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1. From Mercer County’s website: “The title ‘Freeholder’ is derived from an Old English term used to refer to a person who owned an estate of land, free of debt.

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2. Freeholder may refer to: one who is in freehold (law) one who holds title to real property in fee simple County Commissioner, an official of county government in the U.S

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3. State of New Jersey that was formerly referred to as a Freeholder.

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4. Freeholder is an old English term, predating the American Revolution, to describe a person who owns land free of debt. No other state uses the term "Freeholder" to …

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5. Home Cornwall Standard-Freeholder


6. Phil Murphy on Friday signed a bill to end the use of Freeholder as a title for county leaders

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7. Under the new measure, all current Freeholder positions will be retitled as “county


8. Cornwall Standard Freeholder - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones.

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9. The code, adopted April 3, 1987, reorganized Bergen County's 304 year-old Freeholder form of government and established the eight county departments that we use today

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10. Cornwall Standard Freeholder - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones.

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11. The term "Freeholder" as originally used in "Board of Chosen Freeholders" originally referred to individuals who owned land (as opposed to leasing it) in an amount set by law, and was derived from the term freehold.

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12. The office of Freeholder is unique to New Jersey, a title for politicians elected to one of the state’s 21 county legislative boards. It dates back to New Jersey’s original Constitution of 1776,

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13. Legal definition of Freeholder: the owner of a freehold estate.

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14. Murphy signs bill ending use of 'Freeholder' for county officials Murphy called it 'a title that is an outgrowth of a time when people of color and women were excluded from public office.'

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15. Someone who owns the freehold on a building or piece of land: Buildings insurance on flats is usually paid for by the Freeholder and then charged to leaseholders as part of the annual service charge

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16.Freeholder, from a design perspective, is uniquely suited to the Early Access format in terms of guiding development

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17. A Freeholder is the owner of a land or estate, either for life or with inheritance rights

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18. Freeholder boards are granted broad powers by the state Legislature to regulate county property, finances and affairs, including preparing and adopting the …

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19. Freeholder: a person in possession of a FREEHOLD building or estate in land.

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20. Nash's brochures explain, Freeholders are the equivalent of county commissioners or county supervisors in other states.


21. Bender Chapman accused the Freeholder board of saying development is a municipal issue, something Ciesla suggested she may have misinterpreted in the county’s approach, but the Democrat pushed back.


22. Freeholder owns lands, having an estate of inheritance or an estate for life, not merely a contingent or an expectant estate

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23. The following is an example of a case law on Freeholder: Freeholder is one who has title to the property and not simply a contingent or expectant estate or right of occupancy or privilege with power to prevent alienation.

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24. The Freeholder is usually responsible for the repair and maintenance of the exterior and common parts of the building

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25. At the end of the lease, the flat ownership reverts to the Freeholder

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26. A Freeholder is also commonly referred to as the landlord


27. Freeholder Gill chairs the Democratic Committee of Montclair where he previously served on the Planning Board and currently operates his own public affairs and political consulting firm, The BGill Group, LLC

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28. “Amid a national reckoning to reexamine vestiges rooted in structural racism, this action will eliminate the use of the term ‘Freeholder’ in county government— a title that is an outgrowth


29. Freeholder definition: A Freeholder is someone who owns the freehold to a particular piece of land

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30. Find 31 ways to say Freeholder, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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31. During the year as Freeholder Director the board opposed the Governor’s Sanctuary State Initiative and after being challenged by the Atty


32. “The name ‘Freeholder’ in New Jersey is well past its expiration date


33. If the Freeholder manages the property himself, his name and address should be on every service charge demand he may send to demand the charges


34. Finally you can contact the Land Registry to find out who the registered Freeholder is and if necessary obtain a copy of the freehold title register.

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35. Opponents of the Freeholder title point to its historic origins in Colonial America, identifying the only people eligible to hold public office at the time: white male owners of debt-free land.

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36. County Governments will replace “Chosen Freeholder” with “County Commissioner” TRENTON — Governor Phil Murphy today signed legislation (S855), which requires the title of “chosen Freeholder” to be changed to “county commissioner” and all “boards of chosen Freeholders” to be known as “boards of county commissioners.” The bill also requires counties to update their

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37. The name "Freeholder" was well known by the 17th century, and the holder of the title had a definite place in society


38. Thus, when the first settlers came to the New World and settled what was to become "New Jersey" under the original proprietors, it is not to be wondered that we find the "Freeholder" prominently mentioned.

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39. The term “Freeholder” is a feudal anachronism, having originated in Medieval England to designate a white male who owned an estate or land free and clear

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40. In Colonial times, only Freeholders were eligible to be chosen for membership on New Jersey county governing bodies.

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41. Freeholder, therefore, is a calque or loan translation of fraunctenaunz

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42. Whilst remaining technically as Freeholder, the freehold value is minimal when compared to the long leasehold interests sold off

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43. In such scenarios, the Freeholder may lose interest or even forget about owning the freehold, he or she might have moved to a new address or even passed away.

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44. Freeholder Freeholder – Cynthia Davis


45. Check with Freeholder’s office to find the local tradition.

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46. "Amid a national reckoning to reexamine vestiges rooted in structural racism, this action will eliminate the use of the term 'Freeholder' in county government— a title that is an outgrowth of a


47. N Freeholder In law, one having the present seizin or possession of land by virtue of an estate greater than one limited by a specified time—that is to say, having a fee or a tenancy for life of the tenant, or for life of a third person; one who holds an estate in fee simple or fee tail

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48. Blanquita Bird Valenti, a popular vote-getter who spent 15 years as a Middlesex County Freeholder and 20 years as a New Brunswick city councilwoman, died on Tuesday evening


49. Brian was Freeholder Director in 2019 and Deputy Director in 2018


50. Levine was recognized as a Freeholder of the Year by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors in …


51. Freeholder Candidate Sentenced In Campaign Case - Mendham-Chester, NJ - Mary Dougherty pleaded guilty to the crime connected to an illegal campaign contribution she received as a


52. CaryAmaro for Morris County Freeholder, Randolph, New Jersey

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53. The Right Leadership for Morris County! Learn more at Support our campaign by donating at


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does freehold mean?

Definition of freehold. 1 : a tenure of real property by which an estate in fee simple or fee tail or an estate for life is held also : an estate held by such tenure — compare fee sense 1.

What is freehold, and is it right for You?

Freehold is the complete ownership of a piece of land and that which is built upon it - the owner 'holds' it 'freely'. When buying a freehold property you are completely in charge of the building, what happens to it, how it's used and it is your responsibility for any repairs or upkeep.

What is a freehold land?

Freehold is ownership of an estate in land rather than the land itself. This distinction dates back to the Middle Ages and makes relatively little difference nowadays, so legal authorities often do not bother to distinguish between ownership of the land and ownership of an estate.

What is a freehold property?

Freehold property can be defined as any estate which is "free from hold" of any entity besides the owner. Hence, the owner of such an estate enjoys free ownership for perpetuity and can use the land for any purposes however in accordance with the local regulations.

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