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1. Definition of Foreknowingly in the dictionary


2. What does Foreknowingly mean? Information and translations of Foreknowingly in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


3. What does Foreknowingly mean? With foreknowledge

Foreknowingly, Foreknowledge

4. (adverb) Words near Foreknowingly in the Dictionary


5. Search Foreknowingly and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso

Foreknowingly, From

6. You can complete the definition of Foreknowingly given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster


7. Foreknowingly (comparative more Foreknowingly, superlative most Foreknowingly) With foreknowledge

Foreknowingly, Foreknowledge

8. 1646, Jeremy Taylor, A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying He who […] Foreknowingly loses his life


9. Synonyms for Foreknowingly in Free Thesaurus

For, Foreknowingly, Free

10. Foreknowledge definition in English dictionary, foreknowledge meaning, synonyms, see also 'foreknow',foreknowable',fore-edge',Foreknowingly'

Foreknowledge, Foreknow, Foreknowable, Fore, Foreknowingly

11. So don’t try to pretend like you’ve met in person when you haven’t, or try to get your fiance here on a tourist visa then adjust status (Foreknowingly)

Fiance, Foreknowingly

12. Foreknowingly How many syllables? 4 Syllables How it's divided? fore-know-ing-ly

Foreknowingly, Fore

13. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Foreknowingly" - from the website.

Foreknowingly, From

14. Foreknowingly meaning in Urdu: پہلے سے جانتے ہوئے - Pehlay se jantay hue meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Foreknowingly and Pehlay se jantay hue Meaning.


15. If God foreknew that there would be a missing piece of fruit on the tree of knowledge, could he not Foreknowingly infer that Adam and Eve would be the one’s to eat it, thereby making their decision a necessary one? If God is at least that intelligent, then he does foreknow human actions if …

Foreknew, Fruit, Foreknowingly, Foreknow

16. Foreknowingly snivels tanna tabulating through-other steady cutest backslid Hagan reel impliedly armour-plated testimonials


17. Kahn quotes a journalist who said Foreknowingly, “Perhaps Frankie is more important a symbol than most of us are aware.” Since then, dozens more authors have tried …

Foreknowingly, Frankie

18. What is a Foreknowingly, definition of Foreknowingly, meaning of Foreknowingly, Foreknowingly anagrams, words that start with Foreknowingly.


19. But please don’t blame humans (gays, Democrats, libtards, sinners) because God Foreknowingly designed and created humans


20. There are 10 words containing E, F, G, W and Y: FLYWEIGHT FLYWEIGHTS Foreknowingly GILLYFLOWERS NEWFANGLEDLY OVERFLOWINGLY

Flyweight, Flyweights, Foreknowingly

21. Foreknowingly corrigibly silica glass velvetiness ovaritis pulitzer prize unlibelous infrequently overlively nondistorting unrefraining commonable regularness nonallotment mysticizing VIEW MORE 4 Syllable Words Starting with?


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Foreknown mean?

    Definition of foreknow. transitive verb. : to have previous knowledge of : know beforehand especially by paranormal means or by revelation.

    What is another word for foreknow?

    Choose the Right Synonym for foreknow. foresee, foreknow, divine, anticipate mean to know beforehand. foresee implies nothing about how the knowledge is derived and may apply to ordinary reasoning and experience.

    What is the meaning of foreknew?


    What is the foreknow ledge?

    We foreknow how others will act, and the foreknow ledge is the beginning of judgment passed on action. He was a predictor, using his occult gift of second sight to foreknow events and tell The Leader about them. The essence of religion lies in the power of man to foreknow and to point out the way in which mankind must walk.

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