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1. The Hungarian diet frantically opposed every Austrian alliance as endangering the national independence, but to any unprejudiced observer a union with the house of Habsburg, even with the contingent probability of a Habsburg king, was infinitely preferable to the condition into which Hungary, under native aristocratic misrule, was swiftly drifting.
2. Use "frantically" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. frantically in a sentence. Frantically; They frantically waved at me. She shook her head frantically. I slid and grabbed frantically. As I frantically fought off the.
3. The authorities began working frantically up the river, using whatever materials and means available to construct dykes, dams and levees.: Telescoping the text frantically, he omits most of the low-life scenes, which show how sexual licence slides into moral anarchy.: Her crimson locks burn in the sun as she frantically darts in and out of streets that are lined with crisp amber and rust
4. frantically definition: frantically is defined as being done in a wild or frenzied way. (adverb) An example of something done frantically is a search done by running from room to room to find an important document.
5. Examples of frantically in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Wild one involved in useless pursuit goes frantically without love. The poor man frantically tried to bargain for his reinstatement, admitting that he had been not altogether sober and apologising for making a resignation he did not want. From Cambridge English Corpus. The
6. Examples of frantically in a sentence. We frantically cleaned the house before our mother came home from work. 🔊 When my daughter went missing in the supermarket, I frantically searched the entire store. 🔊 Joan frantically tried to call home to let her parents know her car had stalled. 🔊 After the shooting, a witness frantically
7. frantically in a sentence 🔊 Definition of frantically . In a frantic way. Short Example Sentence for frantically . 1. He was tugging frantically at the window. 🔊 2. He scrambled frantically forward. 🔊 3. She was clawing frantically at the noose. 🔊 4.
8. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "frantic" The young woman was frantically searching her purse for her ticket as they announced that boarding for the flight had begunYour mother was frantic when you didn't come home last night. The young woman was frantically searching her purse for her ticket as they announced that boarding for the flight had
9. English words and Examples of Usage use "frantically" in a sentence Nansemond comes to the rescue of Britannia Britannia frantically changed course several times before escaping in the darkness after the Union side-wheeler Nansemond captured her pursuer's attention. Learning his office files are in the garage, Gabrielle searches
10. How do you used frantically in a sentence? frantically is an adverb to describe an action as in an uncontrolled, disordered, or nervous manner. Example sentence: I searched frantically for my keys
11. frantically in a sentence - Use "frantically" in a sentence 1. Survivors told of passengers frantically rushing about naked or in nightclothes. 2. Rescuers frantically searched through 2, 000 collapsed buildings in Kobe. click for more sentences of frantically
12. frantically in a sentence - Use "frantically" in a sentence 1. frantically working behind the scenes are Tim Allgood and Poppy Taylor. 2. He frantically escapes and seeks shelter at a nearby police station. click for more sentences of frantically
13. CK 1 2238800 Tom struggled frantically. CK 1 1024498 Tom made a frantic attempt to finish painting the fence before dark. CK 1 323702 I'm frantic! CM 2642901 Tom looked around frantically. CK 1544937 They are frantically backpedaling. CM 1309440 The priest frantically came into the church saying he had a message from God. CM
14. frantically twisting the leafy herbs into various intricate shapes of power, he adorned her chest, pointing them so that all invoked power would be directed to the amulet. Whereas most Chinese food is Cantonese food, in which a velvety clarity is the ideal, Sichuan food is about the intricate layering of sauces, spices, and textures.
15. The panicky parents of Amanda and Jim Smith were frantically searching for their two children after they didn't call home every two hours for their routine check-in. After a mother over-slept for an interview, she frantically ran around, got dressed, started her car and drove off only to realize that she left her six month old baby boy at home.
16. frantically definition, desperate or wild with excitement, passion, fear, pain, etc.; frenzied. See more.
17. Sentence with word frantically. ESL students, spelling bee organizers, & those learning a new language might especially benefit from this page. The lines of text below use frantically in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for frantically. Also see sentences for: frantic. And shouting frantically, he reined his mare outwards. (8)
18. Definition of frantically in the D dictionary. Meaning of frantically. What does frantically mean? Information and translations of frantically in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
19. When should we use "frentic", and when should we use "frenzied" in a sentence? 28. frantically definition: frantically is defined as being done in a wild or frenzied way. (adverb) An example of something done frantically is a search done by running from room to room to find an important document. 29.
20. frantically quotes from YourDictionary: What they have to discover, what all the efforts of capitalism's enemies are frantically aimed at hiding, is the fact that capitalism is not merely the 'practical,' but the only moral system in history.
21. The contraction “tho” is equivalent to the word “though”. The cumbersome, traditional spelling is archaic and despised by many modern people. If enough people start spelling it “tho” as they frantically tap away on their smart phones, then that wi
22. You can use the drop-down arrow gizmo (to the right of the Find What text box) to display a scrolling list of text you’ve previously searched for. To search again for a bit of text you’ve already searched for, click the drop-down arrow and click the text you want to find again. Click the Find Next button, and Word frantically begins searching.
23. You ran to the store frantically. Better… You ran to the unusually empty store quite frantically as the zombies chased you tenaciously. Now we’re talking. If you really want to light a fire under your language use, you’ll need adverbs. That goes for English-language stories about the zombie apocalypse, just as it does for your Japanese.

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