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1. [ Flaps ] See synonyms for Flaps on noun (used with a singular verb)Veterinary Pathology

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2. The wing Flaps are located on the outer trailing edge of the aircraft’s wing, between the ailerons and the fuselage

Flaps, Fuselage

3. Large jet airliners can have as many as three sections to their Flaps, which can be extended as required during take-off and landing


4. Smaller aircraft have Flaps of an appropriate size that are attached to the wings by hinges.


5. "Flaps allows us to have total accessibility to our information


6. With Flaps we can find exactly what we are looking for without having to watch the entire video or read an entire document"

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7. Flaps are located on the trailing edge of each wing, usually between the fuselage and the ailerons, and extend downward (and often outward) from the wing when put into use

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8. The purpose of the Flaps is to generate more lift at slower airspeed, which enables the airplane to fly at a greatly reduced speed with a lower risk of stalling.

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9. INTERVENTION: Nine fibular, 11 rectus abdominus, 3 scapular, 6 radial forearm, and 1 latissimus dorsi free Flaps were used to reconstruct these defects

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10. Extending Flaps increases drag as well, which, for the most part, is a good thing

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11. Shop Mud Flaps For Semi Truck Exteriors

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12. You already know that mudFlaps needn’t be plain and boring

13. From branded Peterbilt and Kenworth models to patriotic and pop culture-inspired designs, our Flaps offer protection and let you express your personal style on the road.

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14. Mud Flaps go way far back when pilgrims used them on their buggies

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15. Flaps are often the ideal closure for skin wounds when a simple primary closure is not possible

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16. After perfection of suturing and surgical technique, the ability to choose the ideal flap comes from a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Flaps and especially the tissue movement dynamics for each flap subgroup.

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17. The Flaps and slats move along metal tracks built into the wings


18. Moving the Flaps aft (toward the tail) and the slats forward increases the wing area.

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19. Use of Flaps Flap extension during landings provides several advantages by: • Producing greater lift and permitting lower landing speed

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20. A-Premium Mud Flaps Splash Guards Replacement for Cadillac Escalade 2007-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ 2009-2014 GMC Yukon 2014 4-PC Set 4.3 out of 5 stars 130 $45.99 $ 45

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21. 【Durable Model Y Mud Flaps】Made of sturdy ABS thermoplastic material, durable and enable work in any harsh environment safely


22. Choose from our selection of door Flaps, including door strips and rolls, strip doors, and more

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23. Flaps, regardless of the type installed on the airplane you fly, do make a difference in the way the airplane flies, especially on takeoff and landing

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24. For any given type of flap installation, it also makes a difference how far you extend the Flaps, depending on the situation you face for that takeoff or …

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25. Cal local Flaps such as gastrocnemius, soleus muscle flap, and the reverse sural flap have allowed to achieve those goals, perforator Flaps are now added on to the armamentarium in lower extremity reconstruction using local Flaps

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26. Mud Flaps Protect your truck with the custom-design of WeatherTech No Drill Mud Flaps


27. Adjustable Flaps, or trim tabs, at the bottom of the transom, Figure 2.7, are employed on high speed semi-displacement and planing craft to adjust the running trim and minimise the resistance to forward motion

Flaps, Figure, Forward

28. Protect your truck from mud, rocks, and other hazards with a set of mud Flaps

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29. Also known as splash guards or mud guards, mud Flaps are made from a variety of materials including thick rubber, plastic, or diamond plate

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30. Choose universal fit or custom-molded mud Flaps from popular brands like WeatherTech and Husky Liners.

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31. Super durable Rally Mud Flaps for Subaru, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Dodge, VW, Nissan & more

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32. Universal Black Mud Flaps by Plasticolor®, 1 Pair


33. Mud Guards are colorful and durable Flaps with a patented, fiberglass backing that not only keeps them from cracking or splitting, but also

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34. Flaps Fuses (Spare) Landing Light (if for Hire) Anti-Collision Light Position Lights Source of Power (14 CFR 91.205 Required equipment for VFR night flight) Note: We have 3 other definitions for Flaps

Flaps, Fuses, For, Flight

35. When the airplane is taking off, the Flaps help to produce more lift


36. Conversely, Flaps allow for a steep but controllable angle during landing

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37. During both, efficient use of Flaps help to shorten the amount of runway length needed for takeoff and landing

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38. Wing Flaps change the shape of the airplane wing


39. The magical Genie of the Flaps will grant you whatever your heart desires as long as you let him live in your shedTwitter:


40. Mud Flaps are one of the most-affordable ways to keep your car, truck, or SUV looking new


41. Our large, in-stock selection of mud Flaps will help protect the sides of …


42. LUVERNE truck mud Flaps add style and protection


43. Our Mud Guards offer a vehicle-specific fit, while our Tow Guard trailer protector installs as needed, providing functional hitch-mounted mud Flaps.

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44. LUVERNE Tow Guard hitch-mounted mud Flaps provide your trailer with a full-width, front-end defense

Flaps, Full, Front

45. Mounted on the back of your vehicle, these towing mud Flaps easily deflect dirt, stones and debris kicked up by your truck’s tires, preventing unsightly scuffs, scratches and other damage to your trailer.


46. Flaps are designed for flat based rims including split rims, lock ring style rims, clincher rims, and many truck rims

Flaps, For, Flat

47. Universal Black Mud Flaps by Plasticolor®, 1 Pair


48. Mud Guards are colorful and durable Flaps with a patented, fiberglass backing that not only keeps them from cracking or splitting, but also

Flaps, Fiberglass, From

49. These have included reversed latissimus dorsi Flaps, free Flaps, extended intercostal Flaps, or fasciocutaneous rotation Flaps

Flaps, Free, Fasciocutaneous

50. We have raised paraspinous muscle Flaps bilaterally and have been able to cover a number of difficult wounds.


51. You make your truck work hard, so protect it from mud and rocks with a set of mud Flaps

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52. Also known as splash guards or mud guards, mud Flaps are constructed out of thick rubber or plastic, diamond plate, custom-molded, brush strip or stainless steel styles and help keep your vehicle protected and looking sharp.


53. Scott Levin, Steffen Baumeister, in Flaps and Reconstructive Surgery, 2009 Patient positioning


54. Flaps are a high lift device consisting of a hinged panel or panels mounted on the trailing edge of the wing


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FLAPS [flap]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does flap mean in slang?

To flap means ‘to move back and forth loosely’ or ‘to move up and down,’ like wings or arms. As a slang term, ‘to become excited or confused,’ usually because of stress, is also to flap.

What does flap stand for in English?

What does FLAP stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
FLAP 5-Lipoxygenase-Activating Protein
FLAP Foreign Language Assistance Program (US ...
FLAP Fatal Light Awareness Program (Canada)
FLAP Family Law Assistance Program (various l ...
4 more rows ... Dec 12 2020

What does flap mean in medical dictionary?

[ flap] 1. a mass of tissue for grafting, usually including skin, only partially removed from one part of the body so that it retains its own blood supply during transfer to another site. 2. an uncontrolled movement. advancement flap sliding flap.

What is another word for in a flap?

Synonyms for in a flap include on pins and needles, in suspense, anxious, apprehensive, edgy, nervous, on edge, strained, tense and worried. Find more similar words at!

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