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1. Definition of Flexor : a muscle serving to bend a body part (such as a limb) Examples of Flexor in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The Spurs will welcome Aldridge back when his sore hip Flexor


2. Flexor may be available in the countries listed below


3. Ingredient matches for Flexor Chondroitin Polysulfate

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4. Chondroitin Polysulfate is reported as an ingredient of Flexor


5. 27 rows · Flexor Introducer with small valve assembly


6. Flexor® steel is a vacuum degassed electric arc furnace melt steel (EAF & LF & VD)

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7. 104 rows · Flexor High-Flex Ansel Guiding Sheath Flexor Ansel Guiding Sheath Flexor High-Flex …

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8. Flexor® is a unique steel which is neither a standard alloy steel nor a standard tool steel, though it is often mistaken for both

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9. Flexor® is extremely versatile due to it's unique chemistry and composition


10. Flexor's versatility in heat treatment allows for a wide range of physical properties.

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11. Every Flexor machine is built to order


12. How to use Flexor Solution This medication is given by injection into a vein or muscle by a health care professional


13. Flexor muscle, any of the muscles that decrease the angle between bones on two sides of a joint, as in bending the elbow or knee


14. Hip Flexor strain occurs when you use your hip Flexor muscles and tendons too much


15. Flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) tendons

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16. The chief symptom of a strained or torn hip Flexor is pain in the area at the front of your hip where it meets your thigh

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17. Hip Flexor strain can occur when the hip Flexor muscles are pulled, strained, torn or injured


18. Hip Flexor pain is a common complaint among physically active people, especially runners and soccer and hockey players



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 · Riding the Flexor, is most fun on slightly hilly terrain and getting the gear selection right going uphill is a clever challenge because you want to keep the same pedaling rhythm as you go through the gear changes without feeling the extreme lactose burn in your thighs from big muscle exertion while you build up muscle tissue in your legs.

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20. The hip Flexors are a group of muscles, the iliacus, psoas major muscles (also called the iliopsoas), and the rectus femoris, which is a part of your quadriceps

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21. Every time you take a step, you are using your hip Flexor muscles.


22. Flexor It is then Flexor tension that switches the hand on to the hold, reflex or squeeze override


23. From the Cambridge English Corpus The type of contracted muscle (Flexor/ extensor) determines the …

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24. Flexor Joint and Mobility Support 60 Tablets is a daily supplement that combines collagen, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and vitamin D in a powerful formulation that helps to support the functions of the joints and improve joint flexibility and mobility.

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25. The Flexor pulley system of the hand is a complex structure that co-ordinates flexion of the digits.

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26. Flexor tendon injuries do not heal by themselves and frequently require surgery to put the injured tendon back to its normal position

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27. Flexor digitorum profundus muscle (Musculus Flexor digitorum profundus) Flexor digitorum profundus is a fusiform muscle located deep within the anterior (Flexor) compartment of the forearm.Along with the Flexor pollicis longus and pronator quadratus muscles, it comprises the deep Flexor compartment of the forearm.

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28. 1 day ago · Yates is expected to miss some time because of a Flexor-pronator strain By R.J


29. Flexor is a collection of Blazor components and configurations which allow developers to take full advantage of Flexbox CSS

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30. Flexor is highly configurable, allowing developers to create fully responsive and reactive Blazor web applications.

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31. Each finger has two Flexor tendons – one bends the middle joint, the other bends both the middle and fingertip joints

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32. The thumb has one Flexor tendon to bend the tip


33. Causes of Flexor Tendon Injuries


34. The most common cause of a Flexor tendon injury is a deep cut to the palm or the finger(s).

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35. Hip Flexor tears or strains can occur from overusing the muscle groups that make up the hip Flexor

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36. The most common symptom someone with a hip Flexor tear or strain will have is hip pain


37. A hip Flexor tear or strain can be diagnosed in a full medical exam by your doctor.

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38. A digital Flexor injection is a treatment for a trigger finger typically given under local anesthesia in which the affected area is injected with a corticosteroid

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39. This item 29" Men's Kent DS Flexor Mountain Bike Mongoose 27.5" R4054WMC Ledge 2.1 Men's Bike for a Path, Trail & Mountains,Black, Aluminum Full Suspension Frame, Twist Shifters Through 21 Speeds Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601

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40. Medical definition of Flexor retinaculum: a fibrous band of fascia on the medial side of the ankle that extends downward from the medial malleolus of the tibia to the calcaneus and that covers over the bony grooves containing the tendons of the Flexor muscles, the posterior tibial artery and vein, and the tibial nerve as they pass into the sole of the foot.

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41. Flexor tenosynovitis is a condition where there is inflammation around the Flexor tendons of the finger

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42. When this happens, the Flexor tendon catches and the patient is unable to extend or flex the finger

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43. Majority of the cases of Flexor tenosynovitis are infectious in nature; however, Flexor tenosynovitis can also occur due to inflammation from noninfectious causes, such as overuse, diabetes

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44. The hip Flexor’s main purpose in cycling is to allow cyclists to efficiently decrease the backside weight


45. Our hip Flexors can also help to effectively produce hip extension power


46. The glutes are the direct antagonist to the hip Flexors


47. Synonyms for Flexor in Free Thesaurus

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48. 1 synonym for Flexor: Flexor muscle

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49. A Flexor muscle is a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint, decreasing the angle between components of a limb, such as straightening the wrist


50. Hip Flexor pain is often felt in the hip or groin and made worse by certain movements, such as kicking, pivoting at high speeds, or moving the knee towards the chest

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51. The underlying cause of hip Flexor pain may be: Hip Flexor strain or tear


52. Hip Brace for Hip Flexor Sciatica Thigh Hamstring Labral Tear Bursitis Arthritis Si Joint Injury Groin Muscle Pull Strain Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Compression Support Stabilizer Spica Wrap Women Men (Black) 3.9 out of 5 stars 2,827

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53. Flexor hallucis longus (musculus Flexor hallucis longus) Flexor hallucis longus muscle is a powerful muscle that comprises the deep layer of the posterior compartment of the leg.It belongs to a group called the deep Flexors of the calf, which also include popliteus, Flexor digitorum longus and tibialis posterior muscles.

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54. According to the direction of its muscle fibers, Flexor hallucis longus

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55. Tension in Flexor tendons during wrist flexion may play a role in otherwise unexplained instances of the carpal tunnel syndrome

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56. As the wrist is flexed, the median nerve in the tunnel bends around the taut Flexor retinaculum

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FLEXOR [ˈfleksər, ˈflekˌsôr]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of flexor muscle?

flexor muscle - a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint. flexor. skeletal muscle, striated muscle - a muscle that is connected at either or both ends to a bone and so move parts of the skeleton; a muscle that is characterized by transverse stripes.

What is the abbreviation for flexor digitorum profundus?

Acronym Definition
FDP Freisinnig - Demokratische Partei der Sc ...
FDP Flexor Digitorum Profundus
FDP Family Dental Plan (Utah)
FDP Field Development Plan
52 more rows ... Nov 25 2020

What is the flexor hallucis longus?

Flexor Hallucis Longus. Flexor Hallucis Longus is a multipennate muscle whose fibers emerge through the flexor side of the fibula and also through the adjacent aponeurosis of the flexor digitorum longus.

What is the flexor surface of the arm?

The flexor surface of the leg is the back of the leg. The extensor surface of the arm is the outer arm, or the parts of the skin on the opposite side of the joint. Extensor surfaces do not touch.

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