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1. Definition of Fetching : attractive, appealing a Fetching smile … actress Melanie Griffith, looking very Fetching in a light-green silk dress and double diamond stud earrings


2. — Robert Goldberg If you tune your clock-radio to station 1540 in Charlotte, North Carolina, you wake up with a Fetching


3. Very attractive; charming: a Fetching new hairstyle.


4. Fetching definition, charming; captivating


5. Synonyms & Antonyms of Fetching (Entry 1 of 2) 1 having an often mysterious or magical power to attract the woman's Fetching smile has long made the painting a favorite with visitors to the museum

Fetching, Favorite

6. A Fetching person or piece of clothing is attractive: a Fetching off-the-shoulder dress You look very Fetching in your green shorts.


7. Find 19 ways to say Fetching, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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8. Liza breaks it off with Mitch and starts over using the money she saved for her wedding to open up a new business: a doggy day care called 'Fetching!' She hires her friends Matt, Daveed, and the …

For, Fetching, Friends

9. Shop at Fetching Apparel for our classic tees, kids' clothes, accessories, and much more

Fetching, For

10. Fetching Apparel donates 20% of profits to animal rescues! FREE SHIPPING when you spend $50 or more CHECK OUT SALE SECTION TO SAVE 25% ON SELECT WINTER WEAR!! 20% of profits helping homeless pets

Fetching, Free

11. Fetching Fields began when our founder noticed a clear lack in healthful and socially responsible canine products.

Fetching, Fields, Founder

12. To be Fetching is to be attractive and beautitful


13. A Fetching woman catches people's interest


14. When a dog fetches something, he grabs it, just like attractive sights take your interest. Fetching is a word for sights that capture your interest because of their beauty.

Fetches, Fetching, For

15. At Fetching Apparel, we want to be a part of the solution and we donate 40% of our profits to pet rescue organizations and education


16. Join our team and subscribe to our mailing list today! Connect With Us! Thank you for connecting with Fetching Apparel! We appreciate your support! As a thank you, please feel free to use the coupon code

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17. Fetching carpathia perdita muff knucks reptilian rpm widdershins baudelaire lickety split dancing lady tulip toes lacanau halfdome maze crosspatch sock monkey klein bottle swell julie manresa allete lilies universal toe-up sock formula

Fetching, Formula

18. Fetching (plural Fetchings) The act by which something is fetched.

Fetching, Fetchings, Fetched

19. The distance of Fetching: a long fetch.

Fetching, Fetch

20. Fetching will complement FWV's expertise in the equine and consumer lifestyle categories and will be rebranded as FWV Fetching, operating as a wholly-owned division of FWV

Fetching, Fwv

21. French/West/Vaughan Acquires Pet and Veterinary Marketing Specialist Fetching Communications

French, Fetching

22. ‘The goalie, in Fetching golden boots, slides out to collect the ball with the look of a frightened animal.’ ‘And honestly, I found him to be quite Fetching, this Pappy of the Southern Wood.’ ‘For I once referred to Ms

Fetching, Frightened, Found, For

23. Landrieu as ‘somewhat Fetching.’’


24. Fetching Foods is a boutique pet food manufacturing company

Fetching, Foods, Food

25. If you describe someone or something as Fetching, you think that they look very attractive


26. Sue was sitting up in bed, looking very Fetching in a flowered bedjacket

Fetching, Flowered

27. Synonyms: attractive, sweet, charming, enchanting More Synonyms of Fetching COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.


28. Fetching Hope Rescue represents a 501 (c) (3) non-profit (E.I.N: 45-5214458) all volunteer canine rescue group whose mission is to save the lives of neglected, abused and/or stray dogs by finding them safe, loving, and permanent homes in New England.

Fetching, Finding

29. Fetching Foods is a top quality, nutritionally rich food for dogs and cats made entirely with high-end, human-grade ingredients

Fetching, Foods, Food, For

30. According to the figures of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) for the July-May period of the current fiscal, knitwear export maintained its positive trend Fetching $1, 398.11 crore, which showed a 11.48 percent growth over the same period of the last fiscal while woven garment accounted for $1,418.85 million having a growth of 8.15 percent.

Figures, For, Fiscal, Fetching

31. Definition of Fetching in the Fine Dictionary

Fetching, Fine

32. Meaning of Fetching with illustrations and photos


33. Pronunciation of Fetching and its etymology


34. Related words - Fetching synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms


35. Example sentences containing Fetching


36. FWV Fetching is a leading pet and veterinary PR and marketing firm

Fwv, Fetching, Firm

37. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fetching is a delight


38. Fetching (adj.) 1580s, "crafty, scheming," present-participle adjective from fetch (v.), in one of its extended senses, here "bring or draw into a desired relation or condition." The sense of "alluring, fascinating" is by 1880, from the verb in the sense "allure, attract, fascinate" (c

Fetching, From, Fetch, Fascinating, Fascinate

39. Fetching definition: If you describe someone or something as Fetching , you think that they look very Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


40. Fetching through mapper callbacks: This is an entirely different Fetching paradigm


41. Fetching custom POJOs: This is what made Hibernate and JPA so strong


42. Eager Fetching: It should be easy to distinguish these two fetch modes.

Fetching, Fetch

43. A portfolio of wedding flowers by Fetching Flora, a wedding floral design company in Lancaster County, PA, that also serves Chester County, Pennsylvania

Flowers, Fetching, Flora, Floral

44. The Fetching Arch was designed to do the heavy lifting on steep slopes or sensitive areas that are off limits to wheeled vehicles such as ATVs or tractors.


45. These hooks can be used with any data Fetching library you choose


46. With Document Fetching you can now automatically sync and download supplier and bank documents into AutoEntry! The Document Fetching feature supports just under 6,000 suppliers and banks across 70 countries worldwide

Fetching, Feature

47. A charge of two credits is applied to each supplier or bank document fetched.* You can set up Document Fetching in two ways:

Fetched, Fetching

48. What does Fetching mean? Very attractive; charming


49. (adjective) A Fetching new hairstyle.


50. 4 reviews of Fetching Frieda's Dog & Cat Emporium "I just got my dog groomed here a couple weeks ago

Fetching, Frieda

51. Definitely coming back and recommending Fetching Frieda's to friends."

Fetching, Frieda, Friends

52. Fetching is an enemies to lovers romance that is a perfect mix of humor, cringy moments and heart


53. Fetching is the first book in the Unleashed series

Fetching, First

54. Vue Router Data Fetching is a great way to ensure a smooth user experience for your components that rely on Fetching data from external sources

Fetching, For, From

55. Fetching before navigation is a good approach if you’re a fan of using app-wide notifications or progress indicators.

Fetching, Fan

56. RTK Query is an experimental library from the Redux team with the main purpose of Fetching and caching data for your web app

From, Fetching, For

57. It utilizes Redux under the hood and is built on top of Redux Tool k it (RTK).RTK Query provides advanced setup options to handle your Fetching and caching needs in the most flexible and efficient way possible.

Fetching, Flexible

58. A Fetching departure from folkie Williams who threads a Fetching array of beats, loops and triphop styles into a record which confidently advances her gameplan

Fetching, From, Folkie

59. Show More Sentences The only excuse for Fetching a sigh now is that the program was too long, and that a supervacaneousness of the wildfire kind of piano playing was at times felt.

For, Fetching, Felt

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