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1. Foiled, foil·ing, Foils 1. To prevent from being successful; thwart: The alarm system foiled the thieves' robbery attempt

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2. Foils aren’t necessarily opposites; however, they highlight opposing traits.


3. The International Hydrofoil Society (IHS) is an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization of and for people who design, build, operate, or simply are interested in commercial, military, research, or recreational hydroFoils of any size or power source … motor, human, sail, or surf.


4. Traditional Foils lighten locks from roots to ends, giving the hair more of a consistent and patterned-based look

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5. If you want an all-over blonde look, I would do Foils.


6. Date of Birth: 5th of June 1977 Country and Residence: Spain Sponsors: F4 Foils, JP Australia, X-Booms, Fidias Health & Sports Disciplines: Race Foiling, Slalom Foiling, (Surf Foiling and wave sailing for fun) Accomplishments: 11 times Spanish Formula Champion, 3 times Spanish Slalom Champion, 2020 Spanish Open Foil Champion The short story: I have been on Olympic class Mistral One Design as

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7. Foils are used in all types of literature


8. Foil characters can be antagonists, but not always.Sometimes, Foils will even be other characters alongside the protagonist.When an author uses a foil, they want to make sure that the reader is picking up on important attributes and characteristics of a

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9. Foils Foil transfers can be a valuable asset for any designer who wants to create an eye-catching element in their designs. Foil creates a beautiful metallic finish

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10. Foils are part of a two-step process that requires laying down Siser EasyWeed Adhesive first before adhering.

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11. "hair Foils" ForPro Embossed Foil Sheets 500S, Aluminum Foil, Pop-Up Dispenser, for Hair Color Application and Highlighting Services, Food Safe, 5” W x 10.75” L, 500-Count 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,244

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12. US Foils, INC., located in the Cleveland, Ohio area is a unique foil company specializing in light gauges, and narrow widths

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13. Our knowledge of the many applications and end uses for Foils can also help your company with hard to find requirements.

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14. Foils have standardized, tapered, rectangular blades in length and cross-section that are made of tempered and annealed low-carbon steel —or maraging steel as required for international competitions

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15. The APS Metallic Foils provide an easy way to add extra sparkle, shine or glow to anything! #foileverything

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16. Metallic Foils are made from a thin layer of non-reactive metallic sheets that are fused to a clear cellophane

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17. T hese beautiful Foils can be transferred to the surface of your choice with the help of our ArtsSyVille Embellishments Foil Adhesive or heat setting with an iron (on clothes).

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18. Wide Range of Surf Foils, Kiteboarding Foils, Windsurfing Foils, SUP Foils (NEW and USED) Discounts Popular Brands at Lowest Pricing


19. We carry an extensive inventory of aluminum Foils, copper Foils, stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel and other exotic metals in various alloys and tempers


20. We also offer Aluminum Foil Sheets, Foil Tapes (PSA), Printed Foils, Colored Foils, Laminated Foils, Coated Foils and a variety of custom services to meet exacting demands.

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21. Nail Foils Transfer Decals / 10 Pcs 4x20 CM/ BAG NailsAficionado


22. A sailing hydrofoil, hydrofoil sailboat, or hydrosail is a sailboat with wing-like Foils mounted under the hull


23. As the craft increases its speed the hydroFoils lift the hull up and out of the water, greatly reducing wetted area, resulting in decreased drag and increased speed

24. Browse our large selection of professional Foils & wraps online at SalonCentric


25. Find the best Foils & wraps for highlights, perms, special effects and more.

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26. Foils is a mature model airfoil plotter for Windows 3.1 onwards

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27. A new version, Foils 5, is in the planning stages


28. Foils come in a wide variety of beautiful colors


29. Find out where to rent or purchase Lift eFoils and hydrofoil surfboards near you for all your adventures

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30. After having claimed the PWA 2019 PWA Windfoil World Title, Phantom Foils are crowned Formula Foil 2020 World Champion

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31. Our Foils are designed by Alex Udin and Gonzalo Redondo, supervised by Ellis Engineered, and tested by Alexandre Cousin, Thomas Goyard and Nicolas Goyard.


32. What are Hair Foils? Foil highlights , also called “foiling”, is a coloring process wherein sheets of foil are used to separate strands of hair—thick or thin, depending on preference

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33. Metallic Foils provide and easy way to add sparkle and shine to your decorative painting projects


34. Metallic Foils are made from a thin layer of non-reactive metallic sheets that are fused to clear cellophane

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35. These shiny Foils can be transferred to your surface using water-based or oil-based Gilding Size.Unlike true Metal Leaf for gilding, metallic Foils will not tarnish and come in a wide

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36. Find 71 ways to say Foils, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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37. Foils: something or someone that is different from another especially in a pleasing way

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38. The counter Foils of total 21817 votes of twenty-five polling stations didn't found' it further stated in issued report

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39. NA-110 votes recounting; Counter Foils of 28,517 votes missing


40. To apply highlight and lowlight Foils to your hair, start by dividing your hair into 5 sections


41. This guide shows you How To Do Highlights Using Hair FoilsWatch This and Other Related films here:

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42. Brush effect Foils are metalized Foils that give the impression of matte brushed aluminum


43. These Foils are commonly used for appliance, cosmetic and mobile phone, and automotive applications.

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44. Cold Foil - Infinity Foils' Cold Foil utilizes a specially developed release and a free radical UV-cured adhesive that works with a printing process and doesn't require the traditional use of heat or a hot stamping die

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45. Plastics Foil - Infinity Foils offers the perfect metallic and holographic shades for plastics

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46. ITW Foils and ITW Thermal Films are now united under one brand name, ITW ShineMark

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47. We have 75+ years of experience providing innovative, customer-centric, and sustainable decorative Foils, holographic, and TTR to the global packaging, labeling, and coding markets.


48. Talk to the experts at All Foils, Inc., the leading Foil Converter and Foil Distributor in the United States, today

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49. They have the technology and expertise to construct Foils suitable for trade foiling on many common materials

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50. Our range of hot Foils includes silvers, golds, various coloured and holographic Foils.


51. Starboard Foils led the switch to Torx bolts for Foils, a choice made on the basis of Torx' superior strength and reliability

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52. HydroFoils made in France, in Brittany


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does foil mean?

FOIL (noun) The noun FOIL has 5 senses: 1. a piece of thin and flexible sheet metal. 2. anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing's good qualities. 3. a device consisting of a flat or curved piece (as a metal plate) so that its surface reacts to the water it is passing through.

What does it mean to be a foil person?

A character that exhibits opposite or conflicting traits to another character is called a foil. Foil characters can be antagonists, but not always. Sometimes, foils will even be other characters alongside the protagonist.

What is an example of foil in literature?

A foil in literature is a character associated with the story’s main character or protagonist who brings out or enhances character qualities of the protagonist. An example of this would be Samwise Gamgee in J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

What is the FOIL method definition?

The FOIL method is a special case of a more general method for multiplying algebraic expressions using the distributive law . The word FOIL was originally intended solely as a mnemonic for high-school students learning algebra. The term appears in William Betz's 1929 text Algebra for Today, where he states:

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