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1. Bombus Fervidus is a nectarivore. These bees feed on the nectar of angiosperms and aid in the pollination of these plants

Fervidus, Feed

2. English words for Fervidus include hot, fiery, ardent, glowing, boiling, passionate, seething, foaming, fermenting and sultry

For, Fervidus, Fiery, Foaming, Fermenting

3. Fervidus translation in Latin-English dictionary


4. Fervidus Pizza, also known as Elmore Pizza, is a pizzeria in Elmore. It was first mentioned in " The Job," where Richard works as one of their delivery boys

Fervidus, First

5. Fervidus Software Services Pvt Ltd, is a software services company providing Consulting, Development, Software products and Training services with reliable high quality results


6. Fervidus as an organization is fostering this talent to

Fervidus, Fostering

7. Bombus Fervidus, which is also known as the Golden Northern Bumble Bee, looks just like that cute bee stereotype


8. Fervidus is the innermost habitable planet of the Vistelo system


9. Contribute to Fervidus/secure_linux_cis development by creating an account on GitHub.


10. Californicus,often considered a suspecies of B. Fervidus, can be very similar to B. Fervidus but usually can be differentiated based on the presence of black hairs on the terga


11. Fertilis fertilitās ferula ferus fervefactus fervēns ferveō Fervidus fervō fervor Fescinnīnus fessus fēstīnāns fēstīnanter fēstīnātiō fēstīnō fēstīnus fēstīvē fēstīvitās fēstīvus fēstum fēstus fētiālis fētidus (foet-) fētor (foet-) fētūra fētus fētus fī fibra fībula fīcedula or fīcella fictē fictilis

Fertilis, Fertilit, Ferula, Ferus, Fervefactus, Ferv, Ferve, Fervidus, Fervor, Fescinn, Fessus, Foet, Fibra, Fict, Fictilis

12. Yellow Bumble Bee (Bombus Fervidus), a State Special Concern bee, inhabits grassy, open areas which include forest clearings, gardens, parks and along roadsides

Fervidus, Forest

13. Methanothermus Fervidus, with a genome coding for 1311 proteins and 50 RNA genes, stands as the free-living archaeon with the smallest sequenced genome

Fervidus, For, Free

14. Bombus Fervidus is found throughout the northern part of the United States down to the northern portions of Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina

Fervidus, Found

15. 300086.00 – 0351 – Acrolophus Fervidus Busck, 1912 Photographs are the copyrighted property of each photographer listed


16. Fervidus means 'Glowing Hot' in Latin


17. Bombus Fervidus Name Homonyms Bombus Fervidus (Fabricius, 1798) Common names Yellow bumble bee in English Bibliographic References (2006) Manuscript, Checklist of Apoidea of North America - 12-Oct-2006

Fervidus, Fabricius

18. Possible aliases, alternative names and misspellings for Bombus Fervidus.

For, Fervidus

19. Individuals belonging to the North American Bombus Fervidus species-complex (SC) are homogenous in body structure but exhibit significant body color phenotype variation across their geographic distribution.


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21. Archaea-> Euryarchaeota-> Methanobacteria-> Methanobacteriales-> Methanothermaceae-> Methanothermus-> Methanothermus Fervidus 6.5 Optimal pH 83 Optimal Temerature


22. Individuals belonging to the North American Bombus Fervidus species-complex (SC) are homogenous in body structure but exhibit significant body color phenotype variation across their geographic distribution


23. Bombus Fervidus, the golden northern bumble bee or yellow bumblebee, is a species of bumblebee native to North America.It has a yellow-colored abdomen and thorax.Its range includes the North American continent, excluding much of the southern United States, Alaska, and the northern parts of Canada.It is common in cities and farmland, with populations concentrated in the Northeastern part of …

Fervidus, Farmland

24. The hyperthermophilic archaeon Methanothermus Fervidus contains two small basic proteins, HMfA (68 amino acid residues) and HMfB (69 residues) that share a common ancestry with the eukaryal nucleosome core histones H2A, H2B, H3, and H4


25. Methanothermus Fervidus grows optimally at 83 degrees C


26. Fervidus) has been isolated from this archaeal hyperthermophile that binds to double-stranded DNA molecules and increases their resistance to thermal denaturation

Fervidus, From

27. The three-dimensional structure of the recombinant histone rHMfB from Methanothermus Fervidus, an archaeon that grows optimally at 83 degrees C, has been determined by nuclear magnetic resonance methods

From, Fervidus

28. Yellow Bumble Bee, Bombus Fervidus


29. Caloramator Fervidus (Patel et al., 1987) Collins et al., 1994 emend


30. Ogg and Patel, 2011 Taxonomic Serial No.: 960280 (Download Help) Caloramator Fervidus TSN 960280 Taxonomy and Nomenclature Kingdom: Bacteria : Taxonomic Rank: Species : Synonym(s):


31. Methanothermus Fervidus Stetter 1982 is the type strain of the genus Methanothermus


32. Fervidus was not on-ly the first characterized organism with a maximal growth temperature (97°C) close to the boiling

Fervidus, First

33. Methanothermus Fervidus DSM 2088 Taxonomy ID: 523846 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid523846) current name

Fervidus, For

34. Methanothermus Fervidus Stetter 1982 is the type strain of the genus Methanothermus


35. Fervidus was not only the first characterized organism with a maximal growth temperature (97°C) close to the boiling point of water, but also the first archaeon in which a detailed functional analysis of its histone

Fervidus, First, Functional

36. Yellow Bumble Bee, Bombus Fervidus Excerpted from Bumble Bees of Wisconsin Not super common, this species is recognizable for being almost entirely yellow, except the last part of their abdomen

Fervidus, From, For

37. For the first time, we have purified active cDPGS from a methanogen, the hyperthermophilic archaeon Methanothermus Fervidus, sequenced the coding gene, and expressed it in Escherichia coli

For, First, From, Fervidus

38. Fervidus cDPGS seems to be affected by some kind of modification specific for the M

Fervidus, For

39. Fervidus system, as indicated by the appearance of a second, electrophoretically distinct isoform, which does not occur under the expression conditions ofE


40. Bombus Fervidus — Yellow bumble bee


41. Bombus Fervidus in Clinton Co., Iowa (8/7/2010)


42. Herein the first total synthesis of the archaeal L ‐asparagine linked hexasaccharide from Methanothermus Fervidus is reported using a highly convergent [3+3] glycosylation approach in high overall yields

First, From, Fervidus

43. PERFERVID Meaning: "very hot, very ardent," 1830, as if from Latin *perFervidus, from per "completely" (see per) + Fervidus… See definitions of perfervid.

From, Fervidus

44. Fervidus genes were preceded by ribosome-binding sites, separated by short A+T-rich intergenic regions, contained unexpectedly few NNC codons, and exhibited inflexible codon usage at some locations

Fervidus, Few

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does B fervidus mean?

B. fervidus is a member of the order Hymenoptera, which comprises wasps, ants, bees, and sawflies. Bombus is the Latin word for "buzzing". It is also in the Apidae, which is a diverse family of bees including honeybees, orchid bees, bumble bees, stingless bees, cuckoo bees, and carpenter bees.

What does fervid mean?

Definition of fervid. 1 : very hot : burning. 2 : marked by often extreme fervor (see fervor sense 1) a fervid crusader fervid fans.

What does ferve mean in Latin?

The Latin verb fervēre can mean "to boil" or "to glow," as well as, by extension, "to seethe" or "to be roused.". In English, this root gives us three words that can mean "impassioned" by varying degrees: "fervid," "fervent," and "perfervid.". "Fervid" and "fervent" are practically synonymous, but while "fervid" usually suggests warm...

What is the difference between fervent and fervid?

"Fervid" and "fervent" are practically synonymous, but while "fervid" usually suggests warm emotion that is expressed in a spontaneous or feverish manner (as in "fervid basketball fans"), "fervent" is reserved for a kind of emotional warmth that is steady and sincere (as in "a fervent belief in human kindness").

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