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1. Fomo increases trust, credibility,and sales with live social proof. start a free trial

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2. We're seeing immediate results from the addition of Fomo, and their support is super responsive.”

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3. Definition of Fomo informal : fear of missing out : fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting or enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing If anyone in history should have died from Fomo , it would be Emily Dickinson, an agoraphobe who virtually never left her house …

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4. Fomo. a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out. • Evolutionary biology - an omnipresent anxiety brought on by our cognitive ability to recognize potential opportunities: The brothers had last-slice Fomo as they stared at what was left of pizza.

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5. Fomo is simply an acronym for “fear of missing out.”

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6. Usually, feelings of Fomo are accompanied by the idea that someone else (friends, family, or coworkers) is taking part in the opportunity that you’re missing out on.

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7. They also wanted to know if the frequency of Fomo experiences were related to the Big Five personality traits — openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. So

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8. The fear of missing out (Fomo) has become pervasive in society

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9. Fomo – Fear of Missing Out - is a relatively recent addition to the English language, but one that is intrinsic to our day-to-day lives

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10. A true phenomenon of the modern digital age, Fomo


11. Fomo is defined as: "the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out."

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12. Short for fear of missing out, Fomo is an anxious feeling you get when you feel other people might be having a good time without you

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13. In the digital age, Fomo often leads to a constant checking of social media to see what your friends are doing.

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14. Actively managed Fomo will target everything from stocks across both developed and emerging markets to SPACs, other ETFs, derivatives, volatility …

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15. Fomo can lead you to distraction and can push you to do things you really don’t care about


16. If any of these sound familiar, then you’re probably dealing with a challenge commonly known as Fomo, or “fear of missing out.”

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17. In this article, we’ll define Fomo, provide a few examples of how it can hold back your personal success, and then provide an action plan …

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18. Fomo (formerly known as 2050 Motors) is a company focused on business incubation and acceleration

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19. What is Fomo? The fear of missing out is what it sounds like: an anxiety elicited by feeling left out

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20. "A key component of Fomo is that it is underpinned by a …


21. The most complicated part is how we handle each respective Fomo


22. The old Fomo was curable, or at least soothable


23. 69% (7 in 10) of millennials experience Fomo


24. 60% of people make purchases because of Fomo, mostly within 24 hours


25. 56% of people who experience Fomo are ages 18-30


26. 33% of people purposely try to conduct Fomo among their peers.


27. Fomo is developing direct investment and affiliations - majority- and minority-owned as well as in joint venture formats - that afford targets access to …

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28. Jennifer Wolkin, a New York-based health and neuropsychologist, describes Fomo, aka the "fear of missing out," as "anxiety that's elicited by the …

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29. Fomo, the “Fear of Missing Out,” is the anxiety caused by the idea that by missing out on certain experiences, you’re worse off, or that others are having a better time than you

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30. It’s a relatively modern concept that has risen in usage alongside social media, one of the major generators of Fomo


31. Stop the Fomo: Stop the "Fear of Missing Out" on the top TVs and tech entertainment gear

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32. 1 day ago · Creating Fomo regularly can make your show a destination


33. Fomo was created out of a need that the Founders, Ryan Marx and Jacqueline du Plessis have, that many of South Africans struggle with, the need to see specials that are valid and not outdated, specials that are near your location and most of all not to overspend when we don’t have to right!

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34. Fomo (also sometimes appearing in lower-case form as Fomo) is a trendy new acronym standing for the expression fear of missing out, used to describe that feeling of anxiety which many people experience when they discover that other people have had fun together,

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35. Fomo, an ETF that aims to invest in current or emerging trends, was filed with the SEC Wednesday

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36. The aptly named Fomo ETF is an actively managed ETF that invests in securities that reflect current or emerging trends


37. What is most interesting is that Fomo is an emotional reaction that pushes us to trade or invest in a less disciplined way


38. Sadly, Fomo leads to a compulsive desire to stay connected with other people's lives online, thus we get addicted to various social media platforms to a degree where checking up on what others are doing or how they are reacting to our posts becomes all-important and all-consuming.


39. Looking for online definition of Fomo or what Fomo stands for? Fomo is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

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40. Fomo, the fear of missing out, has survived the coronavirus

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41. How did pandemic Fomo become a thing?


42. Fomo adds social proof to your website


43. Fomo empowers websites to display recent customer actions (purchases, newsletter signups, whatever) with one line of …


44. As this article from Psychologies Magazine points out, Fomo is a phenomenon that predates the trendy abbreviation; it’s a “modern take on the grass being greener on the other side.”

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45. Fomo affects people of all age groups and across social media platforms


46. The psychology of Fomo requires attention going forward because it, as Grohol highlighted, “is a very real feeling that’s starting to permeate through our social relationships.”

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47. In 2013 the word “Fomo” was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary


48. Fomo definition: Fomo is the written and sometimes spoken abbreviation for 'fear of missing out', used to Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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49. Fomo is one of the biggest triggers of poor investment decisions.” There are, of course, times where speed and sacrificing the ‘process’ will have a positive outcome, and investments will be


50. "Fomo certainly instills anxiety and depression, but, we need to push back against framing this 'fear of missing out' as a mental health condition," McLaughlin said

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51. "Fomo is an emotion -- …


52. A Fomo-free beer weekend in Portland, Oregon

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53. Facebook is the most common Fomo contributor (72%), followed by Instagram (14%), Twitter (11%), and Pinterest (8%).

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FOMO [ˈfōmō]

Frequently Asked Questions

What the hell does FOMO mean?

FOMO is an acronym that stands for the phrase fear of missing out. It has been in steady use since the early 2000s, its popularity fueled by the internet. Someone who suffers from FOMO is afraid of not being included in an activity, of missing a rewarding interaction. This feeling may often arise when reading posts from friends,...

What does the name FOMO mean?

What Does FOMO Mean? FOMO stands for the phrase " Fear Of Missing Out ". Since this texting abbreviation is most often used on social media, it is more likely to be used by young social media users.

What does FOMO stand for in Internet?

The internet slang fomo stands for the short form of "Fear Of Missing Out." This term is used for defining social anxiety experienced by a person in which he or she feels like they are missing an important experience or opportunity. Use of fomo in conversation

What is the psychology behind FOMO?

The psychology behind FOMO is explained mostly by loss aversion: the tendency to want and work to avoid any losses, which affect people twice as much as gains do. Basically, we’re human and that means we don’t like to miss out on anything.

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