Use fertility in a sentence

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  - the quality of being fertile; productiveness.


fecundity, fruitfulness, productiveness, prolificacy, richness, lushness, virility, fecundity, potency, reproductiveness,

"Fertility" in Example Sentences

1. As the great nature-goddess, the attributes of fertility and reproduction are characteristically hers, as also the accompanying immorality which originally, perhaps, was often nothing more than primitive magic.
2. Examples of how to use the word fertility in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
3. Increasing use of fertility drugs is almost certainly the main cause of the recent increase in dizygotic twinning in most developed countries. The combative, moustachioed Italian is widely recognised as one of the world's leading experts on human fertility .
4. The overall fertility rate also took an upward turn, taking us back nearly to replacement level. The fertility rate measures the average number of children women aged 15 to 49 will have in their lifetime.
5. 1. The great beauty and fertility of the country, as well as the charm of its climate, undoubtedly attracted, even in early ages, successive swarms of invaders from the north, who sometimes drove out the previous occupants of the most favored districts, at others reduced them to a state of serfdom, or settled down in the midst of them, until
6. 223+5 sentence examples: 1. The fertility of the soil has been greatly improved by the use of pesticides. 2. The fertility of women who smoke is half that of non-smoking women. 3. The women were given fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries. 4. She

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