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1. Mouthpiece range of Fluegelhorn.GigaTone mouthpieces Fluegelhorn


2. Audio clip Fluegelhorn.Your Audio/Video on our site (free).

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3. Fluegelhorn German: A rare reed stop of 8' pitch, imitative of the orchestral instrument of the same name


4. GigaTone mouthpiece Fluegelhorn


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6. My enthusiasm for the Fluegelhorn goes back to an album …

For, Fluegelhorn

7. A bugle introduced in the mid-1960s copying the style and unique tonal characteristics of the Teutonic Fluegelhorn, an instrument popularized by musician Chuck Mangione


8. フリューゲルホルン(独: Flügelhorn, Flugelhorn, Fluegelhorn )は、金管楽器の1種であり、ビューグル属の楽器である。 時として(英語風に)フリューゲルホーンとも呼ばれ、しばしばフリューゲルと略称される。 「フリューゲル」(Flügel)はドイツ語で翼の意味である。

Fl, Flugelhorn, Fluegelhorn

9. Definition of Fluegelhorn in the dictionary


10. What does Fluegelhorn mean? Information and translations of Fluegelhorn in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


11. We love Fluegelhorns and therefore manufacture only the highest quality cases for Fluegelhorns to optimally protect them

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12. Antique Fluegelhorn-Kuhlohorn Ernst David late 19th, early 20th century Germany


13. What does Fluegelhorn mean? A brass instrument like the cornet in design and pitch but with a wider bore, larger bell


14. Fluegelhorn - a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore flugelhorn brass instrument , brass - a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece

Fluegelhorn, Flugelhorn, Funnel

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FLUEGELHORN [ˈflo͞oɡəlˌhôrn]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does flugelhorn mean?

a type of valved brass instrument consisting of a tube of conical bore with a cup-shaped mouthpiece, used esp in brass bands. It is a transposing instrument in B flat or C, and has the same range as the cornet in B flat Word Origin for flugelhorn German Flügelhorn, from Flügel wing + Horn horn

What does a flugelhorn look like?

To the casual observer, a flugelhorn looks very much like a trumpet or cornet. Inasmuch as it belongs to the instrumental family called the brass, is traditionally made of a brass or a brasslike material, although there are valveless models made of clay. Its range is two and a half octaves, and it is approximately nineteen inches long.

What family is the flugelhorn in?

Sources for technical information on this page listed below. The flugelhorn is a member of the horn family, specifically the brass family, which in turn is a member of the wind instrument family (Aerophones).

How long is a flugelhorn?

Approximately 1-1/2" long. The flugelhorn is a member of the horn family, specifically the brass family, which in turn is a member of the wind instrument family (Aerophones).

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