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1. Trident Foamate Advantages All Brass Body Construction and Connections Maximum Pressure 600 PSI Includes Two Brass Wye Strainers GPM Flow Range up to 400 GPM Simple Operation and Training Perfect for Retro-Fit Installation on Existing Units Quick to Install – Under One Hour Foamate

Foamate, Flow, For, Fit

2. Foamate 1.0 around-the-pump Class A Foam proportioner has all-brass body and connections, integral foam shut-off and built-in check valve.

Foamate, Foam

3. Foamate Construction Brass metering valve with EPDM rubber replaceable foam compatible seals Integral check valve to prevent "backflow" of foam into the water supply Compact control panel, 4" …

Foamate, Foam

4. * Trident Foamate ATP 1.0 Class A foam system * 2 1/2" Suction - electric primer, panel controlled * High compartment above perimeter (rollup doors, natural brush aluminum finish) Optional * Low compartment perimeter (lift-up doors, aluminum treadplate) Optional

Foamate, Foam, Finish

5. Foamate™ 2.1 Product Features For Industrial or Municipal Pumpers Integrated Flow GPM/LPM Dial with 1%, 3% & 6% Scale Metering Valve is Panel Mountable All Brass Construction Factory Calibrated Certified to NFPA Standards Foamate™ 2.1 Details Eductor Water Connection is 1.5" Victaulic

Foamate, Features, For, Flow, Factory

6. Trident’s Foamate 2.1 ATP is an around-the-pump foam proportioning system that adds fast and easy to operate Class B foam capabilities to any fire apparatus

Foamate, Foam, Fast, Fire

7. ZEP FS Foamate Alkaline Cleaner (5) Gallons 243935 - FS Foamate TYPE: Moderate to High Foaming Cleaner and Degreaser (1) 5-Gallon Container BENEFITS: Concentrated, high-foaming, heavy-duty, all-purpose liquid cleaner for use on many surfaces and food processing equipment

Fs, Foamate, Foaming, For, Food

8. The Foamate volume can reflect the performance of the enrichment efficiency


9. A larger Foamate volume means a lower enrichment of surface-active compounds due to a higher liquid hold-up in the foam phase

Foamate, Foam

10. The Foamate volume was also found to be larger as a result of more entrainment of liquid in the foam resulting from a shorter foam residence

Foamate, Found, Foam, From

11. Dimethicone copolyol meadowFoamate

12. Trident "Foamate" foam system; Pump control panel with pump & engine controls, tank level gauges; Hannay booster reel; Hose tray(s) CLICK HERE to see the SPITFIRE sell sheet with diagrams

Foamate, Foam

13. Chemical Reaction - Some chemicals react with the air that the skimmer produces and causes the skimmer to over-produce Foamate


14. The feed, retentate and Foamate samples from P

Feed, Foamate, From

15. Thailandensis reacted in a different way; although no proteins were present in the feed and retentate samples, approximately 20 μg/mL protein was detected in the Foamate samples at both airflow rates

Feed, Foamate

16. Foamate 2.1 General Information Trident’s Foamate™ 2.1 ATP is an around-the-pump foam proportioning system that adds fast and easy to operate Class B foam capabilities to any fire apparatus

Foamate, Foam, Fast, Fire

17. Trident’s Foamate 2.1 ATP is an around-the-pump foam proportioning system that adds fast and easy to

Foamate, Foam, Fast

18. The first was to hold the air superficial velocity constant and step down the pH in small increments, with 10 mL of Foamate collected at each pH level

First, Foamate

19. The second was to hold the pH constant and step up the air superficial velocity, V0, in small increments, again with 10 mL of Foamate collected at each V0 level.


20. Trident “Foamate” Class A Around the pump Foam system with pick-up tube; One (1) Hannay Electric booster reel with 150-ft of 1” hose; One (1) Hose tray, right side of tank; Code-3 Electronic Siren with Code-3 100-watt speaker; One (1) Golight spotlight with in-cab remote control; One (1) Fire Research swivel LED Work Light

Foamate, Foam, Ft, Fire

21. Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) (Shea Butter), Limmanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil (Meadow-Foamate), Ethyl Ester of Hydrolyzed Silk, Fragrance (Parfum) Directions Daily Styling - Apply approximately a quarter size amount of product onto the surface of the hair down to the ends.

Foamate, Fragrance

22. If concentrated levels of oils are present in the skimmer and/or water column you often will experience little to no Foamate production, low air induction and inconsistent level settings within the skimmer


23. Trident ‘Foamate’ Model #31.008.0 ATP-1.0 Class A around-the-pump foam system Hannay EF20-30-31-LT heavy duty electric rewind booster reel TFT 1.0” QuadraFog 5-10-24-40-60 GPM adjustable gallonage nozzle 120”D x 30"W x 5"H tool compartment at rear of the apparatus One sweep-out style compartment with one lift up door located on the driver’s side of the fire body One sweep-out style

Foamate, Foam, Fire

24. The Foamate was pumped back into the reactor with 235 mL/min


25. After the foam formation exceeded the Foamate reflux, the fractionation column (Ø inner = 135 mm, h = 190 mm) with a drainage pump (V ∙ drainage = 50 mL/min) was introduced between the reactor air exhaust and the foam centrifuge

Foam, Formation, Foamate, Fractionation

26. There are several common reasons a protein skimmer will overflow * Chemical Reaction -Some chemicals react with the air that the skimmer produces and causes the skimmer to over produce Foamate.Chemicals known to cause skimmers to overflow are, red slime remover, medications, reef/frag putties (epoxy Putty) frag glues, water conditioners

Foamate, Frag

27. Super Reef Octopus SRO 5000INT In-Sump Protein Skimmer   400 GALLONS 450 GALLONS 500 GALLONS High Performance Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster 5000 Skimmer Pump Max injection Venturi Air Injection System Solid Acrylic Construction Hybrid (half cone) Skimmer Body for Greater Foamate Stabilization & Collection Over Sized Collection Cup with Drain Bubble Dispersant …

For, Foamate

28. The Foamate phase with high selective recovery of The techniques were based on the difference of surface Au(III) from multi-metals solution

Foamate, From

29. Foamate samples were collected at fixed time intervals

Foamate, Fixed

30. Figure 2(a) shows the results of the kinetic parameters studied—Foamate rate, protein recovery rate, and lipolytic activity recovery rate of the samples along the elapsed time during the fractionation

Figure, Foamate, Fractionation

31. Bioreactor and Foamate samples were treated equally


32. Since the Foamate has a much smaller volume relative to the spent broth, foam fractionation results in a reduction of the liquid stream used for downstream processing (Stevenson and Li 2014)

Foamate, Foam, Fractionation, For

33. A method for finding a quasi-equilibrium relationship between the solute concentration in the Foamate and in the effluent by using the same system is described

For, Finding, Foamate

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