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1. Both forecast and Forecasted are widely used as the past tense and past participle of the verb forecast, but the uninflected form is more common

Forecast, Forecasted, Form

2. In 21st-century English it prevails by a large margin, but not by such a large margin that anyone should consider Forecasted wrong.


3. You’d never say, for example, “I putted all my money into the healthcare IT tech stocks.” To a stickler, Forecasted sounds just as wrong.

For, Forecasted

4. Broadcasted and Forecasted are not as common as broadcast and forecast, but they are common enough that we list this as a variant past tense

Forecasted, Forecast

5. Synonyms for Forecasted in Free Thesaurus

For, Forecasted, Free

6. Forecasted (not comparable) That has been forecast The Forecasted storm arrived on time.

Forecasted, Forecast

7. Synonyms for Forecasted include made, estimated, derived, gaged, inferred, reckoned, suspected, approximated, assessed and believed

For, Forecasted

8. Forward P/E is a version of the ratio of price-to-earnings that uses Forecasted earnings for the P/E calculation

Forward, Forecasted, For

9. / ˈfɔːr.kæst / forecast or Forecasted forecast or Forecasted to say what you expect to happen in the future: They forecast a large drop in unemployment over the next two years

Forecast, Forecasted, Future

10. Adjectives for forecast include forecastable, Forecasted, forecast and forecasting

For, Forecast, Forecastable, Forecasted, Forecasting

11. Forecast or Forecasted. This is one of those fairly rare instances in English verb morphology to which the answer is “both”

Forecast, Forecasted, Fairly

12. How to use Forecasted in a sentence


13. Example sentences with the word Forecasted.Forecasted example sentences.: 2


14. F j is the Forecasted value at time j


15. The Forecasted information serves to make potential applicants aware of the possible available funding resources within HHS on health care service, diabetes treatment and prevention, HIV/AIDS and many other relevant topics of

Forecasted, Funding

16. Forecasted Book Value Growth: Upgrade: Forecasted Cash Flow Growth: Upgrade: Forecasted Earnings Growth: Upgrade: Forecasted Revenue Growth: Upgrade: As of March 19, 2021

Forecasted, Flow

17. Here are the instructions: insert a formula that will calculate the projected operations cost after the Forecasted increase in cell B30 (3.5%) is added to the 2016 total (in B32)

Formula, Forecasted

18. By checking “Forecasted” under Opportunity Status, searches can be tailored to turn up Forecasted opportunities


19. Opportunities are “Forecasted” when funds are not yet formally available and are pending budgetary and discretionary spending approvals and federal agency program decisions.

Forecasted, Funds, Formally, Federal

20. Forecasted cost alerts provide advanced notification that your spending trends are likely to exceed your allocated budget


21. Forecasted Solutions is your Forecasting Solution / Forecasting Software with an advanced Demand Planning Forecasting predictive engine with Industry leading functionality and features designed and developed by years of practical use in the industry not found anywhere else

Forecasted, Forecasting, Functionality, Features, Found

22. Most people chose this as the best definition of Forecasted: Simple past tense and pas See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.


23. November Update: Statewide High-Level Analysis of Forecasted Behavioral Health Impacts from COVID-19 4 2020.22,23 Compounding this issue is the concern that some workers feel they may experience discrimination in the workplace for voicing concerns about mental health.

Forecasted, From, Feel, For

24. August Update: Statewide High-Level Analysis of Forecasted Behavioral Health Impacts from COVID-19 3 resources widens

Forecasted, From

25. Forecasted Ozone Exceedance Days Year 2020 The table below is the current list of Forecasted days to have ozone Air Quality Index (AQI) levels of Unhealthy for …

Forecasted, For

26. While risk could be Forecasted several days in advance in 40 percent of RNS System trial participants, other participants’ brain data only predicted the following day’s risk, and still others didn’t exhibit the activity cycles needed for reliable predictions at all

Forecasted, Following, For

27. 13 hours ago · 38.3% CAGR Forecasted in SLAM Technology Market Between 2020 and 2030: P&S Intelligence


28. Mr John Naa the Lotto Forecasted February 20 Hi,This is Me

Forecasted, February

29. Forecasted monetary global GDP loss due to COVID-19, by scenario 2020 Average number of COVID-19 deaths in last 7 days in select countries, Mar


30. 27 Forecasted percent change in global GDP


31. Forecasted Average Unit Price= (Total Fixed Costs+ Total Variable Costs)/Total Quantity Produced

Forecasted, Fixed

32. The Forecasted unit variable cost for the company will be computed as follows.

Forecasted, For, Follows

33. FeNO Test Market Is Forecasted To Grow At CAGR Moderated During Forthcoming Years 2020-2027: Acumen Research And Consulting

Feno, Forecasted, Forthcoming

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FORECASTED [ˈfôrˌkast]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does forecasted mean?

verb (used with object), fore·cast or fore·cast·ed, fore·cast·ing. to predict (a future condition or occurrence); calculate in advance: to forecast a heavy snowfall; to forecast lower interest rates. to predict or calculate (weather, events, etc), in advance

What is the past tense of forecast?

The past tense of forecast is forecast or forecasted. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of forecast is forecasts. The present participle of forecast is forecasting. The past participle of forecast is forecast or forecasted.

What does forecasting system mean?

Forecasting is a technique that uses historical data as inputs to make informed estimates that are predictive in determining the direction of future trends. Businesses utilize forecasting to determine how to allocate their budgets or plan for anticipated expenses for an upcoming period of time.

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