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1. Flextime, an abbreviation of flexible time, is a work arrangement that allows employees to choose their workday's starting and finishing time

Flextime, Flexible, Finishing

2. English Language Learners Definition of Flextime : a system in which employees are required to work a certain number of hours but are allowed to choose their own times for starting and finishing work See the full definition for Flextime in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Flextime, For, Finishing, Full

3. Flextime is a flexible work hours policy where employees are allowed to choose when their workday starts and ends, as long as they achieve the daily, weekly or monthly hours set by the employer.

Flextime, Flexible

4. Why Flextime Nurses At Flextime, our mission is to provide top-notch and thoroughly vetted talent at market competitive rates


5. Learn More Services Temporary Hire Temp


6. Flextime is a flexible schedule in which workers can alter workday start and finish times

Flextime, Flexible, Finish

7. Flextime provides a dedicated project manager who will meet with key stakeholders in your organisation from the start

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8. Your actual Flextime schedule will be specified in your Flexible Work Agreement with approval from your supervisor and department head

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9. What is Flextime? Flextime, in HR terms, refers to alternative or flexible work schedules

Flextime, Flexible

10. A Flextime work schedule is an alternative to the usual fixed or 9-to-5 work schedule

Flextime, Fixed

11. Flextime work schedule works best in remote working scenarios.


12. Flextime helps create a happier, more satisfying workplace, too


13. Flextime is a work option when an employee of the university works an approved alternate work schedule that enables completion of the traditional 40 hours per week in fewer or more than five full workdays

Flextime, Fewer, Five, Full

14. Flextime may include varying the time of day an employee …


15. Flextime is a double sided issue


16. Flextime is a benefit that allows you to have more control over your personal and work schedules


17. Flextime of a worker should not affect his productivity


18. Flextime of a worker should not adversely affect the productivity of the co-workers


19. The employee should always stick to the schedule of the Flextime that is agreed upon.


20. Flextime refers to the ability of employees to set their own schedules as long as they get their work done


21. Flextime Flextime is the most commonly requested, the easiest to manage and the most affordable flexible work option

Flextime, Flexible

22. About file types supported by FlextimePlayer

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23. Vista del Lago’s Flextime program is designed to ensure that every student receives the additional time and support necessary for academic success

Flextime, For

24. Flextime definition, a system of working that allows an employee to choose, within limits, the hours for starting and leaving work each day

Flextime, For

25. A system of working in which employees can vary the time they start and finish work as long as they work the agreed number of hours (Definition of Flextime from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary …

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26. Some company owners have added Flextime as one of their perks to lure and keep top talent


27. A system of working in which employees can vary the time they start and finish work as long as they work the agreed number of hours (Definition of Flextime from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary …

Finish, Flextime, From

28. Flextime The most requested, easiest to manage, and most affordable flexible work option, Flextime offers flexibility in arrival, departure and/or lunch times, typically with a designated core-time mid-day during which all staff are present.

Flextime, Flexible, Flexibility

29. 4.6.1 Flextime definition and purpose


30. A Flextime work schedule is an alternative work schedule for employees who normally work the eight-hour, five-day workweek, usually from 8 a.m

Flextime, For, Five, From

31. Flextime scheduling permits employees to select a work schedule that may assist with individual needs, especially commuting needs and family needs.

Flextime, Family

32. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, only about half of employers often Flextime--the ability to work a flexible schedule.Yet, flexibility is the word du jour, at the tip of

For, Flextime, Flexible, Flexibility

33. Flextime, system of assigning hours for work that permits employees to choose, within specified limits, the hours that they will be at their place of employment

Flextime, For

34. Flexibility—and Flextime work options matter more and more in the modern workplace

Flexibility, Flextime

35. Flextime 15 MINUTES AFTER SUNSET Camera is in PIR mode before and after Flextime periods


36. Flextime is active during daytime


37. 1 hour before Sunset to 15 min after Sunset Flextime + PIR period: 1


38. Finding employees to abide by a rigid attendance schedule is becoming more difficult as the trend of Flextime grows and gains popularity

Finding, Flextime

39. Flextime definition: a system allowing individual employees some flexibility in choosing the time, but not the Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Flextime, Flexibility

40. Flextime comes with several options The most common form of Flextime is a fixed schedule where the employee worksthe same set hours each day but it varies from the regular core business hoursof the office, e.g., 7:30 a.m

Flextime, Form, Fixed, From

41. Other Flextime options include the following.

Flextime, Following

42. Flextime is an award-winning developer & supplier of flexible working, time & attendance and employee scheduling solutions for organisations of all sizes

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43. Contact Sales Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1983, with offices in London, Flextime has over 400 customers with …

Founded, Flextime

44. Flextime refers to a flexible schedule, such as hours other than the usual 9-to-5 schedule

Flextime, Flexible

45. Compressed workweeks are a form of Flextime

Form, Flextime

46. Employers in Pennsylvania are free to offer Flextime

Free, Flextime

47. Flextime is a scheduling option in which employees choose their own work hours, usually working within approximate limits set by the employer or by the government


48. There are a number of advantages to Flextime, a concept which originated in Germany, and many employers all over the world offer this option to their employees.


49. ‘Sure, there is talk of Flextime, day care, and job-sharing, but these reforms just rearrange when women do the same amount of caretaking work-they don't lessen the overall work load.’ ‘Making childcare more affordable would help both mothers and fathers, as would Flextime, better health care benefits and more opportunities for family

Flextime, Fathers, For, Family

50. Flextime is a system that allows employees to vary the time that they start or finish work, provided that an agreed total number of hours are spent at work

Flextime, Finish

51. [ business ] I have recently introduced Flextime for …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of flex time?

Flex Time - The Cons Implementing Flex Time isn't going to be without challenges. First and foremost, it has the potential to complicate every aspect of day-to-day work if you're not careful. Everything from basic communication to collaborative projects can be disrupted by the lack of continuity.

Why is everyone talking about flextime?

Many aspects of their personal lives can conflict with the standard nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday hours. Whatever the reason, most employees appreciate the option to follow a flexible schedule, also known as flex time. Flex time allows employees to customize their schedules within a certain range of hours and days.

Is flex time the right approach for your business?

Flex time attracts more qualified employees. Flex time is a great benefit to offer valued employees, or to attract the best individual to fill that critical role in your business. Be sure to mention the flex time arrangement you have in mind before you start looking for a new teammate. Flex time can boost company productivity.

What does flexitime mean?

Definition of 'flexitime'. flexitime. Flexitime is a system that allows employees to vary the time that they start or finish work, provided that an agreed total number of hours are spent at work.

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