3. Frets.COM is sponsored in part by: Frank Ford, Gryphon Stringed Instruments

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4. Frets divide a fretboard into easy to see semitone intervals that tell us where the notes are

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5. Frets are strips of metal—generally, an alloy of nickel and brass—embedded along a guitar's fretboard, which makes up most of the guitar's neck

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6. Frets are cut from fret wire, which is manufactured in lengthy rolls and is usually made of nickel silver, an alloy that doesn’t actually contain any silver. Anatomically, Frets consist of a rounded “crown” (or “bead”) atop a thinner “tang” with barbs on either side as seen in cross-section.

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7. The Crossword Solver found 87 answers to the Frets crossword clue

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8. The Violin and Viola Fretters have 24 "RAISED" Frets

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9. The Cello Fretter has 12 "RAISED" Frets enabling the player to achieve perfect intonation and play in TUNE.

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10. Frets - Guitar Stores - 43 High St, Westerly, RI - Phone Number.


11. If the “Email Me” link above is not working for you, please open your email program and copy and paste: Fretsonthenet AT msn

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12. 41 synonyms of Frets from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 68 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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13. Frets: a state of nervous or irritated concern.


14. Sometimes simply replacing several Frets, rather than all of them, gets the job done


15. This is usually preferable for a neck that only has wear on the first six or seven Frets and has a level fretboard

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16. If the fretboard is in good condition and the rest of the Frets are …

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17. I have 6 guitars with SS Frets ( 2 EVH Wolfgangs, 2 Ernie Ball Stingrays, Ibanez AZ Prestige and Premium) …RE string life…IMO the rougher the fret’s finish, the shorter your string life will be coz not all SS Frets are created the same, My Wolfgangs have the smoothest finish and strings would last just about as long ( or longer) as any nickels that I have.

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18. Original Fender factory Frets on my 2009 AM STD Strat lasted way longer

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19. Not sure if Fender gets their Frets from Dunlop, but this size matches the 6155 which is rated as a “soft” fret

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20. Good, old-fashioned brass was—and still is—used for Frets

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21. Many vintage instruments will come with brass Frets and, even today makers like Warwick sometimes use brass Frets in their instruments


22. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and, as you’d expect, these Frets


23. Smooth the Frets with sandpaper


24. Once all the Frets are crowned, use progressively finer-grit sandpaper to sand down the Frets and remove any scratches or nicks that occurred when you were leveling and crowning them

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25. Start with 320-grit sandpaper, and sand the Frets gently


26. ‘In winter, sea Frets spread like smoke across the bare soil, the few trees drip with damp, and the occasional farmworker on a bike is the only movement in the ancient, narrow lanes.’ ‘The sun had now more-or-less burned away the remains of the sea fret, and it was a very pleasant, not uncomfortably warm afternoon.’

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27. Dirtier Frets might need two passes over


28. Continue the procedure on all remaining guitar Frets


29. Depending on your guitar, you might have 22 or 24 Frets


30. From local to regional and national names, Frets gets them all

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31. The Frets on a guitar are the metal strips that are positioned along the fretboard (the arm of the guitar)

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32. From there, you continue counting the Frets from the first fret to through to the remaining number of guitar Frets

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33. These ‘Frets’ make it easier for performers to know where to place their fingers when they want to produce certain notes or chords

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34. Certainly, for people beginning to learn the guitar or bass guitar, they seem to find the positioning and presence of Frets to their advantage.When a greater technical fluency is achieved then I imagine the need for Frets becomes less important.

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35. This item: Fender Standard Guitar Frets $10.98

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36. These generally wear slower than skinny Frets.


37. In general low Frets are considered better for chords and rythm playing, while tall Frets make string bends and lead techniques easier

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38. He Frets that Wal-Mart's promise to cap the premium for organic foods at 10 percent above the price of conventional foods "virtually guarantees that Wal-Mart's version of cheap, industrialized organic food will not be sustainable in any meaningful sense of the word." Wal-Mart, he worries, will drive down prices and standards worldwide.

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39. Frets on Fire is a basic but fun music game that's similar to Guitar Hero

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40. “Multiscale/Fanned Frets have better intonation” There is a lot of misunderstanding on this one

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41. It's kind of hard to search guitars with steel Frets, since that's not really a filter option on store sites

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42. The fact that the Frets are flat on top isn''t good either

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43. Assuming the Frets are .050" - .100" wide, having them flat on top could alter the string length by .025" - .050", which is enough to throw off your intonation.

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44. Download Frets on Fire for free

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45. Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers

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46. Frets on Fire (FoF) is a free, open-source music video game created by Finnish independent video game developer Unreal Voodoo.Players use the keyboard to play along with markers which appear on screen, with the aim to score points, achieve a high point multiplier, and complete a song

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47. Frets on Fire was the winner of the Assembly 2006 game development competition.

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48. This is the fastest and easiest way that I've come up with for crowning and polishing your Frets (aka dressing your Frets)

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49. Synonyms for Frets in Free Thesaurus

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50. Biden administration Frets J&J may miss vaccine goal


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fret mean in musical terms?

A fret is a raised element on the neck of a stringed instrument. Frets usually extend across the full width of the neck. On most modern western fretted instruments, frets are metal strips inserted into the fingerboard. On some historical instruments and non-European instruments, frets are made of pieces of string tied around the neck. Frets divide the neck into fixed segments at intervals related to a musical framework. On instruments such as guitars, each fret represents one semitone in the sta

What does the name fret mean?

Fret definition, to feel or express worry, annoyance, discontent, or the like: Fretting about the lost ring isn't going to help. See more.

What is the meaning of fret?

noun (2) Definition of fret (Entry 4 of 6) 1 : an ornamental network especially : a medieval metallic or jeweled net for a woman's headdress. 2 : an ornament or ornamental work often in relief consisting of small straight bars intersecting one another in right or oblique angles.

What does fret not mean?

Fret Not Thyself. To fret means to chafe, be irritated, be uneasy, be troubled and bothered. It is just the opposite of peaceful, trustful rest. Jesus has promised us rest to our souls, and we may have this rest. We cannot have it, however, if we give place to worrying and fretting.

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