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1. Festive definition is - of, relating to, or suitable for a feast or festival

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2. How to use Festive in a sentence.


3. Festive definition, pertaining to or suitable for a feast or festival: Festive decorations; a Festive meal

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4. Merry; joyous: a Festive party.


5. Having or producing happy and enjoyable feelings suitable for a festival or other special occasion: a Festive mood / occasion The hall looked very Festive with its Christmas tree.

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6. Synonyms & Antonyms of Festive indicative of or marked by high spirits or good humor we arrived at the Christmas party to find everyone already in a Festive mood, perhaps owing in part to the punch

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7. The definition of Festive refers to something for a party or cheerful and celebratory

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8. An example of a Festive occasion is a parade.


9. As much as family gatherings for Festive dinners and opening gifts are annual Christmas rites, so is feeding and giving gifts to the poor, with churches and charitable organizations offering care to masses of needy strangers

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10. Whether you’re looking for a Festive sprinkle or to deck the halls, our customizable subscription box service will help take your home from everyday to holiday

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11. The latest tweets from @Festiveofficial

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12. Festive Probably Zoe Sugg's (Zoella) most-used word, along with autumnal


13. I'm feeling very Festive today, even though it's March.

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14. Merry; joyous: a Festive party.


15. Synonyms for Festive in Free Thesaurus

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16. 39 synonyms for Festive: celebratory, happy, holiday, carnival, jolly, merry, gala, hearty, jubilant

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17. Something that is Festive is special, colourful, or exciting, especially because of a holiday or celebration


18. The town has a Festive holiday atmosphere


19. The Captain's Party on Saturday evening is the cruise's most Festive event


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21. Festive describes an event that’s full of joy, smiles, and excitement

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22. A birthday party without presents, decorations, or friends would be the opposite of Festive.

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23. A Festive mood / occasion 節日氣氛/喜慶場合 The hall looked very Festive with its Christmas tree.


24. The Christmas season, also called the holiday season (often simply called the holidays), or the Festive season, is an annually recurring period recognized in many Western and other countries that is generally considered to run from November to early January

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26. On Festive occasions storytelling, skaldic poetry, music and alcoholic drinks, like beer and mead, contributed to the atmosphere


27. Stargazy pie is an occasional Festive Cornish dish with the heads of fish standing on their tails, originally pilchards, piercing a pastry crust.

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28. Check out Festive-Pajams's art on DeviantArt


29. Festive music is the music that is present in Christmas songs and other festivities

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30. 2498 melodies for commercial use & download royalty free Festive background music MP3 WAV.

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31. Festive Wreath is a permanent level 1 Beesmas beequip


32. It can only be equipped to Festive Bee and has an equip limit of 1.


33. Download Festive PowerPoint templates (ppt) and Google Slides themes to create awesome presentations



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 · It started out as Jennie O, and now it's called Festive, but it's the same turkey roast and gravy


35. Festive IN SEASON To celebrate the holiday season, we emphasize the importance of our relationships, our community and families, highlighting the power of food culture, and its ability to bring us together

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36. Bring a classic look to your table with our Festive Green Tableware collection, featuring dark green plates, napkins, cups, table covers, and cutlery.

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38. Festive is a related term of festival

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39. As adjectives the difference between Festive and festival is that Festive is having the atmosphere, decoration, or attitude of a festival, holiday, or celebration while festival is pertaining to a feast or feast-day (now only as the noun used attributively)

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40. The Festive Hammer is an Ultimate Warrior weapon in Treasure Quest


41. Festive Sword Frostab Holiday Halberd

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42. These Indian sarees are thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the Festive moods of the country that give you the desired look


43. Definition of Festive adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


44. What is HDFC Bank Festive Treats? It is a yearly event from HDFC Bank during the Festive season between October and December

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45. Festive Effects is an event decorating and entertainment company bringing you the highest quality face painters and balloon artists in the area

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