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1. Foul definition is - offensive to the senses : loathsome


2. Foul synonyms, Foul pronunciation, Foul translation, English dictionary definition of Foul


3. Unfair; unclean; rotten; grossly offensive to the senses; disgustingly loathsome: a Foul smell; unfavorable: Foul weather Not to be confused with: fowl – a

Foul, Fowl

4. Containing or characterized by offensive or noisome matter: Foul air; Foul stagnant water.


5. The refs basically called the Foul on the flop, not the hold

Foul, Flop

6. Synonyms & Antonyms of Foul (Entry 1 of 2) 1 marked by wet and windy conditions the Foul weather brought out the windbreakers and rain slickers as everyone braced for a day of rough sailing

Foul, For

7. Foul is a Middle-Eastern vegan breakfast dish of cooked fava beans flavored with lemon juice, garlic and served with olive oil, chopped parsley & tomatoes

Foul, Fava, Flavored

8. This dish is also known as Foul (or ful) medames

Foul, Ful

9. Offensive to the senses; revolting: "a Foul little creature with greedy eyes and slobbering mouth" (J.R.R


10. Foul mudammas recipe, made with hearty, creamy fava beans and loaded with flavor from ground cumin, fresh herbs, and a zippy lemon garlic sauce with hot peppers! Don't worry, the …

Foul, Fava, Flavor, From, Fresh

11. The latest tweets from @FoulFOWL

From, Foulfowl

12. Sometimes spelled Foul mudammas and often referred to as simply “ful,” this dish is served throughout the Middle East

Foul, Ful

13. Foul is most commonly used as an adjective to describe a bad smell


14. As a verb, Foul usually means “make dirty or messy.” You might Foul your room to the point where it smells a bit Foul. In general, Foul can be used as an adjective meaning "bad."


15. Foul (sports), an unfair or illegal sports act, including: Foul (association football), in football (soccer) Professional Foul, in football (soccer) or rugby; Foul (basketball) Foul ball, in baseball, a batted ball that lands in Foul territory; Foul, a 1970s British football fanzine; Other uses

Foul, Football, Fanzine

16. Foul (nautical), to entangle or entwine


17. A personal Foul is the most common type of Foul


18. Basketball features constant motion, and contact between opposing players is unavoidable, but significant contact that is the fault of illegal conduct by one opponent is a Foul against that player.

Features, Fault, Foul

19. Foul! The Connie Hawkins Story Hardcover – March 1, 1972 by David Wolf (Author) 4.6 out of 5 stars 42 ratings


20. Foul-smelling stools have an unusually strong, putrid smell


21. In many cases, Foul-smelling stools occur due to the foods people eat and the bacteria present in their colon.

Foul, Foods

22. Technical Foul Excessive Timeouts Delay-of-Game Number of Players Basket Ring, Backboard or Support Conduct Fighting Fouls Fines Personal Fouls Types By Dribbler By Screening Flagrant Foul Free Throw Penalty Situations Double Fouls Offensive Fouls Loose Ball Fouls Punching Fouls Away-From-The-Play Foul A

Foul, Fighting, Fouls, Fines, Flagrant, Free, From

23. Technical Foul Section I—Excessive Timeouts Requests for a timeout in …

Foul, For

24. Foul is a nautical term meaning to entangle or entwine, and more generally that something is wrong or difficult


25. Example of a Fouled anchor used as a symbol (as rank insignia of a United States Navy chief petty officer)


26. Out now!Stream: Video by Money Man - Foul (Official Video) © 2019 Black Circle / EMPIRE


27. Common causes of Foul-smelling gas can be a food intolerance, high - fiber foods, certain medications and antibiotics, and constipation

Foul, Food, Fiber, Foods

28. Flagrant Foul Penalty 2: Unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent; When a flagrant Foul call is made, referees conduct a review and consider the following: Whether the Foul call be categorized as a flagrant 1 or flagrant 2 (thus ejection) or stay as a common Foul or changed to a technical Foul

Flagrant, Foul, Following

29. Place Foul in plate and add olive oil on top


30. By Kumquat the Cats fr (8) FABULOUS Foul MUDAMMAS

Fr, Fabulous, Foul

31. By Be Nutritious (0) Talha's Favourite Couscous (Ta'am Bil Jilbana & Foul

Favourite, Foul

32. When the referee calls an ordinary Foul, the offended team is awarded a free throw at the point of the Foul

Foul, Free

33. Stay cool and active with water polo Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Never Foul A Jump Shooter: A Guide to Basketball Lingo, Lessons and Laughs" is a quick, easy, and above all, an informative read from

Foul, From

34. Foul language definition: A language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


35. Foul - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Foul, Forums

36. 2 days ago · Tom Thibodeau hasn’t changed his mind after having the chance to review replays of the decisive Foul called on Julius Randle in the closing seconds of Sunday’s overtime loss to the 76ers.


37. KJV Dictionary Definition: Foul Foul


38. Covered with or containing extraneous matter which is injurious, noxious or offensive; filthy; dirty; not clean; as a Foul cloth; Foul hands; a Foul chimney.

Filthy, Foul

39. He missed the shot, but Knicks star Julius Randle was called for a loose ball Foul

For, Foul

40. ‘A Foul stench filled the air, though she could not put a name to what it was.’ ‘There was a Foul stench in the air like that of gunpowder.’ ‘Many of these residents have complained to me about the Foul taste and murky color of their tap water.’

Foul, Filled

41. 14 hours ago · Foul Ball Hits Baseball Fan's Beer Showering The Section With Alcohol At a spring training game, Oakland A's catcher Sean Murphy hit a line drive that smashed into a …

Foul, Fan

42. Foul mood definition: Your mood is the way you are feeling at a particular time

Foul, Feeling

43. Foul definition: violating accepted standards or rules synonyms: unfair, unjust, unsportsmanlike, cheating, unsporting, dirty antonyms: fair, open up, open

Foul, Fair

44. Foul Emissary (3) Creature — Human Horror (1/1) When Foul Emissary enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library

Foul, Four

45. ‘A Foul stench filled the air, though she could not put a name to what it was.’ ‘There was a Foul stench in the air like that of gunpowder.’ ‘Many of these residents have complained to me about the Foul taste and murky color of their tap water.’

Foul, Filled

46. Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai is looking to widen his investments in the NBA — and his unusual play has some competitors crying Foul


47. 1 hour ago · BP cries Foul in massive oil spill settlement Is BP backpedaling on a settlement with oil spill victims, or are some Gulf Coast businesses exploiting BP to the tune of more than $500 million?


48. So, without much expectation when I went to see “Foul Play,” such an entertaining, poignant, forever optimistic, fun, quaint, corky, whimsical, piece-of-art movie, it was a eureka, fortuitous judgement-day encountering Messiah moment as if I stumbled on a vast treasure-trove of being alive plus enlightenment with a huge emotional lift.

Foul, Forever, Fun, Fortuitous

49. The PBA's rule on deliberate Foul or contact without an attempt at the ball takes away the incidence of the Hack-A-Shaq which is an eyesore and a time-dragger


50. Three PBA rules NBA may consider Durant, according to the league, Fouled James twice but was incorrectly not called for a violation, James complaining in vain each time he was Fouled .

Fouled, For

51. There has been an increasing number of patients who have been suffering from a weird condition after a brush with COVID-19: parosmia - a lingering, Foul-smelling scent almost everywhere.

From, Foul

52. Usually accompanied by someone actually yelling, "Party Foul!"while everyone else laughs because they're drunk.


53. A Foul ball is a batted ball that lands in the area outside the Foul lines


54. — compare 1 fair 8 fall Foul of

Fair, Fall, Foul

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