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1. Flanges have excellent corrosion resistance to handle a wide range of acids and other highly-corrosive chemicals


2. They are reinforced with fiberglass layers for better strength and durability than any of our other pipe Flanges for chemicals.

Fiberglass, For, Flanges

3. These Flanges come in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum


4. Aluminum Flanges are to be used for cover Flanges only

Flanges, For

5. Texas flange provides the different types of industrial Flanges like socket weld, alloy pipe, chrome, duplex, carbon steel, lap joint, stainless steel, custom, weld neck, and many more

Flange, Flanges

6. These types of Flanges are used in high pressure and temperature application


7. Weld neck Flanges are Bulky & …


8. Expanding Flanges can be used to increase the run pipe bore only by one or maximum two sizes and not more (example: from 2 to 3 or maximum 4 inches)

Flanges, From

9. Expander Flanges are a cheaper (and lighter) solution compared to the combination of a buttweld reducer and a standard flange (which is the standard solution for pipe bore increases above 2 sizes).

Flanges, Flange, For

10. Shop for Stainless Steel Flanges at Ferguson

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11. Flanges are usually manufactured based on Industry Specifications established by ANSI B16.5, ASME B16.47, MSS-SP44, API, and AWWA-C207


12. Custom and Project Oriented Flanges are gaining popularity as new technology and equipment is constantly being developed.


13. Flanges Table, Flanges Dimensions, Flanges Standard Chart, Flanges Size Chart India


14. Flanges Table, Flanges Dimensions, Flanges Standard Chart, Flanges Size Chart We Export : uae, saudi arabia, qatar, oman, malaysia, sinagapore, indonesia, sudan, israel, south africa, kenya Metal Industries is a Professional steel Flanges and forgings manufacturer in india, specialize in manufacturing

Flanges, Forgings

15. All Flanges that we are showing you today for the purpose of this video are 150 pound Flanges

Flanges, For

16. PENN ENGINEERING stocks the west coasts largest inventory of popular Waveguide Flanges from WR3 to WR650 including UG, CMR, CPRF, CPRG, Cover, Choke, PDR, PBR, UDR, UBR, PAR, CBR, BRJ, UER, UAR, and Special Flanges

Flanges, From

17. Our Flanges are made from 304 stainless steel material, and include, ASA, NW (ISO-KF), ISO, CF and wire seal Flanges.

Flanges, From

18. Flanges with rating class of 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900# and 1500# in sizes NPS 1/2 to 24


19. Flanges are necessary to attach piping sub-assemblies to pressure vessels, valves, pumps or other devices


20. Flanges are forged or cast rings of steel, designed to join two sections of piping together by bolting

Flanges, Forged

21. Materials for Flanges used mostly are Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy Steel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium and other

For, Flanges

22. G-C® Compact Flanges G-C Compact Flange System® is a fully proven alternative to the conventional flanged connection used throughout the oil, gas, …

Flanges, Flange, Fully, Flanged

23. Medela PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields, 2 Pack of X-Large 30mm Breast Pump Flanges, Made Without BPA, Shaped Around You for Comfortable and Efficient Pumping 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,495 $11.11 $ 11

Flex, Flanges, For

24. Browse Flanges in the World Wide Metric, Inc


25. Catalog including Flat Faced Slip-On Flanges ,Raised Faced Slip-On Flanges,Blind Flanges,Raised Face Weld Neck Flanges,Lap Joint Flanges,Bulkhead Flanges,Copper Nickel Flange

Flat, Faced, Flanges, Face, Flange

26. We have merged the two brand names of ULMA Forja S.Coop, ULMA Piping and ULMA Lazkao Forging, under the name ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions, combining more than half a century of global experience manufacturing FORGED STEEL Flanges and high-spec FORGED COMPONENTS, strengthening ULMA’s position as a leading brand in our market.

Forja, Forging, Forged, Flanges

27. Inside Fit PVC Hub Toilet Flange with Test Cap and Stainless Steel Ring Oatey drains and closet Flanges come in the Oatey drains and closet Flanges come in the widest variety of sizes, materials and configurations

Fit, Flange, Flanges

28. DIN (Metric) Steel and Stainless Steel Flanges


29. We stock PN-rated steel and stainless steel slip-on Flanges manufactured to the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) specification


30. Choose from a wide range of slip-on, ring-style Flanges sized according to DIN metric standards available in …

From, Flanges

31. Flanges come in pairs, so when you purchase one set, you get Flanges for both sides of your pump

Flanges, For

32. Flanges should be purchased according to your pipe size.


33. ½ inch Threaded Class 150 304 Stainless Steel Flanges $22.51


34. ½ inch Threaded Class 150 316 Stainless Steel Flanges


35. Class 300 ANSI B16.5 Forged Flanges

Forged, Flanges

36. 6BX and 6B Flanges (welding neck Flanges, blind Flanges, target Flanges and test Flanges) are fully conformed to API 6A and made of modern alloy steel via advanced manufacturing techniques

Flanges, Fully

37. 6B Flanges are of the ring joint type and are not designed for face-to-face make-up.

Flanges, For, Face

38. We produce steel and stainless steel pipe Flanges for waterworks service to comply with American Water Works Association (AWWA) C207 and C228 specifications, including blind, slip-on and hub ring types to seal piping systems.

Flanges, For

39. Oatey drains and closet Flanges come in the widest variety of sizes, materials and configurations


40. A gasket is inserted between the two mating Flanges to provide a tighter seal.


41. Flanges are supplied with different hole configurations and with or without set screws


42. Not all Flanges are suitable for structural applications

Flanges, For

43. These forged Flanges are used to connect pipes and Industrial Refrigeration control valves (regulators, solenoids, check valves, etc.) to a piping system.

Forged, Flanges

44. We manufacture a comprehensive range of Flanges and flanged components such as nipples, elbows, tees, and crosses in all standard vacuum flange systems

Flanges, Flanged, Flange

45. Look here to find a wide assortment of pump Flanges, including Taco bronze shut-off freedom Flanges, Taco iron body pump Flanges, Taco bronze body pump Flanges, Grundfos Flanges, Bell & Gossett Flanges, and Webstone isolation Flanges.

Find, Flanges, Freedom

46. Stainless Steel Flange – highly resistant to rust, stainless steel Flanges are stronger and more resilient compared to other carbon steel Flanges; Aluminum Flange – often preferred for its lightweight structure, aluminum Flanges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, at a reduced and affordable cost

Flange, Flanges, For

47. Plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) toilet Flanges are the most commonly used Flanges in both residential and commercial toilets


48. Some PVC toilet Flanges are made of 100 percent from polyvinyl chloride while others will come with a metallic top and a PVC base

Flanges, From

49. All PVC toilet Flanges are manufactured to fit three-inch or four-inch drainpipes.

Flanges, Fit, Four

50. Diameters and bolt circles for standard ASME B16.5 Flanges - 1/4 to 24 inches - Class 150 to 2500

For, Flanges

51. SS 316 Blind Flange, Manufacturer of SS DIN 1.4401 Nippolet Flanges

Flange, Flanges

52. The A182 specification applies to forged and rolled Flanges with fittings, valves and other high temperature components.

Forged, Flanges, Fittings

53. The strength of blind Flanges makes them work well for high pressure systems

Flanges, For

54. Finally, van Flanges allow the user to align the bolt holes after the flange has been installed because they utilize a free-floating ring

Finally, Flanges, Flange, Free, Floating

55. Regardless of the type, Schedule 80 PVC Flanges range from ½ of an inch to 12 inches in diameter to fit most Schedule 80 pipe

Flanges, From, Fit

56. Flanges are designed for a specific pressure at a designated temperature

Flanges, For

57. Pipe Flanges are designed to give you added support, block off piping or enable extra attachments to any pipe in your facility

Flanges, Facility

58. CF Flanges are available with tapped or untapped holes


59. Tapped Flanges are available in Unc/UnF or metric threads


60. Tapped Flanges have through holes, so bolts may protrude slightly from the back of the flange when fastened to an untapped flange

Flanges, From, Flange, Fastened

61. Untapped cF Flanges can be fastened to each other with stainless steel bolts and hex nuts or plate nuts.

Flanges, Fastened

62. What are Flanges? Flanges are used to connect valves, pipes, pumps and other equipment to make a pipework system


63. Typically Flanges are welded or threaded, and two Flanges are connected together by bolting them with gaskets to provide a seal …


64. Slip On Flanges are slipped over the pipe and then welded both inside and outside to provide sufficient strength and prevent leakage


65. Due to it's lower cost and the fact that less accuracy is required when cutting pipe to length, these Flanges are preferred over weld neck Flanges.

Fact, Flanges

66. Flanges, Gaskets & Bolts A flange is a common way to connect a valve to pipework and other equipment

Flanges, Flange

67. Two Flanges are joined together with bolts or studs and have a gasket between them


68. Flanges Clamped Together Selection of Flanges A flange is specified by the following in

Flanges, Flange, Following

69. Important: Safety Flanges (Part no


70. Carbon Steel MSS SP 44 Flanges: ASTM/ASME A/SA105 A/SA105N & A/SA216-WCB, DIN 1.0402, DIN 1.0460, DIN 1.0619, Die Steel, ASTM A105 / ASME SA105, A105N, ASTM A350 LF2 / ASME SA350, High Yield CS ASTM A694 / A694 (F52 F56 F60 F65 F70 F80)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of flange?

Definition of flange. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a rib or rim for strength, for guiding, or for attachment to another object a flange on a pipe a flange on a wheel.

What is the purpose of the flange?

A flange is a disc that can connect to a pipe with the purpose of providing increased strength, ending the flow or allowing for the attachment of items, such as spray nozzles, to the end of a pipe.

What are the main types of flanges?

  • Groove Flanges / Tongue Flanges. A groove flange is constantly paired with a tongue flange. The tongue flange has the face with a raised ring (i.e.
  • Long Neck Flanges.
  • Orifice Flanges.
  • Spectacle Flanges.
  • What does "one piece flange" actually mean?

    A one-piece flange is cast zinc-type alloy (Zymac) all one piece. The two-piece flanges are a flat plate with holes thru which the brackets go & round hollow tube that holds the flat flange on & rests against a lip on the rim.

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