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1. Finite definition is - having deFinite or definable limits


2. How to use Finite in a sentence.


3. Bounded in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent a Finite difference maths logic having a number of elements that is a natural number; able to be counted using the natural numbers less than some natural numberCompare denumerable, inFinite (def


4. 4) limited or restricted in nature human existence is Finite


5. (Mathematics) bounded in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent: a Finite difference. 2


6. Finite adjective (LIMITED) C2 having a limit or end: The funds available for the health service are Finite and we cannot afford to waste money.

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7. 10 synonyms of Finite from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 36 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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8. Calling something Finite means it has an end or finishing point. Preparing for a standardized test might be unpleasant, but you have to remember that the work is Finite; you won't be doing it forever

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9. Most people are far more familiar with the word Finite when they see it inside the word inFinite, or without end.

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10. The definition of Finite is something that has a limit that can't be exceeded. An example of Finite is the number of people who can fit in an elevator at the same time.

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11. In the world of dynamical systems, starting points whose sequences eventually repeat are called Finite orbit points. MATHEMATICIANS SET NUMBERS IN MOTION TO UNLOCK THEIR SECRETS KELSEY HOUSTON-EDWARDS FEBRUARY 22, 2021 QUANTA MAGAZINE

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12. The definition of Finite: Not inFinite


13. A Finite verb is the main verb in a sentence. It’s the root word that drives the rest of the sentence


14. Deep industry knowledge and a broad recruiting network In-Finite is transforming the recruiting industry. We dedicate our recruiters and client managers to your industry and create long-term, successful relationships with our clients, candidates, and associates


15. Below you will find the solution for: Finite 7 Little Words which contains 7 Letters

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16. Since you already solved the clue Finite which had the answer LIMITED, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other daily crossword clues.


17. Finite is a B2B marketing community with webinars, B2B marketing events, roundtables & Slack community covering a range of trends & topics from across the B2B marketing landscape

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18. Finite number (disambiguation) Finite set, a set whose cardinality (number of elements) is some natural number Finite verb, a verb form that has a subject, usually being inflected or marked for person and/or tense or aspect

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19. Finite Returns to Winning Ways in Chilukki After beginning the season full of promise, Finite came full circle with a 2 1/2-length score in the $100,000 Chilukki Stakes (G3) Nov

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20. Examples of Finite in a sentence


21. They had only a Finite amount of gas, which is why they had to turn the generator off during the day


22. 🔊 Though people were warned that the Finite amount of tungsten would run out, it is still found all around the world

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23. In English grammar, a Finite verb is a form of a verb that (a) shows agreement with a subject and (b) is marked for tense

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24. NonFinite verbs are not marked for tense and do not show agreement with a subject


25. If there is just one verb in a sentence, that verb is Finite


26. (Put another way, a Finite verb can stand by itself in a sentence.)


27. Free math problem solver answers your Finite math homework questions with step-by-step explanations.

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28. Word family (adjective) Finite ≠ inFinite From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Grammar fi‧nite /ˈfaɪnaɪt/ ●○○ AWL adjective 1 having an end or a limit OPP inFinite the Earth’s Finite resources 2 technical

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29. Having a deFinite limit or fixed size a Finite number of possibilities The world's resources are Finite.

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30. The Crossword Solver found 27 answers to the Finite crossword clue

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31. Finite - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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32. In combinatorics, a Finite set with n elements is sometimes called an n-set and a subset with k elements is called a k-subset.For example, the set {5,6,7} is a 3-set – a Finite set with three elements – and {6,7} is a 2-subset of it

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33. Finite sets are the sets having a Finite/countable number of members


34. Finite sets are also known as countable sets as they can be counted


35. The process will run out of elements to list if the elements of this set have a Finite number of members


36. Examples of Finite sets: P = { 0, 3, 6, 9, …, 99} Q = { a : a is an integer, 1 < a < 10}


37. Finite’s colorful, 28-page handbook is intended to familiarize the user with all aspects of coalescing filtration from the basics to advanced theory and concept

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38. Have More Questions? Request a free copy of Finite’s Basics of coalescing - Bulletin 1300-700/Usa

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39. Call 1-800-521-4357 or see it online at


40. "Finite Math" is a catch-all title for a collection of topics that are anything but calculus

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41. Synonyms for Finite in Free Thesaurus

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42. 9 synonyms for Finite: limited, bounded, restricted, demarcated, conditioned, circumscribed, delimited

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43. The Finite model of deep technical understanding means you’ll be working with recruiters who know the detail of your achievements and qualifications


44. Finite verbs, on the other hand, already mark themselves for tense, aspect and voice

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45. According to O'Dwyer, when the auxiliary verb occurs with the nonFinite form of the verb, the auxiliary is always the Finite verb

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46. If more than one auxiliary occurs, the first auxiliary is always the Finite verb.

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47. ORIGIN - "Finite" Official Music Video from the album 'Antithesis' SUBSCRIBE: at Relapse: on

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48. A Finite verb is a verb that has a Finite or limited agreement with the subject


49. Finite definition: Something that is Finite has a deFinite fixed size or extent

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50. ‘However, there is a Finite number of police officers to respond to incidents.’ ‘They were always going to gain a Finite amount of income from the scheme.’ ‘Inductive arguments reason from a Finite set of examples to a general rule.’ ‘Guest speaker, Mr Warner, pointed out that water is a Finite resource that is inFinitely recycled.’

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51. Finite offers a variety of high pressure compressed air and gas filters

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52. Whether you are storing high pressure air or gas or using a continuous flow, count on Finite

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53. - The term Finite element was first coined by clough in 1960

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54. Finite Risk Insurance: An insurance contract in which the insured provides a pool of funds for use as loss reserves and for generating investment income

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55. A Finite difference is a mathematical expression of the form f (x + b) − f (x + a).If a Finite difference is divided by b − a, one gets a difference quotient.The approximation of derivatives by Finite differences plays a central role in Finite difference methods for the numerical solution of differential equations, especially boundary value problems.

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56. Applied Finite Mathematics covers topics including linear equations, matrices, linear programming, the mathematics of finance, sets and counting, probability, Markov chains, and game theory

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57. Finite Element Modeling and Simulation with ANSYS Workbench benefits upper-level undergraduate students in all engineering disciplines, as well as researchers and practicing engineers who use the Finite element method to analyze structures


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