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1. Forlorn definition is - bereft, forsaken

Forlorn, Forsaken

2. How to use Forlorn in a sentence


3. Forlorn definition, desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance

Forlorn, Feeling

4. Lonely, lonesome, Forlorn, desolate - Lonely adds to solitary a suggestion of longing for companionship, while lonesome heightens the suggestion of sadness; Forlorn and desolate are even more isolated and sad

Forlorn, For

5. 88 synonyms of Forlorn from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 157 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Forlorn, From

6. Forlorn adjective (UNLIKELY TO SUCCEED) [ before noun ] very unlikely to be achieved or to succeed: Their only hope now is that the outside world will intervene but it is an increasingly Forlorn hope.


7. In an obscure alley, in the town of Homestead, there stands a one-story frame house, looking old and Forlorn. PRISON MEMOIRS OF AN ANARCHIST ALEXANDER BERKMAN It was a Forlorn kind of chance for everybody, but as Jack said, "I was saved once, and I know what them poor bloods feel like." THE CHEQUERS JAMES RUNCIMAN

Frame, Forlorn, For, Feel

8. Forlorn Information "Born of Aldia's Obsession with the First Sin, the Forlorn lost both their corporeal form and a world to call their own

Forlorn, First, Form

9. But without self, one has neither beginning nor end, and so the Forlorn have only to wander."


10. Forlorn Lyrics: Take my name and write it down in vain / You don’t have to pretend that you give a damn! / Silence broods deep inside itself, waiting for its next new guest / Patience is lost

Forlorn, For

11. Geek out on the Forlorn Hope with a day-by-day interactive timeline describing the weather, location, important landmarks, key occurrences,direct quotes from multiple resources and more

Forlorn, From

12. Watch this brief video to learn how to navigate, then head over to our timeline here: Forlorn


13. Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc

Friends, Forlorn

14. Forlorn (adj.) mid-12c., forloren "disgraced, depraved," past participle of obsolete forlesan "be deprived of, lose, abandon," from Old English forleosan "to lose, abandon, let go; destroy, ruin," from for- "completely" + leosan "to lose" (from Proto-Germanic *lausa-, from PIE root *leu- …

Forlorn, Forloren, Forlesan, From, Forleosan, For

15. Forlorn is a very old word in English, and in fact it comes from the Old English word forlesen and means "to lose completely." Synonyms for Forlorn all have fairly sad meanings: disconsolate, pessimistic, despairing, despondent, abandoned, depressed, desperate.

Forlorn, Fact, From, Forlesen, For, Fairly

16. The Forlorn are a category of elf that differ from other elves by upbringing rather than ethnicity

Forlorn, From

17. The earliest Forlorn were the orphaned children of elves who refused to abandon Golarion from the predicted devastation wrought by Earthfall

Forlorn, From

18. Forlorn Whining to your friends about the loss of your potential subordinate employee; being concerned whether the friendship is based on the work relationship or if it is an actual friendship

Forlorn, Friends, Friendship

19. Nicholas Cage is Forlorn because he can no longer enjoy the happiness he was enveloped in as he progressed through each of his/her work days.


20. Forlorn From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English for‧lorn /fəˈlɔːn $ fərˈlɔːrn/ adjective 1 seeming lonely and unhappy a Forlorn figure sitting all by herself Ana …

Forlorn, From, For, Figure

21. Forlorn was formed in Norway in 1992 by Alvarin (guitar, vocals)

Forlorn, Formed

22. Through that band they recruited Sanrabb Aske (vocals) and then released their debut EP, "Forlorn", through Head Not Found Records same year.

Forlorn, Found

23. The Forlorn man was so sad he thought about killing himself


24. 🔊 When we visit the nursing home, we try to spend extra time with all of the Forlorn senior citizens


25. 🔊 The Forlorn widow was so unhappy she stopped eating


26. 🔊 Since Jake works so much, he does not realize his wife is Forlorn because she rarely gets to spend time with him


27. What does Forlorn mean? The definition of Forlorn is something or someone with a very poor condition, or is pitifully lonely or sad


28. Forlorn (sense 1) dates from the 16th century.

Forlorn, From

29. This plan you have is a Forlorn hope and will never work out the way you want


30. The phrase comes from the Dutch verloren hoop, meaning "lost troop." Have you heard anything from the Forlorn hope yet? Did they reach their

From, Forlorn

31. Abandoned, deserted, or desolate: "my high school chums enjoying cider and doughnuts while I was trapped up on that Forlorn mountain" (Howard Frank Mosher)

Forlorn, Frank

32. Sad or lonely, especially from being deserted or abandoned: "waved them goodbye from the door like Forlorn parents waving off a honeymoon

From, Forlorn

33. Forlorn Tayg is an area outside the city of Walruskberg


34. ‘A Forlorn hope, I know - but better than no hope at all.’ ‘They would be forced to start at the bottom and work their way back up, but at least derby matches would simply be a hope for the future rather than a Forlorn

Forlorn, Forced, For, Future

35. Find 59 ways to say Forlorn, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Find, Forlorn, Free

36. A Forlorn hope or attempt is one that you think has no chance of success


37. Peasants have left the land in the Forlorn hope of finding a better life in cities.a Forlorn effort to keep from losing my …

Forlorn, Finding, From

38. How to say Forlorn in English? Pronunciation of Forlorn with 2 audio pronunciations, 39 synonyms, 2 meanings, 2 sentences and more for Forlorn.

Forlorn, For

39. The Periodical, Forlorn is a bi-monthly literary magazine that publishes horror, weird fiction and speculative fiction.

Forlorn, Fiction

40. A Forlorn pair of chromed handle bars stuck incongruously out from under the massive front roller

Forlorn, From, Front

41. It seemed somehow Forlorn and pathetic as if it had been suddenly abandoned


42. A pathetically Forlorn figure, he set out to destroy all traces of the religion of his ancestors.

Forlorn, Figure

43. Forlorn Lakes, one of the most popular campgrounds in the southern part of the forest, offers 25 campsites scattered around the wooded shores of small, picturesque lakes

Forlorn, Forest

44. His father smiled weakly in a Forlorn attempt to reassure him that everything was all right

Father, Forlorn

45. Definition of Forlorn written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Forlorn, For, From

46. Forlorn is a "Survival, Battle Arena" that is diverse and tactical yet brutal!


47. Forlorn January 22 at 9:51 AM · Megan has put together this week's 'What I'm Listening To' playlist, which includes tracks from Alice in Chains , Wardruna , THE MIRE , London Grammar & lots more.

Forlorn, From

48. Forlorn adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (lonely, forsaken) seul, abandonné, délaissé adj adjectif : modifie un nom

Forlorn, For, Forsaken

49. We've got 59 rhyming words for Forlorn » What rhymes with Forlorn? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Forlorn.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.

For, Forlorn

50. A Forlorn hope or attempt is one that you think has no chance of success


51. Peasants have left the land in the Forlorn hope of finding a better life in cities

Forlorn, Finding

52. Synonyms: hopeless, useless, vain, pointless More Synonyms of Forlorn More Synonyms of Forlorn


53. Forlorn by Gina Detwiler is an enthralling fantasy novel that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish

Forlorn, Fantasy, From, Finish

54. Forlorn: Abandoned, deserted, or desolate


55. Danby to reside entirely at her house, as long as she should be compelled to sustain what she termed her Forlorn situation; and that lady, having readily acceded to the proposal, had wholly quitted her own habitation, and was now a constant resident with her daughter-in …


56. Synonyms for Forlorn in Free Thesaurus

For, Forlorn, Free

57. 61 synonyms for Forlorn: miserable, helpless, pathetic, pitiful, lost, forgotten, abandoned, unhappy

For, Forlorn, Forgotten

58. That sets the stage for the Forlorn Hope

For, Forlorn

59. On December 16, 1846, the Forlorn Hope left Donner Lake in another escape attempt


60. What is the opposite of Forlorn? Antonyms for Forlorn (opposite of Forlorn)

Forlorn, For

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