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1. Fetchit is a great tool to help with ensuring we can focus more on patient and client care!" Billy Richardson, DVM Holly Springs, NC "Fetchit allows our team to connect with our clients before they even say 'Hello' " Hannah T., CSR Memphis, TN "Fetchit is a great feature!

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2. Our mission is simple – utilize Fetchit’s digital media casting platform to positively disrupt the cable and satellite industry by simplifying the user experience, allowing for portability of content and providing content owners full control of distribution.

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3. Chuck is the founder and CEO of FetchitTV

Founder, Fetchit

4. Stepin Fetchit remains one of the most controversial movie actors in American history.


5. Stephin Fetchit was born Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry in Florida on May 30, 1902

Fetchit, Florida

6. Fetchit is a subsidiary of Kaynee Express Freight Pvt Ltd

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7. If Fetchit still does not pop up, make sure that the LED lights are lit on the front of the box while it’s plugged in

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8. If you do not see the lights on, please contact Fetchit


9. I have a VOIP phone system and Fetchit will not pop up


10. Fetchit is the only application which provides you with a platform where you can post ads and get help a.s.a.p


11. Download the application, post an ad whenever you need us and the Fetchit


12. Fetchit soon faded into black and did not resurface until the 1960’s when it was discovered, he had been a charity patient at a Chicago hospital where he underwent prostate surgery

Fetchit, Faded

13. Sadly, in 1969, Fetchit’s 31-year-old son went on a shooting spree killing three people including his own wife and injuring 17 men and women in a highway


14. Principal Fetchit is a character from the 2005 Disney animated feature film, Chicken Little

Fetchit, From, Feature, Film

15. Principal Fetchit is not physically seen, though only his shadow is shown outside his office where he talks to Chicken Little's father, Buck Cluck about the inappropriate things he did at school earlier, while Chicken Little sits in his office

Fetchit, Father

16. Fetchit made two final film appearances, in "Amazing Grace" (1974) and "Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood" (1976), before he was debilitated by a stroke

Fetchit, Final, Film

17. Fetchit - On Demand Truck and Van Rental in Toronto! Never worry about the hassle of renting a moving van or pickup again! We aim to solve your delivery and moving problems by connecting you with a local minivan, pickup, van, or truck owner


18. Fetchit is actively working on improving our product to make sure it functions at the highest of standards and continues to pull the chart up for you

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19. That peak was Stepin Fetchit whose real name is Lincoln Perry, the first ever black movie star

Fetchit, First

20. Perry first started out as a comic character actor before growing to become a vaudeville artist, according to a book entitled Stepin Fetchit: The Life and Times of Lincoln Perry.

First, Fetchit

21. SMALL OR BIG ITEM MOVE = Fetchit Get a truck and driver, who will load and unload your small or big things at affordable price.


22. Stepin Fetchit worked in a variety of genres and built up a diverse and reputable career


23. Fetchit's early acting career consisted of roles in various films, such as the Laura La Plante drama "Show

Fetchit, Films

24. Fetchit connects people and businessess with pickup truck, cargo van, and box truck owners, who can provide a helping hand moving/delivering/hauling anything conveniently and affordably!


25. About Fetchit Use notifications to pull up client information within your Practice Management Software


26. Fetchit was created by several Athens moms who desired to connect with local UGA students to assist them with miscellaneous chores and to utilize some of our student's amazing talents! How does Fetchit work? Request to join the Fetchit group, pay $1.99/mo through PayPal


27.Fetchit was the embodiment of the nitwit black man,” Pilgrim wrote in his essay


28. The minstrel-show tradition that lampooned African-Americans (sometimes by white performers in blackface) was kept going by Stepin Fetchit himself, who was black by birth and a race clown by chosen


29. The Fetchit! competition focused on teams autonomously completing combined manipulation and navigation tasks

Fetchit, Focused

30. Definition of Fetchit in the dictionary


31. Information and translations of Fetchit in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


32. Fetchit came to Hollywood, making $300 a week in vaudeville and broke into film with “In Old Kentucky” in the late 1920s

Fetchit, Film

33. The play Fetch Clay, Make Man explores the sense of identity through the eyes of two significant figures in black history — Stepin Fetchit (Lincoln Perry) and Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).

Fetch, Figures, Fetchit

34. Stepin Fetchit sounding a lot like a rapper


35. Fetchit (6,033.33 mi) Msida, Central Region, Malta, Get Directions +356 9936 8863


36. A community feeling – we care about each other and the work we do, and we want it to be as enjoyable as possible to work at Fetchit High quality gear – be sure everyone is …

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37. The name Stepin Fetchit evokes images of an African-American caricature, a lazy, cowering fixture in early films

Fetchit, Fixture, Films

38. Watkins, a former New York Times Book Review editor, details the story behind the stereotype, examining the life and career of actor Lincoln Perry (1902–1985), creator of Stepin Fetchit

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39. Fetchit is currently offering the first 60 days of membership for free

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40. The future of Fetchit depends on the community and the students to post and respond to jobs, but the jobs and connections

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41. This could be your domain Apply today! Startup Plan For startups primed to grow $ 750 /month

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42. New York: Stepin Fetchit, the dusky actor of motion pictures, is in Harlem Hospital in New York, following a serious auto accident, April 25th

Fetchit, Following

43. He Promotional image of American actor Stepin Fetchit wearing overalls and playing the harmonica, 1930s.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stepin Fetchit?

Stepin Fetchit was the stage name of Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry, who was born May 30, 1902, as confirmed by the 1910 census. Perry was born in Key West, Florida, to West Indian immigrant parents.

What does Steppin and Fetchin mean?

A Spotswood, Virginia, listener came across the phrase “steppin’ and fetchin'” used in a positive way to describe a speedy race run by the great horse Secretariat. But the phrase has an ugly past. To step and fetch is how many people once described the job of a slave or handyman, and Stepin Fetchit was...

What is the definition of fetch?

transitive verb. 1a : to go or come after and bring or take back fetch a doctor. b : derive, deduce fetch analogies from nature. 2a : to cause to come one shot fetched down.

Is stepin fetchit lazy?

In the 2005 book Stepin Fetchit: The Life and Times of Lincoln Perry, African American critic Mel Watkins argued that the character of Stepin Fetchit was not truly lazy or simple-minded, but instead a prankster who deliberately tricked his white employers so that they would do the work instead of him.

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