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1. Flank definition is - the fleshy part of the side between the ribs and the hip; broadly : the side of a quadruped

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2. How to use Flank in a sentence.


3. A cut of meat from the Flank of an animal.

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4. A Flank is space between the lowest rib and hip of an animal or person


5. To Flank something means to stand at the side of something


6. In the military, a Flank is a left or right side of an army or fleet of ships

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7. Flank’s services and solutions are solving businesses’ growing security, governance, and compliance concerns by offering scalable, efficient, high-quality solutions


8. We love cooking with Flank steak


9. Flank steak is a perfect grilling meat


10. Flank pain refers to discomfort in your upper abdomen or back and sides


11. Flank (anatomy), part of the abdomen Flank steak, a cut of beef; Part of the external anatomy of a horse; Flank speed, a nautical term; Flank opening, a chess opening; A term in Australian rules football; The side of a military unit, as in a Flanking maneuver; Flanking, a sound path in architectural acoustics; Flanking region, a region of DNA in directionality

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12. Budget-minded, versatile Flank steak shines in a range of preparations


13. Sample the selection from our most popular Flank steak recipes and build up your recipe box

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14. How to Cook Flank Steak If it's


15. A cut of meat from the Flank of an animal.

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16. Flank Pain is a highly discomforting condition that affects a staggering percentage of the population worldwide


17. Read on to know what is Flank Pain, as well as its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more.


18. 13 synonyms of Flank from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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19. Flank: a place, space, or direction away from or beyond a …

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20. Flank steak is a fairly tough cut of meat due to its leanness

Flank, Fairly

21. Our simple marinade has just four ingredients and is the perfect way to prepare Flank steak for …

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22. Find 9 ways to say Flank, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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23. Flank is an architectural and real estate development firm founded in 2002 by Jon Kully and Mick Walsdorf

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24. Flank’s beefy flavor enhances any sauce you’re making with it

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25. Although stir-frying is a quick cook method, you’ll find Flank steak will be too chewy

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26. If You Can’t Find Flank, Use These Cuts

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27. There are two cuts of meat that have the long striations of muscle similar to Flank.


28. The side of something: Troops attacked the enemy’s left Flank


29. A person’s or animal’s Flanks are the sides of its body between the ribs and the hips


30. (Definition of Flank from the Cambridge Academic Content …

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31. Flank is all about accessible, whole animal cooking


32. Cooking Flank steak in the oven is a quick and easy way to cook this steak


33. You need just 5 simple ingredients to make this broiled Flank steak recipe, and it takes just 5 minutes to prep.


34. Flank steak is a brawny cut of steak from the bottom abdominal area of the cow

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35. The tough muscle fibers need to tenderized with a marinade and then shortened so they aren’t chewy; that is why Flank steak should always be cut across the grain.

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36. Flank was founded in 2002 by Jon Kully and Mick Walsdorf with the express intent of offering an alternative real estate investment vehicle

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37. Flank pain is pain in one side of the body between the upper belly area (abdomen) and the back.


38. The Flank or latus is the side of the body between the rib cage and the iliac bone of the hip (below the rib cage and above the ilium).


39. Flank: 1 n the side between ribs and hipbone Type of: body part any part of an organism such as an organ or extremity n a cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg Type of: cut of beef cut of meat from beef cattle n the side of military or naval formation “they attacked the enemy's right Flank ” Synonyms: wing

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40. Cooking Flank Steak How to Cook Flank Steak


41. Flank steak is famous for its intense flavor – and for how tough it can be if improperly cooked

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42. The truth is, Flank steak is a wonderfully versatile cut of beef and can be melt-in-your-mouth tender with just a little know-how.


43. Flank 'Flank' is a 5 letter word starting with F and ending with K Crossword clues for 'Flank' Clue Answer; Steak cut (5) Flank __ steak (5) Side of an animal (5) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Flank We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Flank will help you to finish your crossword today

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44. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Biology, Army Flank Flank 1 / flæŋk / noun [countable] 1 HB the side of an animal’s or person’s body, between the rib s and the hip 2 PMA SIDE the side of an army in a battle, or a sports team when playing We were attacked on our left Flank

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45. Flank steak is generally quite a lean cut of beef but sometimes it is sold with a bit of fat on the outside or a thin membrane

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46. Flank is a collective of strategists, marketers, designers photographers, writers, developers and editors


47. Flank is a massively parallel Android and iOS test runner for Firebase Test Lab

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48. Flank is YAML compatible with the gcloud CLI


49. Flank provides extra features to accelerate velocity and increase quality

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50. Documentation is at Github action documentation is at repository


51. 1 day ago · Flank has secured $187.5 million in financing for its new luxury multifamily property in Nashville, Tenn., Commercial Observer can first report

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52. Flank (n.) late Old English flanc "Flank, fleshy part of the side," from Old French flanc "hip, side," from Frankish or another Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *hlanca-(source also of Old High German (h)lanca, Middle High German lanke "hip joint," German lenken "to bend, turn aside;" Old English hlanc "loose and empty, slender, flaccid;" Old Norse hlykkr "a bend, noose, loop"), from PIE

Flank, Flanc, Fleshy, From, French, Frankish, Flaccid

53. See 11 authoritative translations of Flank in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


54. ‘Hugging the long north Flank of the building, a shallow flight of steps leads from the street to the square, channelling visitors up to the museum entrance.’ ‘The trail curls nearly 3,000 feet up the mountain's east Flank in 4.2 miles, and the wind is a reliable companion.’

Flank, Flight, From, Feet

55. Flank (plural Flanks) The flesh between the last rib and the hip; the side

Flank, Flanks, Flesh

56. A cut of meat from the Flank of an animal

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57. Flank is the region that lies between the hip and the last rib, i.e


58. Flank pain is pain or discomfort occurring in this region or on the side of the body


59. Flank pain is often caused by a muscle strain, back strain or sprain, problems with the kidneys, ureters, or bladder such as pyelonephritis, kidney stone, and renal


60. The following is an extract: Flank attack (Mil.), an attack upon the side of an army or body of troops, distinguished from one upon its front or rear

Following, Flank, From, Front

61. Flank company (Mil.), a certain number of troops drawn up on the right or left of a battalion; usually grenadiers, light infantry, or riflemen.


62. Challenger Tack Horse Western Carved Leather Rear Flank Back Cinch Girth Saddle Billets 9774-80


63. Amazon's Choice for Flank cinch

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64. Acerugs Back Cinch Strap for Western Saddles Horse Bucking Strap Rear Girth Flank Cinch Smooth Leather.

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65. Flank speed is a US term for the highest speed at which a ship can go - “pedal to the metal”

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66. Flank definition: An animal's Flank is its side, between the ribs and the hip


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'flank' mean and how is it used?

A: it is a verb and a noun. it means the side of something, usually used as a military term. A general might say "The enemy is on our right flank ". the same general might say "They out- flank ed us" if his army is overrun on one side. it is not generally used.

What does flank stand for?

“Flank” usually means “side,” but it really depends on the context. If you’re using it as a noun, as in “the flank,” it could mean the fur on the hindquarters of an animal. If you're using it as a verb, as in “to flank,” it is frequently used as a military term meaning to block off the sides of an enemy troop.

What does the name flank mean?

noun Flank. Senses. The fleshy or muscular part of the side of an animal, between the ribs and the hip. See Illust. of Beef. [ Mil] The side of an army, or of any division of an army, as of a brigade, regiment, or battalion; the extreme right or left; as, to attack an enemy in flank is to attack him on the side.

What does it mean to flank somebody?

flank (up) on someone or something. to be at the side of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Victorian mansion flanked on the tall, modern apartment building. It flanked on a broad expanse of fir trees. See also: flank, on.

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